Interface Improvement & More - 30th of march 2107, Game Update

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Sorry guys! i was trying to post the Oldschool RuneScape update here and all but it i get this message.
Since no one seems to be updating the Old School News

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if you want to see the update Click Here.

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My Oldschool RuneScape Stats

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My Oldschool RuneScape stats on my 1 defence pure

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1. RuneZone was down for a few days, I don't know why but it's fixed
2. I stopped posting the news due to lack of forum activity and lack of replies (literally NO ONE posted on most of them so I thought "Why post them if no one reads them? It's probably easier to just read them at the website than at a fansite.")

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Special thanks to Zammyskid for the awesome signature :D
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