RuneZone Idol #16, Competition
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Can you sing? Wanna sing for lol's? Then this is the competition for you. Be sure to sign up and pick your song or redo a song today!!!!

You may sing ANY song you want to sing or remake this time. ***Due to it being Valentines day if you want you can make it a Love themed song if you choose to be in spirit with the special occasion or even the opposite if you don't care for Valentines day***

Important dates:
Feb 12th(Entries due by 5 pm Pacific)
Feb 14th (Event will be at 9 pm BST/1 pm Pacific, 3 pm Central, 4 pm Eastern)

You are allowed to put in 1 Duet/Group song in as well with a solo.
However, if the group/solo does in that prize money will be split between those who participated in the group number. Also NO voice changers! :)


1st place: 2m RSGP
2nd Place: 1m RSGP
3rd Place: 500k RSGP

>>>>To get a FREE good recording program which I personally use: <<<<

Once you record yourself you will need to find an instrumental copy of the song that you choose to put your lyrics that you record with the song.
You can either remix it by making it a RuneScape parody or the original lyrics.

NOTE: I edit mine in Vegas I do not know how to edit in Audacity, you will need to Google on how to do that. My apologies

There a couple ways to get the final product to me.

1. Upload your video to YouTube (MUST BE UNLISTED) and send me the link. You must also do number 2 if you use YouTube.

2. Email me at "Subject: RuneZone Idol 11"

3. All submissions MUST include this format in the body of the text:

Runezone Name:
Name of song:

4. Name of saved file must include "RZ IDOL # (your rz name to follow)" For example "Rz Idol 11 - Queen Anita" This makes it easier to find when saved on my computer and putting it in the right place.

5. Any submission MUST be either a YouTube video or MP3 format. I will not be able to accept any other forms of submissions.

NOTE: Any Skype submissions will NOT be accepted. I will decline all entries submitted via Skype. You MUST email them to the email address above.

Any prize money not collect will be recycled and put towards next competitions prizes. You will have to come to me after the event and get me in game or while DJ'ing to collect your prize money as I make myself available at the time of the event to hand out prizes.

I hope to see a lot of you guys singing for us and win them prizes.

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Very nice, good luck to all who are entering this :)

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Good luck to everyone that enters & I might take a shot at this! XD

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i might enter

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Goodluck to all. <3

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CMM group already won. :tface:

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Best of luck to everyone entering. :)

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Allysaur @ Jan 7 2013, 2:35 PM
CMM group already won. :tface:

Lol we'll have to wait and see. :)

Good luck guys! I'll see if i can find the time and if i can be bothered to enter this Runezone idol with my terrible singing! <3 :P


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Lol I cannot wait for this :P

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This is going to be great :)

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