Fletching Calculator
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Current EXP: Level 1
Desired : Level 1
Note: There are often multiple stages involved in fletching. Actions that represent a single stage have the stage in brackets; actions without brackets represent making the object from scratch.
Level Name XP Number
1Arrow Shafts0.33
1Arrow Shafts (feathering)1
1Headless Arrows1.33
1Bronze Arrows (tipping)1.3
1Bronze Arrows2.63
1Bronze Darts1.8
5Shortbow (string/cut)5
5Ogre Arrow Shafts1.6
5Ogre Arrow Shafts (flighting)0.9
5Flighted Ogre Arrows2.5
5Wolfbone Tips2.5
5Ogre Arrows (tipping)1
5Ogre Arrows6
7Bronze Brutal Arrows (tipping)1.4
7Bronze Brutal Arrows3.9
9Bronze Crossbow (stock/stringing)6
9Bronze Crossbow (limbs)12
9Bronze Crossbow24
9Bronze Bolts0.5
10Shieldbow (string/cut)10
11Opal Bolt Tips1
11Opal Bolts (tipping)1.6
11Opal Bolts2.6
15Iron Arrows (tipping)2.5
15Iron Arrows3.83
18Iron Brutal Arrows (tipping)2.6
18Iron Brutal Arrows5.1
20Oak Shorbow (string/cut)16.5
20Oak Shortbow33
22Iron Darts3.8
24Blurite Crossbow (stock/stringing)16
24Blurite Crossbow (limbs)32
24Blurite Crossbow64
24Blurite Bolts1
25Oak Shieldbow (string/cut)25
25Oak Shieldbow50
26Jade Bolt Tips2
26Jade Bolts (tipping)2.4
26Jade Bolts4.4
30Composite Ogre Bow (string/cut)45
30Composite Ogre Bow90
30Steel Arrows (tipping)5
30Steel Arrows6.33
32Kebbit-tipped Bolts0.83
33Steel Brutal Arrows (tipping)5.1
33Steel Brutal Arrows7.6
35Willow Shortbow (string/cut)33
35Willow Shortbow66
37Steel Darts7.5
38Black Brutal Arrows (tipping)6.4
38Black Brutal Arrows8.9
39Iron Crossbow (stock/stringing)22
39Iron Crossbow (limbs)44
39Iron Crossbow88
39Iron Bolts1.5
40Willow Shieldbow (string/cut)41.5
40Willow Shieldbow90
41Pearl Bolt Tips3
41Pearl Bolts (tipping)3.2
41Pearl Bolts6.2
42Long Kebbit-tipped Bolts1.33
43Silver Bolts2.5
45Mithril Arrows (tipping)7.5
45Mithril Arrows8.83
46Steel Crossbow (stock/stringing)27
46Steel Crossbow (limbs)54
46Steel Crossbow108
46Steel Bolts3.5
48Red Topaz Bolt Tips3
48Red Topaz Bolts (tipping)3.9
48Red Topaz Bolts6.9
49Mithril Brutal Arrows (tipping)7.5
49Mithril Brutal Arrows10
50Maple Shortbow (string/cut)50
50Maple Shortbow100
51Barbed Bolts9.5
52Mithril Darts11.2
54Mithril Crossbow (stock/stringing)32
54Mithril Crossbow (limbs)64
54Mithril Crossbow128
54Mithril Bolts5
55Maple Shieldbow (string/cut)58
55Maple Shieldbow116
56Sapphire Bolt Tips4
56Sapphire Bolts (tipping)4.7
56Sapphire Bolts8.7
58Emerald Bolt Tips5
58Emerald Bolts (tipping)5.5
58Emerald Bolts10.5
59Mithril Grapple11
60Adamant Arrows (tipping)10
60Adamant Arrows11.33
61Adamant Crossbow (stock/stringing)41
61Adamant Crossbow (limbs)82
61Adamant Crossbow164
61Adamant Bolts7
62Adamant Brutal Arrows (tipping)10.1
62Adamant Brutal Arrows12.6
63Ruby Bolt Tips6
63Ruby Bolts (tipping)6.3
63Ruby Bolts12.3
65Yew Shortbow (string/cut)67.5
65Yew Shortbow135
65Diamond Bolt Tips7
65Diamond Bolts (tipping)7
65Diamond Bolts14
67Adamant Darts15
69Rune Crossbow (stock/stringing)50
69Rune Crossbow (limbs)100
69Rune Crossbow200
69Rune Bolts10
70Yew Shieldbow (string/cut)75
70Yew Shieldbow150
71Dragonstone Bolt Tips8
71Dragonstone Bolts (tipping)8.2
71Dragonstone Bolts16.2
73Onyx Bolt Tips9
73Onyx Bolts (tipping)9.4
73Onyx Bolts18.4
75Rune Arrows (tipping)12.5
75Rune Arrows13.83
77Rune Brutal Arrows (tipping)12.5
77Rune Brutal Arrows15
80Magic Shortbow (string/cut)83
80Magic Shortbow166
81Rune Darts18.8
85Magic Shieldbow (string/cut)91.5
85Magic Shieldbow183
90Dragon Arrows (tipping)15
90Dragon Arrows16.33
95Dragon Darts25