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Mar 5 2015, 11:29 AM
Farm run calculations
As far as trees go:
Normal trees:
- Lumbridge
- Varrock
- Gnome Stronghold
- Taverly
- Falador park
- Prifddinas City (Trahaearn district)

Fruit trees:
- Gnome Village
- Gnome Stronghold
- Catherby
- HerbloreHabitat
- Lletya
- Brimhaven
- Prifddinas City (Meilyr district)

Other trees:
- 3x Spirit trees (Port Sarim, Brimhaven, Ecteria Island)
- Calquat tree (Karamja; Tai Bwo Wannai Village)
- Elder tree (Prifddinas City; Crwys district)
- Crystal tree (Prifddinas City; Tower of Voice)

Elder trees - 23162 each [70 hours to grow]
Magic - 13768 x 6 tree plots = 82,608 xp per 'run'
Calquat - 12,096
Palm tree - 10599 x7 = 73,563 per 'run'

If I did tree rounds 1x per day - thats 1 calquat, 6 tree, 7 fruit tree, thats - 168,297 xp per daily run. It would take apporiximately 1,099 tree runs [or 1,099 days] for 200m farm from 15m xp. This means 1,099 calquat trees, 6,594 magic trees, and 7,693 palm trees would need to be obtained.

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855 tree rounds to go! YAY me! That means I need 855 calquat trees, 5130 fruit trees, and 4226 magics to go til 200m!

At 855 days, one elder tree every day means I can plant 1 elder every 3 days at 285 elders, which will reduce the number of trees as well, but I will refrain from that calculation at this time.

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At 69.1m xp - I am 778 runs away from 200m!

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