Construction Calculator
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Current EXP: Level 1
Desired : Level 1
*this is an average of exp for a single plank and nail. It varies from object to object.
Level Name XP Number
1Iron Bar10
1Crude Chair66
1Exit Portal100
2Brown Rug30
2Torn Curtains132
3Clay Fireplace30
5Cat Blanket15
5Limestone Brick20
5Decorative Rock100
6Wooden Shelves 187
7Steel Bar20
7Beer Barrel87
7Pump and Drain100
8Wooden Chair87
9Wooden Larder228
10Wooden Dining Table115
10Wooden Bench115
11Firepit with Hook60
12Small Fern70
12Wood Kitchen Table87
12Cider Barrel91
12Wooden Shelves 2147
14Rocking Chair87
15Oak Plank60
15Repair Bench120
15Tool Store120
15Imp Statue150
16Oak Decoration120
16Pluming Stand120
16Crafting Table240
17Firepit with Pot80
17Wooden Workbench143
18Asgarnian Ale184
19Cat Basket58
19Oak Chair120
20Wooden Bed117
20Shoe Box58
21Shaving Stand30
22Oak Table240
22Oak Bench240
23Wooden Shelves 3147
24Small Oven80
25Crafting Table 21
25Oak Clock142
26Rope Bell-Pull64
26Oak Armchair180
26Greenman's Ale184
27Oak Drawers120
27Pump and Tub200
27Oak Staircase680
28Basic Decorative Armour Stand135
28Mithril Armour Stand135
28Detailed Decorative Armour Stand150
28Adamant Armour Stand150
28Intricate Decorative Armour Stand165
28Runite Armour Stand165
28Profound Decorative Armour Stand180
29Oak Shaving Stand61
29Large Oven100
29Oak Bookcase180
30Hoop And Stick120
30Oak Bed210
31Carved Oak Table360
31Carved Oak Bench240
32Oak Kitchen Table180
32Oak Workbench300
32Boxing Ring420
33Stone Fireplace40
33Cushioned Basket58
33Oak Larder480
34Crafting Table 32
34Steel Range120
34Glove Rack120
34Oak Shelves 1240
34Oak Prize Chest240
34Large Oak Bed330
35Teak Plank90
35Teak Armchair180
36Teak Decoration180
36Dragon Bitter224
37Oak Dresser121
37Magical Balance 1176
37Oak Pet House240
37Oak Pet Feeder240
38Teak Table360
38Teak Bench360
39Clay Attack Stone100
39Oak Wardrobe180
40Oak Lectern60
40Mahogany Plank90
40Teak Bed300
40Opulent Curtains315
40Mahogany Bookcase420
41Rune Case 1190
41Rune Case 2212
41Shield Easel240
41Fencing Ring570
41Mini Obelisk782
42Crafting Table 4120
42Fancy Range160
42Oak Magic Wardrobe240
42Crystal Ball280
43Teak Larder750
43Alchemical Chart30
44Oak Fancy Dress Box120
44Wooden Telescope121
44Weapons Rack180
44Carved Teak Bench360
44Teak Prize Chest660
45Steel Torches40
45Oak Shelves 2240
45Oak Altar240
45Large Teak Bed480
45Carved Teak Table600
46Oak Armour Case180
46Teak Dresser181
46Steel Framed Bench440
47Eagle/Demon Lectern120
48Oak Treasure Chest120
48Sara/Zam/Guth Symbol120
48Chef's Delight224
48Teak Staircase980
49Small Statues40
49Wooden Torches58
49Shuttered Window228
49Treasure Hunt800
50Teleport Focus40
50Oak Toy Box120
50Ornamental Globe270
50Teak Portal Frame270
50Mahogany Armchair280
50Teak Altar360
51Teak Drawers180
51Carved Oak Wardrobe360
51Combat Ring630
52Teak Kitchen Table270
52Teak Pet House380
52Teak Pet Feeder380
52Mahogany Bench560
52Mahogany Table840
53Steel Candlesticks124
54Oak Cape Rack240
54Extra Weapons Rack440
54Elemental Sphere580
54Mahogany Prize Chest860
55Boundary Stones100
55Teak Clock202
55Armour Stand500
56Fancy Teak Dresser182
56Teak Shelves 1330
56Cloth Covered Altar390
56Gilded Decoration1020
57Gold Candlesticks46
57Teak Lectern180
57Magical Balance 2252
59Attack Stone200
59Wooden Fence280
59Lunar Globe570
59Sara/Zam/Guth Icon960
60Teak Magic Wardrobe360
60Posh Bell-Pull420
60Mahogany Altar590
60Oak Throne800
60Gilded 4-Poster1330
61Incense Burners280
61Floor Decoration700
61Gilded Bench1760
62Bench With Vice140
62Teak Fancy Dress Box180
63Astronomical Chart45
63Stone Wall200
63Teak Wardrobe270
63Teak Cape Rack360
63Marble Fireplace500
64Teak Telescope181
64Teak Armour Case270
64Mahogany Dresser281
64Limestone Altar910
65Opulent Rug360
65Mahogany Portal Frame420
65Greater Focus500
65Mahogany Burners600
65Oak Dungeon Cage640
66Round Shield120
66Teak Treasure Chest180
66Banner Easel510
66Crystal of Power890
67Iron Railings220
67Mahogany Lectern580
67Mahogany Pet House580
67Mahogany Pet Feeder880
67Teak Shelves 2930
67Spiral Staircase1040
67Teak Throne1450
68Teak Toy Box180
68Oak Trapdoor300
68Oak Lever300
68Oak Ladder300
68Celestial Globe570
68Steel Cage1100
69Decorative Window4
69Medium Statues500
69Carved Teak Wardrobe500
69Marble Burners1040
70Dungeon Entrance500
70Oak and Steel Dungeon Cage800
70Marble Altar1030
70Small Fountain500
71Picket Fence640
71Ranging Pedestals720
71Icon of Bob1160
72Mahogany Cape Rack560
72Opulent Table3100
74Gilded Dresser582
74Oak Dungeon Door600
74Mahogany Throne2200
75Wooden Crate143
75Steel Dungeon Cage400
75Mahogany Wardrobe420
75Garden Fence940
75Large Fountain1000
75Gilded Altar2230
76Square Shield360
77Bench With Lathe140
77Magical Balance 3356
77Armillary Sphere960
78Teak Trapdoor450
78Teak Lever450
78Teak Ladder450
78Mahogany Magic Wardrobe560
79Oak Dungeon Chest340
79Marble Attack Stone2000
79Marble Wall4000
80Mahogany Fancy Dress Box280
80Spiked Dungeon Cage500
80Marble Portal Frame1500
80Scrying Pool2000
81Archery Target600
81Gilded Cape Rack860
81Balance Beam1000
81Posh Fountain1500
81Gilded Throne1700
82Mahogany Armour Case420
82Lesser Magic Cage2700
82Marble Staircase3200
83Infernal Chart60
83Teak Dungeon Chest530
84Mahogany Treasure Chest280
84Mahogany Telescope281
84Steel Dungeon Door800
85Gilded Clock602
85Bone Dungeon Cage603
86Mahogany Toy Box280
86Kite Shield420
86Small Orrery1320
87Gilded Wardrobe720
87Gilded Magic Wardrobe860
87Mahogany Dungeon Chest1000
88Mahogany Trapdoor700
88Mahogany Lever700
88Mahogany Ladder700
88Skeleton Throne7003
89Stained Glass5
89Large Statues1500
89Greater Magic Cage4700
90Marble Cape Rack500
91Magic Dungeon Chest1000
92Consecrated/Desecrated/Natural Pet House1580
94Marble Dungeon Door2000
95Large Orrery1420
95Crystal Throne15000
96Marble Wardrobe500
97Marble Spiral4400
99Magical Cape Rack1000
99Demonic Throne25000