Summoning Calculator
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Current EXP: Level 1
Desired : Level 1
Note: Experience for scrolls is for converting 1 pouch to 10 scrolls
Level Name XP Number
1Spirit Wolf4.8
1Howl Scroll0.1
4Dreadfowl Strike Scroll0.1
10Spirit Spider12.6
10Egg Spawn Scroll0.2
13Thorny Snail12.6
13Slime Spray Scroll0.2
16Granite Crab21.6
16Stony Shell Scroll0.2
17Pester Scroll0.5
18Desert Wyrm31.2
18Electric Lash Scroll0.4
19Spirit Scorpion83.2
19Venom Shot Scroll1
22Spirit Tz-Kih96.8
22Fireball Assault Scroll1.1
23Albino Rat202.4
23Cheese Feast Scroll2.3
25Spirit Kalphite220
25Sandstorm Scroll2.5
28Compost Mound49.8
28Generate Compost Scroll0.6
29Giant Chinchompa255.2
29Explode Scroll2.9
31Vampire Bat136
31Vampire Touch Scroll1.5
32Honey Badger140.8
32Insane Ferocity Scroll1.6
33Multichop Scroll0.7
34Void Ravager59.6
34Void Shifter59.6
34Void Spinner59.6
34Void Torcher59.6
34Call to Arms Scroll0.7
36Bronze Minotaur316.8
36Bronze Bull Rush Scroll3.6
40Bull Ant52.8
40Unburden Scroll0.6
41Herbcall Scroll0.8
42Evil Turnip184.8
42Evil Flames Scroll2.1
43Spirit Cockatrice75.2
43Petrifying Gaze Scroll0.9
46Iron Minotaur404.8
46Iron Bull Rush Scroll4.6
46Immense Heat Scroll2.3
47Thieving Fingers Scroll0.9
49Bloated Leech215.2
49Blood Drain Scroll2.4
52Spirit Terrorbird68.4
52Tireless Run Scroll0.5
54Abyssal Parasite94.8
54Abyssal Drain Scroll1.1
55Spirit Jelly484
55Dissolve Scroll5.5
56Fish Rain Scroll1.1
56Steel Minotaur492.8
56Steel Bull Rush Scroll5.6
57Spirit Graahk501.6
57Goad Scroll5.7
57Spirit Kyatt501.6
57Ambush Scroll5.7
57Spirit Larupia501.6
57Rending Scroll5.7
58Karamthulhu Overlord510.4
58Doomsphere Device Scroll5.8
61Smoke Devil268
61Dust Cloud Scroll3
62Abyssal Lurker109.6
62Abyssal Stealth Scroll1.2
63Spirit Cobra276.8
63Ophidian Incubation Scroll3.1
64Stranger Plant281.6
64Poisonous Blast Scroll3.2
66Barker Toad87
66Toad Bark Scroll1
66Mithril Minotaur580.8
66Mithril Bull Rush6.6
67War Tortoise58.6
67Testudo Scroll0.7
68Swallow Whole Scroll1.4
69Fruit Bat121.2
69Fruitfall Scroll1.4
70Ravenous Locust132
70Famine Scroll1.5
71Arctic Bear93.2
71Arctic Blast Scroll1.1
72Rise From the Ashes Scroll3
73Obsidian Golem642.4
73Volcanic Strength Scroll7.3
74Granite Lobster325.6
74Crushing Claw Scroll3.7
75Praying Mantis329.6
75Mantis Strike Scroll3.7
76Adamant Minotaur668.8
76Adamant Bull Rush Scroll7.6
76Forge Regent134
76Inferno Scroll1.5
77Talon Beast1015.2
77Deadly Claw Scroll11.4
78Giant Ent136.8
78Acorn Missile Scroll1.6
79Fire Titan695.2
79Ice Titan695.2
79Moss Titan695.2
79Titan's Constitution Scroll7.9
80Regrowth Scroll1.6
83Spirit Dagannoth364.8
83Spike Shot Scroll4.1
83Lava Titan730.4
83Ebon Thunder Scroll8.3
85Swamp Titan373.6
85Swamp Plague Scroll4.2
86Rune Minotaur756.8
86Rune Bull Rush Scroll8.6
88Unicorn Stallion154.4
88Healing Aura Scroll1.8
89Geyser Titan783.2
89Boil Scroll8.9
92Magic Focus Scroll4.6
93Abyssal Titan163.2
93Essence Shipment Scroll1.9
95Iron Titan417.6
95Iron Within Scroll4.7
96Pack Yak422.4
96Winter Storage Scroll4.8
99Steel Titan435.2
99Steel of Legends Scroll4.9