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I'd like to see the reaction of nex armour guys.

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2 Girls 1 Scimitar.

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A Random Dicer @ May 29 2012, 11:02 PM
This glitch should be fixed - it was hot fixed a few hours ago.

Illustrial's Status Update
Lost about 80m, rapier and tokhaar-kal at QBD today due to the grave glitch. Have posted on the thread on RSOF, so hoping I'll get them back though >.>


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Sup' Buttercup? <3

CS the First

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The Problem:

As much as people like to think, this was not an oversight on Jagex's part, a glitch with the QBD. Rather, because of the sheer amount of people who thought 'let's go do the QBD, it'll be easy' and ended up dying, the map limit of items was hit.

You know how if you have 100 people go through a door 1 at a time, everyone can get in as long as the room is big enough? That seems like common sense. However, if those 100 people try and get through the door at the same time, they jam and no-one can get in. That's what happened with the items. Because everyone's items were on the floor at the same time (even if they weren't visible), they stopped appearing because there were just too many for the engine to handle.

If the items did appear, the entire server would crash and there would be a blackout. At least some people got their items - if the limit was breached, then no-one would get their items.

Again, this was a problem with the item limitations, not the QBD. This has always been in the game and will remain in it until the limit can be increased safely.

Presumably, this is repeatable if enough items are dropped in the same area of the map, anywhere in RS. While you'd want to repeat this I don't know, but it does prove that it isn't a QBD problem.

And why the hotfix didn't work?

Same reason. Everyone thought 'herp derp it's fixed, let's get EVERYONE to charge in and overwhelm even the new grave spawning location'. Jagex tried their best and the only way they could avoid it even further is by making the graves spawn in other areas, but that would be illogical (dies at QBD, grave at clan camp. People would rage about that.) However as the buzz about the QBD should die down shortly, and people will stop dying and start succeeding, this isn't needed.

So remember:

In the future, if it's a dangerous boss, wait a few days. Is the prestige of being the first worth the possibility of losing a ton of stuff? If everyone charges in and dies, then we'll just have the same problem again.

It's happened in the past and people never learned from it. History is important.

TokHaar-Kal, My Blood Is Lava.

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Well as cs1 said that is true but Jagex can not give back items because you may have taken more then needed But reset shold be imputted

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ConnorCharming @ May 29 2012, 10:46 PM
What did old illust lose?

Full bandos, tzhaar Kal, Rapier, onyx ring, claws and a few more items. About 45m in tradables.

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Could of been worse but the rapier is what really hurts. I should knoww since I've lost 2 rapiers >.>

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