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Donating to RuneZone ensures that we can produce the best quality updates possible.

RuneZone is a rapidly growing fansite, both community and content wise and it's important we can provide the highest quality surfing experience as possible. As the website continues to grow so do the overall costs, and whilst we're not in a position of having to consider closing (not even close!) donations are always appreciated. They don't only help us cover the costs of running a site like RuneZone, but they allow us to go that extra mile and really deliver that top notch experience to you all. Think of all the amazing features and enhancements that you have here at RuneZone. Then think of what it takes to keep all those. For example, let's look at RuneRadio. RuneRadio is enjoyed by almost every member of RuneZone, and it continues to attract new members every day. Each and every listener that enjoys the radio also consumes bandwidth from the RuneRadio stream, all of which costs money.

  • Did you know that hosting RuneZone costs upwards of £1,000 per year?
  • Did you know that keeping RuneRadio online for 24 hours a day costs in excess of £20 a month?
  • Did you know that maintaining our domains costs over £35 a year?
  • Did you know that the Senior Leadership team invest their own money into prizes & gifts for competitions?

Donating to RuneZone can help us fund the above and so much more! Every penny of your donation will go towards helping to fund the website, it's services, and any updates that we may have in store for you!

So, how can I donate?

By subscribing to donate a regular amount of £5 a month, you'll become an Active Donator! This rank is held highly, and is given in thanks to those dedicated few who have chosen to support us continually. You can be recognised as an Active Donator by the "Donator+" icon next to your forum posts and profile, as well as a unique pip next to your username on the Chatbox, Online list, and Forum posts. And on top of all this, your name will even glow!

In addition to this rank, Active Donators receive the following benefits:

  • Donators are closer to staff than any other member. Donators have a special lounge where only donators can post. Donators will have the unique ability to post in a private lounge that is free from even staff posting, unless staff are asked by the donators to give a reply.
  • Donators can host their own events, and receive help from the Communtiy Team on promoting and helping with the event
  • Rank in the RuneZone friends chat*
  • A Level 3 Donator Medal
  • Site-wide removal of advertisments
  • Prioritised RuneRadio requests
  • Top-of-the-queue Support Tickets
  • Double prizes on RuneLotto wins

*Please note - this cannot be guaranteed due to friends-list constraints. We will always try to make sure you receive in-game recognition, however.

How do I become an Active Donator?

Becoming an Active Donator is as easy as subscribing to a PayPal service to send £5.00 a month to RuneZone, and letting us know that you've done so. Simply click the “Subscribe " button below, and once you've set the subscription up, we'll give these benefits to you as soon as possible! If you haven't received any reply from us regarding your donation, then please drop us a Support Ticket with the email you used to donate, and we'll work as fast as we can to get things sorted.

What happens if I cancel my subscription?

If you decide to cancel your subscription, then we'll treat it as if you'd just donated the sum of your subscription as a one-off donation, with you receiving the appropriate benefits as a result of it. See below for details on one-off donations.

Become an Active Donator:

RuneZone username:


We highly appreciate donations of any amount, so if subscriptions aren't your thing, you could simply make a one-off donation to show your support! Depending on the amount you choose to donate, we'll thank you in different ways:

Anyone who donates any amount will receive:

  • A Donators Medal visible on your Profile, and on any posts you make

Anyone who donates £10 or above will receive:

  • A "Donators" rank, with a unique icon next to your Forum posts and on your profile, and a unique pip next to your username on the Forums, Chatbox, Online List and your Profile, as well as many other places
  • Access to a private, Donators-only Forum Lounge
  • The ability to host their own events, and receive help from the Communtiy Team on promoting and helping with the event.
  • A level 3 Donators Medal, visible on your profile & posts

Anyone who has been an Active Donator for two months or more (creating a total donation of £10+) will automatically become part of this group at the end of their subscription.

Once you have made a donation, please send in a Support Ticket with the email you used to donate, and the amount donated; within 24 hours you'll have all your benefits.

Make a one-off donation: