Sorceress' Garden


Osman, spymaster of Al Kharid, has found himself in a spot of bother. Being Al Kharid's best spy is a demanding job, especially under the desert heat, and he has found himself exhaustingly thirsty. Normally, this wouldn't be a problem, but after a fall out with a Sorceress, he can no longer have his favourite Sq'irk juice.

The craving is just too strong, and he takes a desperate course of action, asking you for help. Can you locate the magically hidden Sorceress's Garden and stealthily get Osman his Sq'irk juice?


Talk to Osman outside Al Kharid Palace. He will tell you about a sorceress who grows the Sq'irk juice on the south-eastern side.

Head to the south-eastern side at the back of the palace and you will find a small house. Enter and talk to the Apprentice. If it is your first time, you will have to listen to her whining before she will teleport you into the garden. You will then have unlocked a quick teleport option by right clicking on her.

Note: For those who have completed the quest Swept Away, you can talk to Apprentice whilst wielding the broom received during the quest, and the Apprentice will enchant it so you may teleport straight into the Garden.

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Completion of the quest Diamond In The Rough

You will need: Beer Glasses and a Pestle and Mortar.

Note: You can find Beer Glasses by searching the shelves or bookcases near the Apprentice.

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There are four gardens which you can enter, each requiring different Thieving levels.

Sq'irkGardenThieving Level Required

There is a fountain in the centre, drink from it to exit.

There is a cat called Del Monty with whom you can talk; he offers advice if you are wearing an Amulet of Catspeak.

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Playing the Game

The aim of the game is to make your way into the centre of the garden, where the Sq'irk tree is, without being spotted by the Elementals that patrol he garden. If you are spotted, you will be teleported to the fountain and you will have to start again. Once you have reached the Sq'irk tree, pick it to receive a fruit and you will be teleported out. You can also pick two herbs from the garden instead of the fruit.

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Garden of Winter

Note: This is the only garden to have the Herb patch in the same place as the Sq'irk tree.

Level required: 1

The first Elemental will travel in a counter-clockwise route. Wait for it to head past you, heading towards the north. Follow it in the north direction until you reach a alcove in the right.

There are now two Elementals you will need to be aware of you, the previous one and one travelling counter-clockwise around the hedge. Once both of the Elementals have passed you, head to the inside of the hedge.

There are now another two Elementals to watch out for, which both head in a counter-clockwise route. Once they have both passed you, follow the Elemental going to the west, and follow it around the bend, and then turning north before stopping in the gap between the hedges.

Note: When you are following the Elemental, be sure to stay behind it.

This Elemental's route goes from east to west, before heading back along the top. Once it has passed you heading east, head to the west to end of the Garden. Pick the Sq'irk tree or head south and pick the Herbs.

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Garden of Spring

Level Required: 25

The first Elemental heads north to south, so wait until the Elemental has started heading south, and then follow it's route heading to the gap in the hedge to the east.

When the Elemental heads back North, wait until it has passed you and then head south and go around the corner, hiding by the hedge.

There are now three Elementals you need to watch out for. One Elemental's route is north to south, and the other two Elementals' routes loop. Once the Elemental that heads north to south heads to the north, and the other two Elementals have passed you, run north and into the first gap you reach.

Once the Elemental that route goes from North to South has passed north, head two squares north and then east.

Head east, and then wait for the Elemental that heads east to west to start it's route east, head around the edge and wait on it's eastern side.

Herb Option

When the east to west Elemental passes you heading east, head to the south-east and then north into a alcove. Pick the Herbs.

Sq'irk Option

Once the east to west Elemental has passed you following it's route to the east, head to the south-east, and then south. Pick the Tree.

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Garden of Autumn

Level required: 45

The first Elemental's route heads east to west, so wait until the Elemental has started going west and then follow it up and hide in the gap to the south.

Once the Elemental coming from the east has passed you, head west and then turn south around the corner, and then head a little more south.

The Elemental will start heading south, once it has, head to the second gap to the west, and then wait for the Elemental heading north to pass you, before heading to the next gap to the east.

Wait for the two Elementals to meet in the corner, and then head around the corner to reach the gap in the hedge. Now where the Elemental is looping it's route, head to the west to a little gap.

Watch out for two Elementals; one which route loops, and the other that routes goes from east to west to the north. When that Elemental starts heading east and the Elemental that loops heads past you, run north around the corner to reach another gap to the north.

Herb Option

Once the Elemental heading east passes you, head around the hedge staying to the north.

Walk east and wait for the Elemental heading to the west to pass you, and then go around the hedge and pick the Herbs.

Sq'irk Option

Once the Elemental heading east passes you, head south into the gap to the hedges to the west.

When the Elemental to the south starts heading east, head to the Tree and pick it.

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Garden of Summer

Level Required: 65

The first Elemental's route will be going north to the south, wait for it to head north, and then follow it to the north, and then head west into the gap.

Head north, and once the Elemental here is heading to the south, head north and east.

Head as far south as you can, and once the Elemental passes you heading North, head around the hedge.

Head south to arrive next to the hedge, and wait until the Elemental is going to the east, and then go the west side of the hedge.

Once the Elemental has passed through the hedge on a western route, head to the north side of the hedge and then head south into a gap in the middle.

Once the Elemental has passed you heading to the east, follow behind it and and head to the east side of the hedge.

Once the first Elemental is heading west and the second Elemental is heading to the north head to the spot that is one spot to the east of the point where the Elemental starts heading east.

Herb Option

When the Elemental near the path shaped like a L is heading north, and the other Elemental to the north is not facing south, head to the east and then go south into the little gap before picking the Herbs.

Sq'irk Option

When the Elemental on the L-path heads north and the Elemental to the north of it is not facing south run north, through the Elemental, and into the gap between hedges.

One the Elemental travelling in a loop passes you and starts going to the north, head to the west and and then go south and then west once again. Pick the Tree.

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Make sure you have an empty beer glass, then use a pestle and mortar on the Sq'irk fruits to make them into juice, and then take them back to Osman, who will grant you experience. Alternatively, you can drink them for a temporary Thieving boost and restore some run energy.

JuiceNameSq'irk Fruit NeededOsman's Reward (Thieving XP)Thieving BonusEnergy Boost
Winter Sq'irk Juice5350+05%
Spring Sq'irk Juice41,350+110%
Autumn Sq'irk Juice32,350+215%
Summer Sq'irk Juice23,000+320%

You will also get Farming XP for picking the Sq'irk fruit or Herbs.

GardenSq'irk ImageSqi'rk XPHerb XP
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