Music Tracks


As you walk around Gielinor you will unlock new music tracks. These music tracks can be unlocked in a variety of different ways including visiting new cities and areas for the first time or during quests when you talk to specific NPC's or engage in a particular boss fight.

There are currently 1025 music tracks to be unlocked.

When you unlock a music track, a message in the chatbox will appear notifying the player that they have unlocked a track.

The message that appears when you unlock a music track.

You can access the music player by clicking the "Music Player" icon from the drop down under "Settings" in the menu.

How to access the music player from the RS3 menu.
The Music Player Interface.

Locked music tracks will appear in Red and unlocked music tracks will appear in Green. To play a music track all you need to do is click on the title of the music track and it will begin playing.

You can use the Music Player to create a playlist of your favourite songs just by clicking the green cross next to the music track title and you can remove them again by clicking the red minus next to the music track title. With playlists the player has the ability to add their favourite tracks to the list and then play them rather than listening to the default music that will play when in a particular area.


The Air Guitar emote is a members only emote which will be automatically unlocked when a player has unlocked 500 music tracks. Once the emote has been unlocked once it will not have to be unlocked again if more music tracks are added to the game.

A player performing the Air Guitar emote.

Once the player unlocks 1000 music tracks they will unlock the Demonic Rock Off Emote.

Unlocking the Songs

Use the table below to quickly navigate to which letter of the alphabet you would like to look at or numbered music tracks.

Letter of Song
# A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z


Songs: 1 Song

Track NameUnlock Hint
7th RealmBrimhaven Dungeon
*Holiday Event songs will be unlocked after the event if you missed it.
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Songs: 54 Songs

Track NameUnlock Hint
A Song for KhnumNorth of Al Kharid
Above the CityDiamond in the Rough quest
Adorno IDungeoneering (Abandoned Floors)
Adorno IIDungeoneering (Abandoned Floors)
Adorno IIIDungeoneering (Abandoned Floors)
Adorno IVDungeoneering (Abandoned Floors)
Adorno VDungeoneering (Abandoned Floors)
Adorno VIDungeoneering (Abandoned Floors)
Adorno VIIDungoneering (Abandoned Floors)
Adorno VIIIDungeoneering (Abandoned Floors)
Adorno IXDungeoneering (Abandoned Floors)
Adorno XDungeoneering (Abandoned Floors)
AdventureUnlocked Automatically
The AdventurerUnlocked Automatically
Agents of KeliStolen Hearts quest
Al KharidAl Kharid
All for the PestA Void Dance quest
All's Fairy in Love and WarFairy resistance hideout in Fairy Tale Part II
AloneIce Mountain and Monastery north of Falador
Altar EgoOurania Altar
Alternative RootWhat Lies Below quest
Always on my RindBringing Home the Bacon quest
Ambient JungleShilo Village
Among Tirannwn TreesListening to the musicians Prifddinas
Amor FatiFate of the Gods quest
Ancestral WisdomMissing My Mummy quest
Animal ApogeeSummoning Obelisk (excluding Taverly)
AnywhereMarim's main gate
ArabianKharidian Desert
Arabian 2Unlocked Automatically
Arabian 3Desert entrance to Kalphite Lair
ArabiqueHellhounds in Taverly Dungeon
ArboretumBranches of Darkmeyer quest
Architest of WarClan Citadel
Ardougne AgoMeeting History quest
Arma Gonna Get YouTokTz-Ket-Dill quest
Armadyl AllianceGod Wars Dungeon
ArmageddonGod Wars Dungeon
Army of DarknessBetween Dark Warrior's Fortress & Trollheim
ArrivalUnlocked Automatically (Members)
The Art of Hocus-PocusHalloween holiday event (2008 onwards)*
ArtistryUnlocked Automatically
Assault and BatteryBarbarian Assault
Astea FrostwebDungeoneering (Frozen Floors
Attack IBattlefield north of Tree Gnome Village
Attack IIElvarg's lair or during Grand Tree quest
Attack IIINorth of the Lava Maze (Wilderness)
Attack IVFight Arena
Attack VTemple of Ikov caves
Attack VIGu'Tanoth Ogre Enclave
AttentionCoastline below Rimmington
Autumn VoyageUnlocked Automatically
AwokenFighting the Queen Black Dragon
Aye Car Rum BaBraindeath Island
AztecBrimhaven Agility Arena
*Holiday Event songs will be unlocked after the event if you missed it.
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Songs: 58 Songs

Track NameUnlock Hint
Back To LifeContact! quest
Bal'lak the PummellerDungeoneering (Abandoned 2 Floors)
Ballad of EnchantmentMonastery
Bandit CampBandit Camp in the Kharidian Desert
Bandos BattalionGod Wars Dungeon
Bane of SummerSummer's End quest
Barb WireLearning Barbarian Skills
BarbarianismUnlocked Automatically
Barking MadWerewolve Agility Course
Baroque IIArdougne
Battle of SoulsNomad's Requiem quest
Battlefield IOn the battlefield during World Event 1.
Battlefield IIOn the battlefield during World Event 1.
Baxtorian's HollowListening to musicians in Prifddinas
Beetle JuiceContact! quest
Belly of the BeastSong from the Depths quest
Beneath the houseCarnillean Rising quest
BeyondDwarven tunnel under Wolf Mountain
Big ChordsWest of Yanille
Bird of PreyThe World Wakes quest
Bish Bash BoshAs a First Resort... Quest
Bittersweet BunnyEaster Holiday Event (2008 onwards)*
Black of KnightWhile Guthix Sleeps quest
Black ZabethHalloween Holiday Event (2010 onwards)*
BlinkDungeoneering (Warped Floors)
Blistering BarnaclesBraindeath Island's mountain
BloodbathBlood Altar
Bloody FoundationRune Memories quest
Blue WizardsWizard's Tower
Body partsDungeon south-east of Fenkenstrain's Castle
Body TalkElemental Workshop III
Bolrie's DiaryPath of Glouphrie quest
Bone DanceWest of Mort'ton
Bone DrySmokey Well near Pollnivneach
Book of A Thousand SongsAutomatically Unlocked
Book of SpellsUnlocked Automatically
BorderlandEast of Rellekka
Born to Do ThisDaemonheim
BountyThe Crucible
Bounty Hunter Level 1Unlocked Automatically
Bounty Hunter Level 2Unlocked Automatically
Bounty Hunter Level 3Unlocked Automatically
Brain BattleThe Great Brain Robbery quest
Breaking InStolen Hearts quest
BreezeIsafdar near the Underground Pass
Brew Hoo HooPort Phasmatys Brewery
Brimstail's ScalesBrimstails' cave
Bubble and SqueakKeldagrim Rat Pits
Bulwark BeastDungeoneering (Abandoned Floors)
Burthorpe DangerBurthorpe
Burthorpe DilemmaBurthorpe
Burthorpe DreamsBurthorpe
Burthorpe DrummerBurthorpe
Burthorpe DutyBurthorpe
Busy NightMining area south-east of Varrock
But We Can FightThe Chosen Commander Quest
*Holiday Event songs will be unlocked after the event if you missed it.
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Songs: 77 Songs

Track NameUnlock Hint
Cabin FeverCabin Fever quest
Cage Against the MachinePrisoner of Glouphrie quest
CamelotCamelot Castle
Carnillean RisingCarnillean Rising quest
Castle WarsCastle Wars (Saradomin Team)
Castle WarzCastle Wars (Zamorak Team)
Catacombs and TombsLand of the Goblins quest
Catch Me If You CanArdougne Rat Pits
The CaveKalphite Hive or Diamond in the Rough quest
Cave BackgroundDwarven Mine or Gamers' Grotto
Cave of BeastsMountain Daughter quest
Cave of the GoblinsCaves beneath Lumbridge Swamp
CavernYanille Agility Dungeon
Cavernous MythologyMyths of the White Lands quest
The Cellar DwellersHazeel Cult quest
Cellar SongBank vault west of Varrock
Chain Of CommandTemple of Ikov quest
Chain ReactionA Void Dance quest
ChamberHaunted Mine (Middle Floor)
Chamber of GuthixThe World Wakes quest
Chaos TheoryBirthright of the Dwarves quest
Chaotic CookeryChristmas holiday event (2011 onwards)*
Charmin' Farmin'Vinesweeper Minigame
Charred RemainsThe Firemaker's Curse quest
Cheese rollGielinor Games
Chef SurprizeRecipe for Disaster Quest
Chickened OutEvil Chicken's lair
Chompy HuntChompy Hunt area near Rantz the ogre
The ChosenRecruitment Drive quest
The Chosen CommanderThe Chosen Commander quest
Christmas CavernsChristmas holiday event (2010 onwards)*
CircusCircus D&D
Citadel ThemeClan Citadel
Citadel IClan Citadel
Citadel IIClan Citadel
Citadel IIIClan Citadel
Citadel IVClan Citadel
Citadel VClan Citadel
Citadel VIClan Citadel
Citadel VIIClan Citadel
Citadel VIIIClan Citadel
Citadel IXClan Citadel
Citadel XClan Citadel
Citadel XIClan Citadel
Citadel XIIClan Citadel
Citadel XIIIClan Citadel
Citadel XIVClan Citadel
Citadel XVClan Citadel
Citadel XVI Clan Citadel
Citharede RequiemOne Piercing Note quest
City of the Deadnorth of Menaphos
Clan WarsClan Wars
ClaustrophobiaBetween a Rock Quest
CliffhangerMissing, Presumed Death Quest
Close QuartersEntrance To Bounty Hunter
ColeopteraKalphite Tunnels near to Kalphite King
Colonel GrimssonKing of the Dwarves
The ColumbariamLegacy of Seergaze Quest
Command CentreMobilising Armies
CompetitionBurthorpe Games Room
ComplicationChoas Alter
ConfrontationOne of a kind quest
Conspiracy: Part 1Legacy of Seergaze quest
Conspiracy: Part 2Legacy of Seergaze quest
ContemplationOne of a kind quest
Cool for Ali CatsSmoking Kills quest
Copris LunarisDealing with Scabaras quest
Corporal PunishmentUnlocked Automatically
Corporate CallousnessKing of the Dwarves quest
Corridors of PowerRoyal Trouble quest
CourageTaverly Dungeon
CreationUnlocked automaticallly
Creature CrueltyTower Of Life quest
CreepyKennith's Concerns quest
Crystal CastleSouth-East Of Prifddinas
Crystal CaveZanaris market
Crystal SwordWilderness - North Of Varrock
CursedUnderground Pass Quest
*Holiday Event songs will be unlocked after the event if you missed it.
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Songs: 80 Songs

Track NameUnlock Hint
Daemonheim EntranceDaemonheim
Daemonheim FremenniksDaemonheim
Dagganoth DawnWaterbirth Island Dungeon
Dance of DeathStronghold Of Security - Sepulchre of Death
The Dance of the Snow QueenChristmas holiday event (2008 onwards)*
Dance of the UndeadBarrows
DangerousNorth Of Edgeville
Dangerous LogicWhile Guthix Sleeps quest
Dangerous RoadCaves Below Crandor
Dangerous WayBeneath Barrows
DarkSouth-east Wilderness
The Dark LordPlague's End Quest
Darkness in MisthalinDraynor
Davy Jone's LockerRecipe for Disaster Quest
DCII Mash-Up (Infinity Mix)Halloween holiday event (2011 onwards)*
Dead and BuriedLumbridge Catacombs
Dead Can DanceBounty Hunter - East
Dead QuietMort Myre area - North
DeadlandsHaunted Woods Of Morytania
Deadliest CatchDeadliest Catch quest
DeathVisit Death's Realm
Deep DownHaunted Mine (Bottom Floor)
Deep WildyNorth-west Wilderness
Defenders of Guthix IThe World Wakes quest
Defenders of Guthix IIThe World Wakes quest
Demise of the DorgeshuunThe Chosen Commander quest
The DepthsContact! quest
The DesertWest of Kharidian Desert
Desert HeatNorth of Nardah
Desert Island BearHunt for Red Raktuber quest
Desert SmokeSmoking Kills quest
Desert VoyageDesert Mining Camp
The Desolate IsleWaterbirth Island
Desolate RuinsNomad's Requiem quest
Desolo IDungeoneering (Abandoned Floors)
Desolo IIDungeoneering (Abandoned Floors)
Desolo IIIDungeoneering (Abandoned Floors)
Desolo IVDungeoneering (Abandoned Floors)
Desolo VDungeoneering (Abandoned Floors)
Desolo VIDungeoneering (Abandoned Floors)
Desolo VIIDungeoneering (Abandoned Floors)
Desolo VIIIDungeoneering (Abandoned Floors)
Desolo IXDungeoneering (Abandoned Floors)
Desolo XDungeoneering (Abandoned Floors)
DestinyUnlocked automatically
Diango's Little HelpersDiango's Christmas workshop*
Dillo-gence is KeyTokTz-Ket-Dill quest
Dimension XGorak plane - Fairy Tale Part II
Distant LandBurgh De Rott
Distillery HilarityTrouble Brewing's Distillery
Divine SkinweaverDungeoneering (Abandoned Floors)
Dogs of WarStronghold Of Security - Vault Of War
Dominion Lobby IDominion Tower
Dominion Lobby IIDominion Tower
Dominion Lobby IIIDominion Tower
Dominion Tower IDominion Tower
Dominion Tower IIDominion Tower
Dominion Tower IIIDominion Tower
Dominion Tower IVDominion Tower
Dominion Tower VDominion Tower
Don't Panic ZanikThe Chosen Commander quest
DoorwaysNorth of Grand Exchange
Dorgeshuun CityDorgesh-Kaan
Dorgeshuun DeepDorgesh-Kaan Caves
Down and OutDream Mentor Quest
Down BelowDraynor Village Dungeon
Down to EarthEarth Altar
Dragontooth IslandDragontooth Island
Drains and CanalsCarnillean Rising
Draynor MarketDraynor
DreadnaughtWarped Dungeoneering Floors
DreamInbetween Lumbridge and Draynor
Dream TheatreDefender Of Varrock Quest
DreamstateLunar Diplomacy Quest
Duel ArenaDuel Arena
The DukeLumbridge Castle
DuneKharidian Desert
DunjunTaverly Dungeon
Dusk in Yu'biuskLand Of The Goblins Quest
Dwarf ThemeDwarven Mine
Dying LightsMissing, Presumed Death Quest
*Holiday Event songs will be unlocked after the event if you missed it.
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Songs: 31 Songs

Track NameUnlock Hint
Eagle PeakEagles' Peak Quest
Easter JigEaster holiday event (2007 onwards)*
An Easter UnitedEaster holiday event (2010 onwards)*
EgyptShanty Pass
Elven MistExit Of The Underground Pass
Elven BloodSomewhere in the elven city
Elven BluebellSomewhere in the elven city
Elven DaffodilSomewhere in the elven city
Elven DhaliaSomewhere in the elven city
Elven EliteSomewhere in the elven city
Elven HeartSomewhere in the elven city
Elven HollySomewhere in the elven city
Elven LilySomewhere in the elven city
The Elder HallsFate of the gods
Elven MotherSomewhere in the elven city
Elven NightshadeSomewhere in the elven city
Elven RoseSomewhere in the elven city
Elven SeedWithin the Light quest
Elven SnapegrassSomewhere in the elven city
Elven SunlightSomewhere in the elven city
Elven SunriseSomewhere in the elven city
Elven SunsetSomewhere in the elven city
Elven VoiceSomewhere in the elven city
EmotionTree Gnome Village Maze
EmperorMelzar's Maze
Empyrean CitadelMissing, Presumed Death Quest
The EnchanterMage Training Arena - Enchanting Chamber
End SongThe World Wakes quest
EruptionWilderness Volcano
EscapePerfect Gold Mine Under Ardougne
EspionageCold War quest
EverlastingDream Mentor quest
Everlasting FireNorth-east Wilderness
Everything in its right palaceStolen Hearts quest
EverywherePrifddinas - South-West
EvilDiamond in the Rough
Evil Bob's IslandEvil Bob Random Event
The Evil WithinWhile Guthix Sleeps Quest
Exam ConditionsStronghold Of Player Safety
Exhibit 'A'Skeletal Horror
ExpanseVarrock - Stone Circle
ExpectingUnholy Alter North Of Observatory
ExpeditionCaverns Beneath Observatory
ExposedIsafdar - South Of Tyras Camp
*Holiday Event songs will be unlocked after the event if you missed it.
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Songs: 45 Songs

Track NameUnlock Hint
Face OffThe Chosen Commander quest
Faces ObscureMissing, Presumed Death Quest
The Factory FloorA Clockwork Syringe quest
FaithlessChaos Temple in Wilderness
The Fallen HeroBlood Runs Deep quest
A Familiar FeelingFamiliarisation
FanfareFalador Castle
Fanfare2Karamja shipyard
Fanfare3Port Khazard
Fangs for the MemoryIn Aid of the Myreque quest
Far AwayLletya
The Far SideRogues' Den
Fe Fi Fo FumGrim Tales quest
Fear and LoathingTolna's Rift Area - Fear Room
Fenkenstrain's RefrainFenkenstrain's Castle
FernThe Death of Chivalry Quest
Fight of the DwarvesForgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf quest
Fight or FlightWest Ardougne - Slave Mine
Fighting and PrayingBlack Knight's Fortress
Fighting and Praying Part IThe Death of Chivalry quest
Fighting and Praying Part IIThe Death of Chivalry quest
Final DestinationKuradal's Slayer Dungeon
Final ShowdownDiamond in the Rough quest
Find My WayMonkey Madness quest
Fire and BrimstoneTzHaar Fight Pit Minigame
The Firemakers' ThemThe Firemaker's Curse quest
FishingCatherby Beach
Flash FactoryFlash Powder Factory
Flesh-spoiler HaasghenahkDungeoneering (Occult Floors)
Floating FreeAn Enlightened Journey quest
Flute SaladLumbridge Windmill
Food for ThoughtStronghold Of Security - Catacomb of Famine
ForbiddenNorth of Lumberyard
ForestSouth-east Isafdar
Forgettable MelodyForgettable Tale quest
ForgottenThe Golem quest
Forgotten OrdersWizard's Tower after Rune Mysteries quest
Fragments of GuthixLumbridge
FreshwaterFish Flingers
Free DeathMissing, Presumed Death Quest
FroglandUnlocked Automatically
Frost FightGlorious Memories quest
FrostbiteTrollheim - Ice Path
Fruits de MerFishing Platform
FreneskaeFate of the Gods quest
Funny BunniesEaster holiday event (2006 onwards)*
*Holiday Event songs will be unlocked after the event if you missed it.
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Songs: 45 Songs

Track NameUnlock Hint
Ga'alThe Elder Kiln quest
The GalleonLunar Diplomacy quest
GaolNorth of Bandit Camp in Wilderness
Garden EchoLumbridge
Garden of AutumnSorceress' Garden Minigame
Garden of SpringSorceress' Garden Minigame
Garden of SummerSorceress' Garden Minigame
Garden of WinterSorceress' Garden Minigame
The GenieGenie's Cave in Nardah
Getting on with thingsRimmington
Ghost of Christmas PresentsChristmas holiday event (2009 onwards)*
Give it Your Pest ShotThe Void Stares Back
Glacialis IDungeoneering (Frozen Floors)
Glacialis IIDungeoneering (Frozen Floors)
Glacialis IIIDungeoneering (Frozen Floors)
Glacialis IVDungeoneering (Frozen Floors)
Glacialis VDungeoneering (Frozen Floors)
Glacialis VIDungeoneering (Frozen Floors)
Glacialis VIIDungeoneering (Frozen Floors)
Glacialis VIIIDungeoneering (Frozen Floors)
Glacialis IXDungeoneering (Frozen Floors)
Glacialis XDungeoneering (Frozen Floors)
Glutton for NourishmentCompleting "Bringing home the bacon" quest
Gluttonous BehemothDungeoneering (Frozen Floors)
Gnome KingTree Gnome Stronghold
Gnome Village ITree Gnome Stronghold - Agility Arena
Gnome Village IITree Gnome Stronghold - South-West
GnomeballTree Gnome Stronghold - Gnomeball Field
Go with the FlowKing of the Dwarves quest
Goblin GameGoblin Cave by the Fishing Guild
Goblin VillageGoblin Village
GodslayerThe Chosen Commander quest
Golden TouchMage Training Arena - Alchemists' Playground
The GolemRuins of Uzer
GravecreeperDungeoneering (Occult Floors)
GreatnessChampion's Guild
Grimly FiendishHalloween holiday event (2007 onwards)*
Grip of the TalonShadow of the Storm quest
GrottoMort Myre Swamp - Nature Spirit Grotto
Ground ScapeUnlocked Automatically
GrumpyFeldip Hills - Swamp Toad Pond
GunnarsgrunnGunnar's Ground
Guthix's HunterFist of Guthix Minigame, The World Wakes quest
Guthix's WarningThe World Wakes quest
*Holiday Event songs will be unlocked after the event if you missed it.
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Songs: 36 Songs

Track NameUnlock Hint
Ham and SeekAnother Slice of Ham quest
Ham AttackAnother Slice of Ham quest
H.A.M. FistedDeath to the Dorgeshuun quest
Halloween PartyHalloween holiday event (2010 onwards)*
Har'Lakk the RiftsplitterDungeoneering (Furnished Floors)
Hare-brained MachinesEaster holiday event (2009 onwards)*
HarmonyLumbridge Castle
The Harmony of the RunesWizard's Tower
Harmony2Lumbridge's Castle's Basement
Haunted MineHaunted Mine - Boss Area
Have a BlastBlast Furnace Minigame
Have an Ice DayCold War quest
Head to HeadUnlocked Automatically
Healin' Feelin'Path of the Glouphrie quest
Heart and MindBody Altar
The HeistCurse of Arrav quest
Hell's BellsTroll Romance quest
Henceward!Listening to musicians in Prifddinas
HermitBurthrope - Hermit's Cave
Hidden EvilsInside Black Knight's Fortress
High SeasBrimhaven
High SpiritsHalloween holiday event (2006 onwards)*
Hobgoblin GeomancerDungeoneering (Abandoned Floors)
Home Sweet HomeYour Player-Owned House
HomescapeUnlocked Automatically
Honkytonky HarmonyRising Sun Inn
Honkytonky MedievalDancing Donkey Inn
Honkytonky Newbie MelodyBlue Moon Inn
Honkytonky ParadeBoar's Head Tavern
Honkytonky Sea ShantayRusty Anchor
Hope DevourerDungeoneering (Warped Floors)
The Horn of ChillTemple at Sennisten
Hot 'n' BotheredOo'glog
HuntedThe Crucible
Hunting DragonsSlayer Caves under Rimmington
HypnotizedIcthlarin's Little Helper Quest
*Holiday Event songs will be unlocked after the event if you missed it.
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Songs: 32 Songs

Track NameUnlock Hint
I Can See YouThe Crucible
I'm Counting on YouVampyre Slayer
IbanUnderground Pass - Iban's Lair
Ice Day for PenguinsPenguin Hunting Area after completion of the Hunt for Red Raktuber
Ice MelodyWhite Wold Mountain
Icy a Worried GnomePerils of Ice Mountain Quest
Icy BonesFrozen Dungeoneering Floors
Icy Trouble AheadPerils of Ice Mountain Quest
IllusiveDream Mentor Quest
Impetuous Impetuous Impulses Minigame
In BetweenBetween a Rock Quest
In SecurityThe Void Stares Back
In the BrineMos Le'Harmless
In the ClinkPrison Pete Random Event
In the ManorYanille - Ogre Island
In the PitsTzhaar area
InadequacyDream Mentor Quest
IncantationShadow of the Storm Quest
IncarcerationStronghold of Player Safety
InfiltrarionEdgeville monastery
Inner SecretWizard's Tower
Insect QueenKalphite Queen
InspirationNorth of Black Knights Fortress
Into the AbyssThe Abyss
IntrepidUnderground Pass Caverns
Invaders Must Die IThe World Wakes quest
Invaders Must Die IIThe World Wakes quest
Invaders Must Die IIIThe World Wakes quest
Island LifeApe Atoll - South
Island of the TrollsFremennik Isles Quest
Isle of EverywhereLunar Isle - East Coast
Itsy Bitsy...Halloween Event 2009
*Holiday Event songs will be unlocked after the event if you missed it.
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Songs:15 Songs

Track NameUnlock Hint
JailbirdRocking Out quest
Jaws of the DagannothBlood Runs Deep quest
Jester MinuteFremennik Isles quest
Jolly-RBrimhaven - Northen Dock
Joy of the HuntFeldip Hunter Area - Cave
Judge and JuryCourt Cases
Jungle BellsChristmas holiday event (2006 onwards)*
Jungle CommunityNorth Tai Bwo Wannai Village
Jungle HuntFeldip Hunter Area
Jungle IslandKaramja
Jungle Island XMASChristmas holiday event (2006 onwards)*
Jungle TroublesKaramja - North-East Jungle
Jungly1Cairn Isle
Jungly2North-west Brimhaven
Jungly3Tai Bwo Wannai Village
*Holiday Event songs will be unlocked after the event if you missed it.
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Songs: 9 Songs

Track NameUnlock Hint
Kal'Ger the WarmongerDungeoneering (Warped Floors)
Karamja JamBrimhaven Dungeon - Dragon Area
Kharidian BustleAl Kharid
Kharidian NightsMissing my Mummy Quest
King of the DesertFighting Kalphite King
KingdomDeath Plateau
KnightlyArdougne Castle
KnightmareBlack Knights' Fortress
*Holiday Event songs will be unlocked after the event if you missed it.
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Songs: 44 Songs

Track NameUnlock Hint
La MortDeath Altar
LabyrinthContact! quest
LairMort'ton - Shade Catacombs
Lair of King AdmiGlorious Memories quest
LamentEnakhra's Lament quest
Lament of MeiyerditchDarkness of Hallowvale quest
Lament of the Snow QueenEaster holiday event (2011 onwards)*
Lamistard's LabyrinthThe Curse of Arrav quest
Land Down UnderRoyal Trouble quest
Land of SnowChristmas holiday event (2007 onwards)*
Land of the DwarvesWest Keldagrim
LandlubberWest Brimhaven
The Last ShantyDarkness of Hallowvale quest
Last StandSwan Song quest
Lazy WabbitEaster holiday event (2009 onwards)*
LegendSouth-east Rellekka
LegionBarbarian Outpost
Lexicus RunewrightFurnished Dungeoneering Floors
Life's a Beach!Mos Le'Harmless - Coastal Area
LightnessNorth Edgeville
LightwalkKeep Le Faye
Little Cave of HorrorsMos Le'Harmless - Cave Horror Dungeon
Living RockLiving Rock Caverns
Logical ProgressionElemental Workshop IV quest
LonesomeDesert Mining Camp
Long AgoFishing Platform
Long RoadRimmington
Long Way HomeRimmington
The Longramble ScramblePath of Glouphrie quest
Looking BackVarrock Museum
Lords and LadiesCarnillean Rising quest
Lore and OrderKing's Ransom quest
Lortnoc TsepQuiet Before the Swarm quest
The Lost MelodyDorgesh-Kaan mine
Lost SoulIsafdar - Poison Waste
The Lost TribeLumbrdige - Goblin Mines
Love BitesLove Story quest
Love LostLove Story quest
Love StoryLove Story quest
LullabySouth-west Rellekka
Luminescent IcefiendDungeoneering (Frozen Floors)
The Lunar IsleLunar Isle
*Holiday Event songs will be unlocked after the event if you missed it.
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Songs: 55 Songs

Track NameUnlock Hint
Machines of WarZamorak Camp during World Event 1.
Mad EadgarTrollheim - Eadgar's cave
The Mad MoleFalador's Mole Lair
Mage ArenaMage Arena
Magic and MysteryHalloween holiday event (2008 onwards)*
Magic DanceEast of Yanille
Magic Magic MagicTower of Life quest
Magical JourneySorcerer's Tower
MaiasauraBlood Runs Deep quest
Major MinerFremennik Isles quest
Making WavesSwan Song quest
MaladyStronghold of Security - Pit of Pestilence
MarchKing Lathas' Combat Training Camp
MaroonedMonkey Madness quest - Crash Island
MarzipanTrollheim cave
MasqueradeFremennik Slayer Dungeon
Master of LightSaradomin Camp during World Event 1.
MastermindlessRecipe for Disaster quest
Max Reidneer VariationsFalador Party Room
Meddling KidsRoyal Trouble
MedievalWest of Dig Site
Medieval IIWest of Dig Site
MellowFishing Guild
MelodramaCastle Wars Minigame
Melzar's MazeDragon Slayer quest
Memories of GuthixThe World Wakes quest
Memories of KeldagrimBirthright of the Dwarves quest
The MentorUnlocked Automatically
MeridianIsafdar - Around Tyras Camp
MetalworkArtisan Workshop
Method of MadnessTolna's Rift Area - Confusion Room
Miles AwayCrafting Guild
Mind Over MatterMage Training Arena - Telekinetic Theatre
MindfulQuiet Before the Swarm quest
Miracle DanceMind Altar
MirageIcthlarin's Little Helper quest
Misthalin Mood IPath to Morytania
Misthalin Mood IIVarrock Grand Exchange
Misthalin Mood IIINorth-east of Varrock
Mobilising ArmiesMobilising Armies Minigame
The Mollusc MenaceSlug Menace quest
Monarch WaltzSinclair Mansion
Monkey MadnessApe Atoll
Monkey misadventuresMarimbo and Brassica Prime minigame
Monkey See, Monkey DoDo No Evil
Monster MeleeH.A.M cave
The Monsters BelowWaterbirth Island Dungeon
MoodyUnderground Pass - Entrance
MorytaniaPaterdomus - East
Mouse TrapGrim Tales quest
Mudskipper MelodyMudskipper Point
The Muspah's TombThe Tale of the Muspah quest
Mutant MedleyTower of Life quest
My Arm's JourneyMy Arm's Big Adventure quest
Mystery RevealedThe Void Stares Back quest
*Holiday Event songs will be unlocked after the event if you missed it.
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Songs: 16 Songs

Track NameUnlock Hint
Narnode's ThemeGrand Tree - Downstairs
NaturalMort Myre Swamp - Nature Spirit's Island
Natural SelectionJadinko Lair
The NavigatorFremennik Trails quest
NecrolordDungeoneering (Occult Floors)
NeverlandTree Gnome Village - South
A New MenaceKennith's Concerns quest
Newbie MelodyUnlocked Automatically
Night of the VampyreDarkness of Hallowvale quest
Night-gazer KhighorahkDungeoneering (Furnished Floors)
NightfallNorth of Rimmington
Nightmare at the CrandleFate of the gods
Non Compos MentisFate of the gods
No Way OutTolna's Rift Area - Hopelessness Room
The Noble RodentRat Catchers quest
NomadEast of Bedabin Camp
Norse CodeFremennik Isles quest
Null and VoidPest Control Minigame - Landing Area
*Holiday Event songs will be unlocked after the event if you missed it.
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Songs: 22 Songs

Track NameUnlock Hint
OasisKharidian Desert
Occulo IDungeoneering (Occult Floors)
Occulo IIDungeoneering (Occult Floors)
Occulo IIIDungeoneering (Occult Floors)
Occulo IVDungeoneering (Occult Floors)
Occulo VDungeoneering (Occult Floors)
Occulo VIDungeoneering (Occult Floors)
Occulo VIIDungeoneering (Occult Floors)
Occulo VIIIDungeoneering (Occult Floors)
Occulo IXDungeoneering (Occult Floors)
Occulo XDungeoneering (Occult Floors)
Ogre the TopFremennik Isles quest
On the UpDream Mentor quest
On the WingFairy Tale Part II quest
Only a KingKing of the Dwarves quest
OrientalWaterfall Dungeon - East of Shilo Village
The Other SidePort Phasmatys
Out of ControlA Void Dance quest
Out of the DeepLighthouse - Dagannoth Cave
Over to NardahNardah
OverpassArandar - East of Tirannwn
OvertureSeers' Village
*Holiday Event songs will be unlocked after the event if you missed it.
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Songs: 27 Songs

Track NameUnlock Hint
The PactThe Blood Pact quest
PalaceStolen Hearts quest
Palace aboveAl Kharid
ParadeVarrock - Sawmill Area
Path of PerilDesert Treasure quest - Shadow Dungeon
PathwaysBrimhaven Dungeon
The PengmersibleHunt for Red Raktuber quest
Penguin PossibleHunt for Red Raktuber quest
Penguin PrisonSome like it Cold quest
Pest ControlPest Control Minigame
Pharoah's TombAgility Pyramid
PhasmatysEctofuntus - Basement
Pheasant PeasantFreaky Forester Random Event
Philipe's BaneCarnillean Rising quest
The PhoenixIn Pyre Need - Wounded Pheonix Room
Pinball WizardUnlocked Automatically
A Pirate's Life for MeRocking Out quest
Pirates of PenanceBarbarian Assault Minigame - Queen Battle
Pirates of PerilPirate's Hideout in the Wilderness
Plane-freezer LakhrahnazDungeoneering (Frozen Floors)
The Plundered TombMissing my Mummy quest
Poison DreamsHalloween holiday event (2009 onwards)*
Poles ApartPolar Hunting Area
The Power of TearsTears of Guthix Minigame
Precarious VoidThe Void Stares Back quest
The Price is WightBarrows Shadow Realm Boss Fight.
Prime TimeElemental Workshop II - Second Floor of Workshop
*Holiday Event songs will be unlocked after the event if you missed it.
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Songs: 4 Songs

Track NameUnlock Hint
Queen Black DragonQueen Black Dragon Fight
QuestFire Altar
Quicksand!Diamond in the Rough
The Quiz MasterUnlocked Automatically
*Holiday Event songs will be unlocked after the event if you missed it.
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Songs: 49 Songs

Track NameUnlock Hint
Rage of the Red AxeBirthright of the Dwarves quest
RammernautDungeoneering (Furnished Floors)
Rat a Tat TatVarrock Rat Pits
Rat HuntRat Catchers quest
Ready for BattleCastle Wars Minigame
The Reaper's HouseDeaths house
The Records ChamberKing of the Dwarves quest
Red Axe RetributionBirthright of the Dwarves quest
RegalRouges' Castle
ReggaeSouth-east of Kharazi Jungle
Reggae2East of Karamja Jungle
RemnantsZamorak Camp during World Event 1
Rest for the WearyThe Tale of the Muspah quest
Return of LucienRitual of the Mahjarrat
ReunionPrisoner of Glouphrie quest
Right of ConquestConquest Lobby
Right on TrackForgettable Tale quest
RighteousnessLaw Altar
Rising DampOlaf's quest
RiversideWest of Tyras camp
Roc and RollMy Arm's Big Adventure quest
Rocky RescueKing of the Dwarves quest
The Rogues' DenRogues' Den
Roll the BonesMage Training Arena - Creature Graveyard
Romancing the CroneTroll Romance 1uest
Romper ChomperOgre Area - South of Castle Wars
RooftopsStolen Hearts quest
Root CanalFairy Tale Part III quest
Roots and FlootsBack to my Roots quest
The Route of All EvilChaos Tunnels
The Route of the ProblemChaos Tunnels
Royal RumbleKing Black Dragon lair
RoyaleTaverley Dungeon - Black Knight Base
The Ruins of CamdozaalDefender of Varrock quest
Rune EssenceRune Essence Mine
Runed BehemothDungeoneering (Occult Floors)
*Holiday Event songs will be unlocked after the event if you missed it.
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Songs: 106 Songs

Track NameUnlock Hint
SanctumFate of the gods
Sad MeadowWest Ardougne
Safety in NumbersStronghold of Player Safety
SagaSouth of Rellekka
SagittareDungeoneering (Furnished Floors)
SaltwaterFish Flingers
Sands of TimeKharidian Desert
Saradomin CampSaradomin camp during world event 1
SaradoministsSaradomin camp during world event 1
SarcophagusJaldraocht - Desert Treasure Pyramid
Sarim's VerminPort Sarim Rat Pits
Scape BoldUnlocked automatically
Scape Bold HeroicPlague's End Quest
Scape CaveLumbridge Tutorial & Varrock Sewers
Scape DarkWhite Wolf Mountain
Scape HunterUnlocked Automatically
Scape MainUnlocked Automatically
Scape MelancholyUnlocked Automatically
Scape OriginalUnlocked Automatically
Scape SadUnlocked Automatically
Scape SantaUnlocked Automatically
Scape ScaredUnlocked Automatically
Scape SoftUnlocked Automatically
Scape SummonUnlocked Automatically
Scape ThemeUnlocked Automatically
Scape WildUnlocked Automatically
ScarabJaldraocht - Desert Treasure Pyramid
ScarabaeoideaDealing with Scabaras quest
School's OutUnlocked Automatically
Sea FolkPlayer Owned Port
Sea HearPlayer Owned Port
Sea Shanty IKaramja - Port
Sea Shanty XMASChristmas holiday event (2006 onwards)*
Sea Shanty IIPort Sarim
See You Late OarPlayer Owned Port
Seasonal SportsChristmas holiday event (2010 onwards)*
Second HarmonyNorth of Falador
Second VisionRunecrafting Guild
SereneAir Altar
SettlementMountain Camp
The ShadowCrandor
Shadow-forger IhlakhizanDungeoneering (Abandoned Floors)
ShadowlandMort'ton - East
Shantay PassShantay Pass
Shanty InstrumentalPlayer Owned Port
Shaping UpAs a First Resort... quest
ShineDuel Arena Hospital
ShiningWilderness - Bone Yard
Shining SpiritThe Spirit of Summer quest
ShipwreckedMorytania - North Coast Shipwreck
ShowdownMonkey Madness quest - Boss Fight
Sigmund's ShowdownDeath to the Dorgeshuun quest
Silent KnightChristmas holiday event (2009 onwards)*
Simian ScuffleDo No Evil
Skeletal TrioDungeoneering (Occult Floors)
SkirmishThe Death of Chivalry quest
Skullery JamStolen Hearts quest
Slain to WasteSmoking Kills quest
The SlayerEast of Fremennik Slayer Dungeon
Slice of Silent MovieAnother Slice of H.A.M quest
Slice of StationAnother Slice of H.A.M quest
Slither and ThitherRoyal Trouble quest - Sea Snake Cave
Slug a Bug BallSlug Menace quest
Slug PoisonSalt in the Wound quest
SmorgasbordChristmas holiday event (2009 onwards)*
Snack AttackUnlocked Automatically
SojournTroll Champion Arena
Something FishyRocking Out quest
Something is wrongSong from the Depths quest
Song from the depthsSong from the Depths quest
Soul WarsSoul Wars Minigame
The Sound of GuthixWhile Guthix Sleeps quest
SoundscapeFeldip Hills - Glider Area
Spa BizarreAs a First Resort quest
SphinxNorth of Sophanem
SpiritCooks' Guild
Spirits of ElidSpirits of the Elid quest
SpiritualTroll Warzone
SplendourHeroes' Guild
SpookyDraynor Manor
Spooky JungleNorth-east of Karamja
Spooky2Haunted Mine - Entrance
Spring SongEaster holiday event (2011 onwards)*
StagnantMort Myre Swamp - Hollows
Stand-offStolen Hearts quest
StarlightAsgarnian Ice Dungeon
StartDraynor Village
SteadyThe Crucible
Stealing CreationStealing Creation Minigame
Stick Your Ale InPlayer Owned Port
Stick Your Oar InPlayer Owned Port
Still NightVarrock - Mining Area
StillnessMort Myre - Myreque Area
StillwaterFish Flingers
StompDungeoneering (Furnished Floors)
Storeroom ShufflePath of Glouphrie quest
Storm BrewKillerwatt Plane
StrandedTrollheim - Gate to Ice Path
Strange PlaceTale of Two Cats quest
StratosphereCosmic Altar
Strength of SaradominGod Wars Dungeon - Saradomin's Encampment
Sub WaySome like it Cold quest
SubterraneaWaterbirth Island Dungeon
SunburnJaldraocht Pyramid - North
Super Furry AnimalHuge Chinchompa D&D
SuperstitionKharazi Jungle - Cave
Supreme ChampionsThe Crucible
Surok's ThemeWhat Lies Below quest
SuspiciousMonkey Madness quest
*Holiday Event songs will be unlocked after the event if you missed it.
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Songs: 86 Songs

Track NameUnlock Hint
Tale of KeldagrimKeldagrim - East
Talking ForestMcGrubor's Wood
TargetThe Crucible
The Task at HandCompleted 350 Tasks
Taverley AdventureTaverley
Taverley AmbienceTaverley
Taverley DreamsTaverley
Taverley EnchantmentTaverley
Taverley FolkTaverley
Taverley FrolicsTaverley
Taverley LamentsTaverley
Tears of GuthixTears of Guthix quest
TechnologyGnome Glider Hanger
TempleApe Atoll
Temple DesecratedWhile Guthix Sleeps Quest
Temple of Guthix IThe World Wakes quest
Temple of Guthix IIThe World Wakes quest
Temple of LightMourning's Ends Part II quest
Temple of TribesLand of the Goblins quest
The Terrible CavernsLegacy of Seergaze quest
The Terrible TowerSlayer Tower
The Terrible TunnelsLegacy of Seergaze quest
Terrorbird TusslePath of Glouphrie quest
The Chozan OneDiamond in the Rough quest
The StalkerStolen Heart quest
The TownCentre of Varrock
ThemeCoal Trucks
These StonesMage Training Arena basement
Thieves' Guild IThe Thieves Guild
Thieves' Guild IIThe Thieves Guild
Thieves' Guild IIIThe Thieves Guild
Thieves' Guild IVThe Thieves Guild
Three of a KindDeadliest Catch quest
The Throne of BandosThe Chosen Commander quest
Throne of the DemonShadow of the Storm quest
Time OutUnlocked Automaticallys
Time to MineBetween a Rock quest
Tiny AdventureCarnillean Rising quest
TiptoeDraynor Manor Cellar
Title FightChampion's Challenge - Underground Area
To'Kash the BloodchillerFrozen Dungeoneering Floors
TokTz-Ket-Ek-MackTokTz-Ket-Dill quest
Tomb RaiderPyramid Plunder Minigame
TomorrowPort Sarim - South Coastline
Too Many CooksRecipe for Disaster quest
Torqueo IDungeoneering (Warped Floors)
Torqueo IIDungeoneering (Warped Floors)
Torqueo IIIDungeoneering (Warped Floors)
Torqueo IVDungeoneering (Warped Floors)
Torqueo VDungeoneering (Warped Floors)
Torqueo VIDungeoneering (Warped Floors)
Torqueo VIIDungeoneering (Warped Floors)
Torqueo VIIIDungeoneering (Warped Floors)
Torqueo IXDungeoneering (Warped Floors)
Torqueo XDungeoneering (Warped Floors)
Tournament!Duel Arena Tournament
The TowerNorth-west Ardougne
The Trade ParadeGrand Exchange
Traveller's TaleOne Piercing Note quest
TrawlerFishing Trawler Minigame
Trawler MinorFishing Trawler Minigame
Tree SpiritsWest of Tree Gnome Stronghold
Tree's aren't your FriendsEvil Tree Minigame
TrembleDeath Plateau Quest
TribalTai Bwo Wannai Village - East
Tribal BackgroundSouth-east of Kharazi Jungle
Tribal2Karajma - Gnonme Glider
Trick or Treat?Halloween holiday event (2009 onwards)*
TrinityLegends' Guild
Troll InvasionBurthorpe Troll Invasion
Troubadour DanceOne Piercing Note quest
Trouble BrewingTrouble Brewing Minigame
TroubledWilderness - West of Bandit Camp
Troubled SpiritThe Spirit of Summer quest
Tune from the DuneDealing with Scabaras quest
TwilightElemental Workshop
The Twilight TwainListening to musicians in Prifddinas
TzHaar!TzHaar Fight Cave Minigame
TzHaar City ITzHaar City
TzHaar City IITzHaar City
TzHaar City IIITzHaar City
TzHaar City IVTzHaar City
TzHaar City VTzHaar City
TzHaar Supremacy ITzHaar Fight Cave, Fight Pit or Fight Kiln Minigame
TzHaar Supremacy IITzHaar Fight Cave, Fight Pit or Fight Kiln Minigame
TzHaar Supremacy IIITzHaar Fight Cave, Fight Pit or Fight Kiln Minigame
*Holiday Event songs will be unlocked after the event if you missed it.
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Songs: 14 Songs

Track NameUnlock Hint
Unavoidable ConflictConquest
Undead ArmyDefender of Varrock quest
Undead DungeonTairn's Lair
Under the SandSmoking Kills quest
Underbelly"Bringing Home the Bacon" quest
UndercityPlague's End Questt
UndercurrentSouth-east of Wilderness
UndergroundEntrana Dungeon - Dramen Tree
Underground PassUnderground Pass quest
UnderstandingNature Altar
UndyingMissing, Presumed Death Quest
Unholy CursebearerDungeoneering (Abandoned Floors)
Unknown LandDraynor Market
UntouchableDream Mentor quest
UpcomingTower of the Necromancer
Upir LikhyiBranches of Darkmeyer quest
*Holiday Event songs will be unlocked after the event if you missed it.
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Songs: 18 songs

Track NameUnlock Hint
The Vacant AbyssSummer's End quest
Valerio's SongOne Piercing Note
VenomousWilderness - Scorpian Pit
VentureDig Site
Venture2Dig Site Quest
Victory is MineChampion's Challenge Arena
VillageMorytania - Canifis
Village DanceDwarven Mine
Village FateEdgeville
Village LifeBarbarian Village
ViolinsanityDiamond in the Rough
VisionWizards' Tower
Void Knights' ThemeQuiet Before the Swarm
The Void Stares BackThe Void Stares Back
Volcanic VikingsFremennik Isles Quest
Voodoo CultKharazi Jungle - Cave
VoragoUnlocked on entering a battle against Vorago
VoyageBaxtorian Falls - Top
*Holiday Event songs will be unlocked after the event if you missed it.
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Songs: 43 songs

Track NameUnlock Hint
Waiting for BattleMoblising Armies
Waiting for the HuntFist of Guthix Minigame Waiting Room
The Waiting GameSoul Wars Minigame
Waking DreamLunar Diplomacy quest - Your Dream
WanderFalador - South Farming Area
Wander WaltzSouth of falador
Warped GulegaDungeoneering (Warped Floors)
WarriorFremennik Trials quest
Warriors' GuildWarriors' Guild
Waste DefacedPath of Glouphrie quest
WaterfallBaxtorian Falls
Waterfall IIBaxtorian Falls
Waterfall IIIBaxtorian Falls
WaterloggedCanifis - South
Way of the EnchanterLunar Isle - Dungeon
WaywardZogre Dungeon
We are the FairiesFairy Tale Part II quest - Cosmic Entity Plane
Webbed FeetAraxyte Hive
Well of VoyageBetween Ivan's Temple and Isafdar
Wending through the willowsSong from the depths quest
What We DoGielinor Games
Where Eagles LairEagles' Peak quest
While we sleepDraynor
Who Are We to Judge?The Void Stares Back quest
Wild IsleWilderness - South of Red Dragon Isle
Wild SideWilderness - North of the Lava Maze
Wilderness IWilderness
Wilderness IIWilderness - South of the Lava Maze
Wilderness IIIWilderness - West of Bounty Hunter
WildwoodWilderness - South of Bounty Hunter
Winter FunfareMyths of the White Lands Quest
WitchingEast of Wilderness
Woe of the WyvernAsgarnian Ice Dungeon's Wyvern Area
WonderNorth-west of Black Knight's Fortress
WonderousLegend's Guild
WoodlandTirannwn - Elf Camp
Work Work WorkTower of Life quest
WorkshopMining Guild
World-gorger ShukarhazhDungeoneering (Warped Floors)
Wrath and RuinTolna's Rift Area - Anger Room
The Wrong PathChoas Tunnels
*Holiday Event songs will be unlocked after the event if you missed it.
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Songs: 1 Song

Track NameUnlock Hint
XenophobeWaterbirth Island Dungeon
*Holiday Event songs will be unlocked after the event if you missed it.
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Songs: 3 Songs

Track NameUnlock Hint
YesteryearLumbridge Swamp - East
Yk'Lagor the ThunderousDungeoneering (Occult Floors)
Yu'biuskThe Mighty Fall Quest
You Will Know MeThe Crucible
*Holiday Event songs will be unlocked after the event if you missed it.
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Songs: 10 Songs

Track NameUnlock Hint
Zamorak CampZamorak camp during world event 1
Zamorak ZooGodwars Dungeon - Zamorak's Fortress
Zanik's ThemeLand of the Goblins quest
Zaros StirsTemple at Sennisten quest
Zaros ZeitgeistGod Wars Dungeon
Zarosian RepriseVicinity of The World Gate
ZealotWater Altar
Zogre DanceZogre Area
Zombie InvasionDefender of Varrock quest
ZombiismGreat Brain Robbery quest
*Holiday Event songs will be unlocked after the event if you missed it.
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