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Dec 26 2016, 4:18 AM
Controlled Slayer - maximizing masks
So 120 slayer is coming and I like slayer, but I also have my fair share of tasks that quite frankly, I hate. I HATE so many of the high end stuff and I certainly HATE PvM and bossing. I don't use high end gear and also want to stick with monsters I am familiar with.

Each monster with a mask [and I happen to own all the slayer masks released through 2016], can be found under a combat style first, and then a master.

My favorite task is mage based, but my favorite combat style is melee. So there is some give and take. This set allows me to set up a preset where I just switch the helm for what monster I really want and then stay in the same clothes and gear as I use up my masks everyday. :)

Also please note that the Strykewyrms can only be assigned 1x per each 3 days.

Magic -
Ice strykewyrms [Fave task] - Fire spells - Movran
Crawling hands - fire spells - Canifis
Gargoyles - Water spells - Movran
Kurasks - air spells - Sumona
Basilisks - air spells - sumona
Ganodermic creatures - Kuradel

Crush -
Abby demon [silverlight too] - Movran
Dust devils - Kuradel
Cockatrice - Canifis
Jellies - Vannaka

Stab -
Mutated Jadinko Males - Movran
Jungle strykewyrms - Kuradel
Desert strykewyrms - Kuradel

Bolts -
Dark beasts - Movran
Black demons - Movran
Banshees - sumona

Thrown -
Abby specs - Kuradel
Bloodvelds - Kuradel

Arrows -
Aquanite - Movran

Varies -
Airut - Morvan
Trolls- sumona
Automatons - Movran
Daggonoth - Kuradel

Tasks I prefer to skip / not use masks for:
Jungle strykewyrms
desert strykewyrms

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