Party of the Year , Official RuneZone Event
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I'll try and be there on an alt of mines.

Rev doesn't have membership at the moment >_>

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and the day arriveddddd :D

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Cyprusgirl Trimmed Completionist Cape G & A

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Hope you all enjoyed the event! It was a lot of fun I thought, in spite of w83 DC'ing during our Stealing Creation, and of course a massive congratulations to our three 30M GP winners!

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It was a decent party :) ! Bummer I didn't come home earlier. I only managed to do 1 game of Castle Wars.
Congratulations on those 3 who got 30mil each ! Use it well :)

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Credits to Kablez

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I've unpinned this thread as the event is now over.

I hope everyone who attended had fun! :)

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Alexsis, Warmaster of Bandos

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I bet it was fun! I wish I could of went... I had to work :( .
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