EoC Fight Night & Video Comp
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The Evolution of Combat is here and we want to celebrate the amazing success of Runescape's 'old' combat system but at the same time embrace and look forward to a whole new way of combat and game play which we know is going to enhance and elevate this already brilliant game.

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On Saturday the 1st of December we'll be hosting a huge boss fight night where we'll be slaying Gielinor's meanest monsters including the King Black Dragon, Giant Mole, & General Graardor. Get your spears and swords ready as we'll be fighting all night long!

This will be a night full of pure musical entertainment too, provided by our very own DJ Team who will be broadcasting live to us from RuneRadio, who'll be serving up a fantastic live running commentary with special guest speakers, enticing talk show topics & some big juicy RuneZone surprises too!

During the night the DJ's will also be doing some random quiz-style questions and we've got three packs of 25 SoF spins to award those who are quick on their buzzers and answer correctly first. :sof:

Further event details:

Date: 1st December 2012 (SATURDAY)
Time: 20:00 GMT start
Where: Grand Exchange centre
Friends chat: Queen Anita
World: 83
Additional: RuneRadio link: http://runezone.com/radio

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Things couldn't get more exciting... or could they?... We'll be hosting a week long video competition whereby anyone who participates will be entered into a super awesome prize draw, all you need to do is video record your in-game character performing your favourite ability. Let us know why it's your favourite ability and also tell us your favourite thing about the Evolution of Combat - perhaps it's the shiny new action bar or duel wielding? Whatever it is we want to know!

You can either add your voice over the top of the video or simply add text onto the screen via video editing software/YouTube annotations to let us know why the ability is your favourite and what your favourite thing about the Evolution of Combat is. Remember, it's all about getting involved and engaging with the content so try things out and get stuck in - everyone who enters has a chance at winning!

If you enter the competition then make sure your video is titled 'RuneZone EoC competition - [RZName]' and send it to us via admin@runezone.com - if you win we'll contact you via the e-mail you contacted us on, and you'll not just win a RuneZone goodybag packed full of surprises, but a huge in game pack from Jagex which contains:

· Scarecrow mask cosmetic
· Green skin cosmetic
· Turkey hat cosmetic
· Flaming skull cosmetic
· Ice mask cosmetic
· Barbed bow cosmetic
· 75 spins

If you've not already began to think of what to record then perhaps now is the time to do so as the video competition starts on the 23rd November and will end on the 30th November, leading conveniently onto our grand EoC boss fight night. ;)

Evolution is upon us!
RuneZone Team

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Sounds amazing! Cant wait to participate now!


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i shall attend and tank for graador if im online.

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8am my time - that means I can most likely attend. Yippee, can't wait! This is going to be great fun. :3

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Still dont understand anything about eoc so I wont be there.. good luck to those that do go!

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Can't wait to enter. i might, but this just sounds amazing! :D

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This looks amazing, will do my best to make it to the fight night! As for vidding...we'll have to see :)

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This is going to be an awesome event - time to get started on my video! :D

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So I can just record on my Skiller and talk about what I like about the EoC, and don't have to be in the beta and stuff?

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Kim @ Nov 13 2012, 2:37 AM
So I can just record on my Skiller and talk about what I like about the EoC, and don't have to be in the beta and stuff?

No it says in the beginning you have to be videoing yourself performing your favorite ability :P

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