Crafting Calculator
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Current EXP: Level 1
Desired : Level 1
Level Name XP Number
1Ball of Wool2.5
1Leather Gloves13.8
1Cut Opal15
1Beer Glass17.5
4Candle Lantern19
5Gold Ring15
6Gold Necklace20
7Leather Boots16.3
7Gold Bracelet25
7Pie Dish25
8Gold Amulet30
9Leather Cowl18.5
10Strip of Cloth12
10Crossbow String15
11Leather Vambraces22
12Oil Lamp25
13Cut Jade20
14Leather Body25
16Cut Red Topaz25
16Unstrung Holy Symbol50
16Stringing Amulets4
17Unstrung Unholy Symbol50
18Leather Chaps27
18Silver Sickle50
19Magic String30
19Plant Pot37.5
20Sapphire Ring40
20Cut Sapphire50
22Sapphire Necklace55
23Sapphire Bracelet60
24Sapphire Amulet (unstrung)65
25Pot Lid40
26Oil Lantern50
27Emerald Ring55
27Uncut Emerald67.5
28Hard Leather Body35
29Emerald Necklace60
30Emerald Bracelet65
31Emerald Amulet (unstrung)70
33Glass Vial35
34Ruby Ring70
34Cut Ruby85
40Ruby Necklace75
41Studded Body40
42Ruby Bracelet80
43Diamond Ring85
43Cut Diamond107.5
44Studded Leather Chaps42
45Snakeskin Boots30
46Glass Orb52.5
47Snakeskin Vambraces35
48Snakeskin Bandanna45
49Bullseye Lantern Lens55
50Ruby Amulet (unstrung)85
51Snakeskin Chaps50
52Seaweed Net83
53Snakeskin Body55
54Water Battlestaff100
55Dragonstone Ring100
55Cut Dragonstone137.5
56Diamond Necklace90
57Green Dragonhide Vambraces62
58Diamond Bracelet95
58Earth Battlestaff112.5
60Green Dragonhide Chaps124
62Fire Battlestaff125
63Green Dragonhide Body186
66Blue Dragonhide Vambraces70
66Air Battlestaff137.5
67Onyx Ring115
67Cut Onyx167.5
68Blue Dragonhide Chaps140
70Diamond Amulet (unstrung)100
71Blue Dragonhide Body210
72Dragonstone Necklace105
73Red Dragonhide Vambraces78
74Dragonstone Bracelet110
75Red Dragonhide Chaps156
77Red Dragonhide Body234
79Feather Headdress50
79Black Dragonhide Vambraces86
80Dragonstone Amulet (unstrung)150
82Onyx Necklace120
82Black Dragonhide Chaps172
84Onyx Bracelet125
84Black Dragonhide Body258
87Dorgeshuun Light Orb70
90Onyx Amulet (unstrung)165