Important: Status Update 2015
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Edited on Mar 15 2015, 9:08 PM by Nathan
Hi everyone,

Thank you for remaining patient with me and the team whilst we worked out our plans for 2015 and what everyone can expect to see from RuneZone going forward.

If we look at the fansite and wider RuneScape community, the landscape has changed - the way players interact with content, find out the information they need, connect with their fellow 'Scaper has and is changing. Traditional fansites such as RuneHQ,, Zybez and RuneZone have, in my opinion, had their 'boom' days and whilst I feel traditional fansites continue to remain a really important part of RuneScape, as a team, we don't expect to see activity similar to that in 2011, 2012 or 2013.

The truth is, across the board, community activity & visits have been on the decline, yet our staff team size has remained consistent, resulting in a much more united and close community, but one which from the outside may look inclusive and inwards.

We could spend a huge amount of time, effort, resource and money in attempting to promote RuneZone; whether that's through giveaways, organising epic in game events, social media marketing or whatever it may be, but I feel the impact & value, whilst major, will be temporary and short lived. At RuneZone we take & make smart decisions, those which are most sensible at the time and those which feel right going forward, for both the staff and the community.

We could also set a closure date for RuneZone, but I don't think that's justified nor necessary. We've had an absolutely fantastic five years here at RuneZone, and despite facing difficult challenges and obstacles along the way, we've held our own, serviced the community we all love and formed friendships (and relationships) which we can all hope will never be forgotten about - no matter what's happened, or will happen, that alone has made, and will continue to make every second worth it.

You'll know RuneZone for being as candid, transparent and open as possible - which is why we're being as up front as we are in this news post. We have far too much respect to water things down or try and sell you empty promises - that just isn't part of our package. What we will be is optimistic, we'll be fair & we'll open up opportunities for as many people as possible and we'll always let you know what's what.

Our plan for the remainder of the year and beyond is to relax the current level of investment our teams are putting into RuneZone, from Content Management to Community Support - RuneZone will go from a 'continuous improvement & investment' state to a 'maintain & care' state. I've always believed RuneZone has been much more about being a RuneScape fansite, indeed I feel that in itself restricts us. We are a community of not only RuneScape lovers and gamers, but teenagers, adults, friends who share ambition, goals, achievements and our lives with one another. No matter what happens, this will never change.

Specifically, in regards to our plan, we'll be focussing on three core strategies, which are:

- Look at, invest time into and build a new RuneScape YouTube channel which showcases RuneScape drama shows & series, from horror to comedy, using the RuneZone staff & community
- Engage further in Scape.Tips - it's a truly revolutionary service allowing RuneScape players to access (and share) their RS knowledge, expertise and advice
- Explore brand new, non-Jagex related websites & community concepts - inviting the RuneZone community & staff to join in and take part - we're thinking big and going back to our 2010 roots

RuneZone has had its glory days, but there's so much more for us to enjoy and discover. We can utilise the best of what made RuneZone great to make the FactoryBox Network great again.

Thank you to all those past & present for such an exciting 5 years on RuneZone. Here's to another 5 on Project Next.

Check back soon,
Nathan & the entire team

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I expected so much more in 2015 to be honest :P But things change I guess. I will still help where I can, to keep RuneZone the place to be <3
Can't wait to see the forum itself being more active again though. Because I joined RuneZone last year (in May), when RR was still active.
I hope the new lay-out and things like that will work out well :)

Looking forward, Nathan.. With much ambition.


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Very nice and detailed status update ! :D Thanks Nathan for taking the time to write this. I too feel that RuneZone over the past months hasn't been that active as it should be. I appreciate you guys telling the truth about where it has been and goals for the future :) Hope there is a lot in store for us for the remainder of 2015 to come. I know the staff has been working hard lately which I respect them for that. As being here on RuneZone for close to 2 years now, I'd be disappointed to see a closure date which I think won't happen but things may come and go. I like the idea of expanding RZ to YouTube which sounds pretty cool. Like what Verhaert said, I hope the forums get revived again and maybe a new layout, changes, etc. I know a lot of people left since RuneRadio was closed down, but I think we can strive to be successful without it.

I enjoy being here every weekend and had a lot of memories as well. Happy 5 Year Anniversary to RuneZone and hope to see more years to come ! :D

I'll still be here so I'm not going anywhere lol :P

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I definiitely noticed a decline in activity, but that just means there's room to grow even more! This place has been like a home to me with all the friendly members and staff to be able to communicate with here and in game in the friends chat.

Excited to see what 2015 brings us! One step at a time, keep up all the amazing work you and the rest of the staff members are doing for this community and its people.

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Thanks for the encouraging posts. I'm really excited for the new design launch too and am sure it will increase Forum activity. No plans to ever close RuneZone so long as I'm at the helm. :)

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This was a good read. I've always appreciated the honesty and straightforwardness the staff has with the community (both when I was on and off). It's true, we did have an explosive community with what seemed like limitless activity with guides popping up left and right, forum topics and posts increasing like wildfire. But like a wildfire, eventually the flames will run out of fuel.

I've seen what this community and staff is capable of and all that we've accomplished. Obstacles such as increased site traffic are harder than they seem, but it's nothing the folks around here aren't capable of doing.

Thank you, Nathan.

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Nathan @ Mar 15 2015, 7:57 PM
Thanks for the encouraging posts. I'm really excited for the new design launch too and am sure it will increase Forum activity. No plans to ever close RuneZone so long as I'm at the helm. :)

Or me! I joined never expecting to fall in love with the atmosphere and community here, but I did. While it's true things have slowed, that in no way shape or form means we're dead - quite the contrary... it just means we've matured, and there's plenty to come! The new design coming will definitely blow your socks off. I'm so excited for it!

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As the staff and leaders of RuneZone, you guys have (and continue) to volunteer much of your personal time to help build RuneZone. We wouldn't be who we are today if it wasn't for all your hard work and effort, so thank you. It's not always easy, but you work together as a team. We love RuneZone because of the people who lead it. People come and people go, some never leave. There may not be many of us currently, but we're a hearty group and I, as well as most of us on RZ, love what we have here. Many friendships have been built here. Just about everyone I know I met here on RuneZone.

I know you guys and gals on staff are smart and work together to make decisions. That being said, I trust and believe that what you decide, is truly what is best for RuneZone and I am behind you supporting 100%. I personally look forward to coming home from work and getting on RZ. The first thing I do when I get home is turn on my computer and get on Runescape and RuneZone.

I am glad there is no closure date and I am highly anticipating the new design! You guys are awesome, keep up the excellent team work.



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Splendid post and replies. It truly shows that both sides, the staff and the community, have no intention of giving up, which is marvelous. The idea of switching from constant hip & happening reload to rather chilled maintenance overall makes sense. Even though high activity is always awesome to see, we should be thankful for what we have.

I believe RuneZone will continue going strong, and the Zoners will have that awesome feeling of being here, whether they still are or not anymore. :)

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So running this fansite resulted you in getting a job at Jagex, after you've got the job you've noticed a considerable decrease in user activity on your site due to lack of time and investment put in from the SL team. (From what I can see) and instead of trying to fix the issue and promote the site you've essentially decided to stop putting the effort in.

I'm probably not the only one who thinks it, but almost more than likely the only one that will post it. It's a shame, although, I called it after you pulled the plug on runeradio. Runezone was the first fansite I joined and actively participated in and to see this news post truly saddens me

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