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May 28 2015, 5:52 PM
Just A Little Update..
Hi 'Zoners! :)

It has been a long time. How have you been? Good? I am also good! So if you are wondering what I have been up to, you came to the right place. You probably do not see me as much as you use to, and that it because I am extremely busy with my A-Levels and also concentrating on my future plans (for which I still do not really have a lot of ideas about). I have upcoming A-Level exams soon, actually my next exam is on Monday so I better get revising, and they do not finish until the end of June (pretty late, huh?). After that, my plans are to enjoy the summer, attend prom and class dinners, pass my driving test, get a job and sort out higher education/career options afterwards.

I've also sorted UCAS and Student Finance applications as I recently accepted my firm offer at Swansea University to do BSc (Hons) Computer Science. Swansea is a lovely coastal city in Wales and its university feels that it fulfills my needs for CompSci, so hopefully that will go well. However I am looking at other alternatives because of the drawbacks of going to university such as the debt and commitment, but I'm sure I'll do just fine for wherever I go and for whatever I do. I've also applied to become a Royal Navy Officer, as I feel that a career in the Royal Navy would fulfill my needs to pursue a life of challenge, responsibility and adventure. Once I get my results from the tests and interviews, I'll see whether which option is best.

Last Monday, I turned 18 ( and I had a great celebration with my friends and family just so if you're wondering). Since then I thought long and hard about what I wanted to achieve in life and that is to simply experience life in its raw and beautiful state through the means of travelling and expanding on my passions. This is because you discover yourself to see what you're made of to identify your true strength and weaknesses and develop as a person through that. I want to sail seas, cross deserts, climb mountains, learn languages, try new foods, explore cultures, speak to people and experience the raw beauty of the world. It's about taking that first step and that is what I'm willing to do, now that I'm actually an adult.

Thanks for reading! I'll be sure to pop by in forums and chatbox from time to time to keep you updated on what I'm up to.

Toy Soldiers :)

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Nice read. Great plans Toy Soldier, I wish you the best life can offer :)

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