Missing My Mummy
The desert sands rarely offer up their treasures, but when they do it is sure to be of interest to those with pure intentions and those with gold in their eyes. Leela, Osman's agent in Draynor, has heard that a new pyramid has been unearthed, and that secrets from the days before the God Wars may well be due some time in the open air...


Skill Requirements:
18 25 Thieving
23 35 Construction
8 35 Cooking
6 45 Prayer
13 45 Crafting
Quest Requirements:
Prince Ali Rescue - Old School
Golem, The
Icthlarin's Little Helper
Garden of Tranquility
Other Requirements:
Items Needed: Sq'irk juice, Flyer, Willow logs, Crush weapon, Knife, 20x Fire rune, Hammer, Saw, Wheat, Ring of charos (a), Jug of wine, Spice

Items Recommended: None.
Reward: Click to reveal


Talk to Leela, who is east of Draynor Village.

She will ask you to investigate an ancient Pyramid near Uzer, and talk to it's inhabitant.

Head to Al Kharid and go through the Shanty Pass to enter the desert. Take a carpet ride or make your way to Uzer, and then look for a Pyramid in an south-east direction, which is surrounded by Bandits.

The Pyramid

Enter the Pyramid, and start rummaging Skeletons on the ground to make them come alive, kill them and then pick up their drops. Walk around and pick up the various items on the floor, including a Hand and a Lantern, and then head west to the Imposing Door.

Enter through the door, and continue to rummage the Skeletons, picking up their drops. Do this for all of them in the room, and from one of the Skeletons you will receive a Scroll of the Dead.

Obtaining the pieces for the mummy

Head back to Leela and talk to her. She will tell you that you need to reconstruct the Mummy who inhabits the Pyramid.

Head back to Al Kharid and talk to Ali Morrisane. Ask him about ways to reunite the Mummy in the Pyramid and he will tell you that he has a full copy of Senliten's official name, but will not give it you until you get him a glass of Sq'irk Juice.

Note: For more information on how to obtain Sq'irk Juice, please look at the Sorceress's Garden guide.

Give the juice to Ali, and he will give you the scroll, however upon reading it you will learn that he has made some errors whilst copying it. Talk to him wearing your Ring of Charos(a) ring to persuade him to give you the original scroll.

Now head to Varrock library and talk to Reldo. He will ask you for a Al Kharid flyer in order to copy the documents. Give him it, and he will hand you a Scroll of Praise.

Return to the Pyramid at Uzer and head through the Imposing Doors to the west. Talk to the Golem, which you will learn is futile, so you will have to resort to killing it with a Crush weapon.

Go down the stairs and walk around, picking up various Jars and a Mummy body which is armless. (No pun intended)

Resurrecting the mummy

Once you have four Jars, head south of the Staircase to reach a floor puzzle. You will have to cross it to proceed, however if you walk on the wrong tile you will cause damage. The puzzle is random for everyone, however, looking in your quest journal will allow you to see the moves that will set off a trap. The best thing to do is, where possible:

  • Stick to Red/Yellow paths.
  • Stick to Blue/Green paths.

After you have made it across, proceed into the room with the Sarcophagus inside. You must now do the following:

  • Pray at the statues to fix them. Note: This decreases your prayer, however you can recharge it by praying to the standing statues.
  • Use the Mummy body and the Hand with the Sarcophagus to complete it.
  • Use the spice on the wine to make Spiced Wine, and then replace the jug.
  • Use the Wheat on the pot, and then replace it with the broken pot on the floor.
  • Place four jars on the shelf.
  • Fix the chair and the table.

Now head east and kill the Shadow, and then head back to the centre of the room and the Pharaoh Queen will appear. Talk to her, and then fix the Statue by carving it several times.

Head back into the room to the west, and then light a Torch and then kill a Shadow that will appear. Repeat this four times, and then head back and talk to the Pharaoh Queen. You should now have 100% restoration.

Head back and report to Leela that you have finished.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
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