Small survey, takes 5 min max(16+)
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Currently, I'm 22 years old and working on my master's thesis at the catholic university of Leuven (Belgium).

I made a small survey. Keep in mind that a basic knowledge of probabilities is necessary in order to successfully complete the survey.
If you don't understand the questions, please don't fill in the survey randomly, just close it.

Members should use this link:
Non-members should use this link:

MANY thanks to those that help me out !

Kind regards, Fabio
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I made the questions in the survey a lot easier to understand, so that any confussion should be solved!

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Not sure if legit but if it is, moved it to the right forum and removed the duplicate.

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I've seen this cross posted across a couple fansites, but I do not understand the basis for the questions.
I don't feel comfortable, or even able, to answer questions such as 'how much membership i would prefer to lose'?

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