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I appreciate your reply Kronre. I don't really have much much to reply to that, but I have something in mind that I thought I'd share.

The atmosphere for me, and a few others, is that it's not as 'active' as it used to be because of Nathan. So I think that needs to be worked on. I think someone else, that is willing to put every effort into the website, as the 'main' guy that everyone sees, instead of Nathan.

I used to be a huge part of this fansite for this other game, which is still very much active, and I won't name it here but if you PM me I'll happily give it you. That fansite has been going since 2003, and clearly, right now, the owners of it are in their 30's and just don't play that game anymore as its a 'teens' type game. And they've had nothing to do with the fansite since 2006/07. But they're still known as the 'founders', they can still have a say if they wanted to, but they're just not the 'president' if that makes sense...

The people who run it, turned to be the influential management. People also keep attached to things because they become influenced. They see these 'site manager' as the owner... Because he's the one that directs everything, where they actually see nothing of the actual 'owners, founders'.

So it might help the site a lot that Nathan steps back and becomes less of the representative of the Community and more of the behind the scenes bodyguard, and then putting someone else with more time, enthusiasm, in front, representing the party.

That is just my opinion though, I know that ideas/opinions help in all situations, even if they're bad. So I thought I'd share it.

I personally don't play RuneScape any more. The Community Management is screwed up and I only really played for the Community which I'm no longer part of because of some selfish idiot BTS. Plus, I've got myself into LoL now which I find much more enjoyable :) Hopefully I can get back into it some day in the future... I'll always visit here, I wish mostly that you get a new website, 1 thing that hasn't kept me putt here is the website design :P

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It's always great to hear someone else's opinion, however I'm not really in the position to debate a Senior Leader's role on the site. I appreciate your comment, nonetheless. I think the bigger picture though is that we're moving on to bigger things, getting closer with the community and even looking into the possibility of branching out to reach everyone.

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I've been hopping from fansite to fansite, I'm currently with RuneHQ and looking forward to stay here also, and I've sadly noticed a decline in activity though all sites. It's rather sad, because I've always loved sticking around and chatting with the community and making friends. Looking forward to the up-coming updates, I'll be sticking around for some time :)

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"16 year old Nathan had no plans to to join Jagex, indeed not even 18 year Nathan old did" ~ nathan

Ahhh the good old days eh nathan ?

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Edited on Apr 3 2015, 9:22 AM by Michelle
Yeah, it's quite sad coming back to find things rather quiet, but the few places I go, as said in the OP, activity is declining...

You mentioned you have plans for this site Nathan, moving away from being a 'fansite', into more general forums, you even mentioned youtube. Anyway does that mean you will be less strict on cerain rules, having more of a mature audience/forum? Or is RS, still going to be a big part of it??

I wish you and your RZ team the best for RZ future :)

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Hello, I'm a new guy here.

So I may have increased activity for like .01% :grin:

I just hope that the level of activity is just for these recent years. However, I think there would be a correlation between the number of players in runescape to people logging in here or making new accounts. So, here's wishing to Runescape getting more players and eventually discovering this site.

I initially discovered this site through RuneRadio, but when I visited the forums, I noticed the maturity and the good atmosphere that this site has back then. So that's another reason why I came back.

All the best wishes for this site and to the people who work behind it to not fade away and leave a strong impression on the community and new people who will join, whether you guys are gone or still active.


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(props to Old School Runescape Nerd)

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So excited for what the future will bring to RuneZone! I've been a little inactive for this past month due to obligations however I will start to get back into things and help out the best I can. :)

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