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Dec 24 2014, 4:59 PM
A Year of RuneZone
Sup doods, CoolWatchGuy here! So yeah, I've been on RuneZone for about a year now and I'd like to share my thoughts and memories I've had so far. Okay here it goes. When I first got introduced to this website along with my brother, I was like "wow, this place is neat"! I didn't really know alot of people here but I could recognize a few faces. Anyways, in my first week or so I moved out of the newbie rank and got placed into the iron rank. To be honest, I thought being Iron was soooooo cool even though Ancient is like the best thing. I was active my first 3 months of RuneZone, mainly because I joined on December 22nd of last year and I had time to spend. As days progressed I started to make some new friends. Here's to name a few: Toy Soldiers, Hell Naw Man, Celerdon, Freyja, Maxi, Calll Me Mattt, Lizzy, Majinvegito3, and the rest of you awesome people. Once I made friends here on RuneZone, I felt like a part of this community and it made me personally feel happy about that. My RuneScape friends list starting off was just plain empty and some of my friends already quit RuneScape so by being on RuneZone I could hang out with people that I knew overtime. Anyways, one thing that totally was awesome about this site was RuneRadio. Man, this was the best part of RuneZone I loved so much because I love music. Listening to the radio while chatting with people was something I looked forwards to every time I went on my computer. The first time I went on RuneRadio, the almighty Maginvegito3 was on air as a Radio Dj. He was playing some rock music or something but I discovered that you can request songs! I was hyped about that for some reason but I went along and requested the song Levels by Avicii to be played (yes I love dubstep). So I waited and my song got approved. Then, I heard Majin's manly voice speak and my song played! I could not describe how happy I was over this RuneRadio thing but one thing I have to say is that RuneRadio is where it's at! I know the radio has been closed down but I kind of got over it and now I'm mainly on the forums. Yeah and this brings up another interesting story. So I was lurking my way through the forums, posting on threads and engaging in discussions when all of a sudden I got a message from Maxi saying "Gravedigging". I was scared a little because I haven't gotten a message before and I didn't know what Gravedigging" meant. So I read the message and I realized what I did. I posted on some inactive threads and the funny this is that i got this message the day I joined RuneZone. Lol, I was such a newb. Anyways, it's been a year later and I'm still here on RuneZone because of how awesome it is. Recently, I achieved the Mithril rank and I applied for Social Media Staff since it's new now and I thought why not. So yeah, a year of RuneZone man. I hope you guys enjoyed my blog if any of you are reading. I could mention so many other great stories but I decided to end it like it is. Sorry if I got out of topic, I'm usually like that.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years! :)

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A Year of RuneZone