Aviansies have always been very profitable to kill as they drop a high amount of noted Adamantite bars which makes them perfect to camp for long periods of time. It's recommended that you kill them in Armadyl's Eyrie as explained below. As they fly too high to be hit with melee, you must use Ranged or Magic to attack them, however using magic is only a break-even tactic; it deals low damage and is slow due to their weakness being bolts, making it pretty much futile.


To get to the God Wars Dungeon, simply follow either route on the map below.

Route to the God Wars Dungeon!

  • Red route: Teleport to Trollheim using a Trollheim tablet and navigate down the cliff sides which requires level 47 Agility. Once at the bottom of the mountain, follow the rest of the route, going passed the boulder, towards the entrance hole of the God Wars Dungeon.

  • Orange route: This path is from Burthorpe which will lead you around to a cave which you can pass through to reach the bottom of the mountain. From there, follow the route around the mountain and passed the boulder to get to the entrance of the God Wars Dungeon.

Armadyl's Eyrie is located inside the God Wars Dungeon. Once inside, go directly south and jump over the chasm.


God Wars Dungeon

  • 60 Agility or 60 Strength - To get passed the boulder to the entrance to God Wars Dungeon.
  • 70 Ranged - Access to Armadyl's Eyrie.

Killing Strategy

You should first enter Armadyl's Eyrie when in the God Wars Dungeon, and then attack Aviansies using any damaging abilities which you feel will be effective, but remember if you use a multiple hit ability then you may end up taking very high amounts of damage. Revolution is a good set-up to use here but remember that it will fire any abilities in its 9 slots, so be careful what you choose to use.

Worn Items

The following items are recommended in order to kill Aviansies. Note that anything that is of a higher level can still be used, however, these are the minimum one should use to fight them. It is recommended to take at least one Nex item such as a Pernix cowl as this will disable all monster aggression inside the dungeon.

  • Head: Full slayer helmet* > Pernix cowl> Armadyl helmet > Karil's coif > Royal D'hide coif > Ranger helm
  • Amulet: Dragon rider amulet > Amulet of Range > Amulet of Fury > Amulet of Glory
  • Cape: Ava's accumulator/alerter/attractor > Any Skill Cape
  • Body: Pernix body > Armadyl chestplate > Karil's body > Royal d'hide body
  • Legs: Pernix chaps > Armadyl chainskirt > Karil's skirt > Royal D'hide chaps
  • Gloves: Armadyl gloves > Royal d'hide vambraces
  • Boots: Pernix boots > Glaiven boots > Armadyl boots > Snakeskin boots
  • Shield: Off-hand ascension crossbow > None if 2-handed
  • Weapon: Ascension crossbow > Royal crossbow > Crystal bow
  • Ammo: Ascension bolts > Royal bolts (or none if using crystal bow)
  • Pocket: Scrimshaw > Sign of life
  • Aura: Vampyrism > Penance

* Only use this item if Aviansies are your Slayer task.


The items in your inventory will vary depending on how long you choose to stay.

  • 100 Bones to peaches tablets
  • 100 alchemy spells (Nature + Fire runes/Nature Runes + Staff of fire)
  • 2 Super restore (4)
  • 3 (Extreme) Ranging potion (4)
  • 10 or so high-healing food
  • Trollheim tablet or other means of teleporting away
  • Healing familiar pouch (Bunyip/Unicorn)
  • A few spaces to collect valuable drops


Aviansies are most commonly killed for the Adamantite bars which they drop; there are 4 that are noted. Other drops can include Runite limbs, Warpriest of Armadyl items, different types of rune and herb, Starved ancient effigies and more.

Guide Made by: Oli
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