Rat Pits


Following up the Rat Catchers Quest, you'll have access to a new activity, called Rat Pits. Here, you'll be able to use your cat to make you money - as long as it catches the most rats within a certain period of time.

Note that it's possible for your cat to be killed while in the activity, so you may have to head back over to Gertrude in Varrock to get a new one.


  • Own either a kitten, cat, overgrown cat, or wily cat.
  • Completion of the Rat Catchers quest.
  • Some money to bet with.

Activity Locations

Unlike many other activities, Rat Pits has more than one stationary location. Where you are told to go depends on the level of your cat; kitten, cat, overgrown cat, and wily. A popular world to play Rat Pits is world 138.

Type of Cat Location Map
Kitten East Ardougne, near the wilderness lever
Cat South-east Varrock in the fenced area
Overgrown Cat East Keldagrim, in the bar
Wily Cat Port Sarim, by the fishing shop

How to Play

First, you will need to find a player to duel with. Once you find a player willing to challenge you, right click their name, and click the correct interface option. If the player accepts, a screen like this should appear.

The addition and subtraction symbols increase or decrease your bet value. The amount you agree on is how much you are willing to risk for that specific battle. The trade limit restrictions apply here too - the maximum one can bet (dependant on quest points) is 60,000 coins.

Once the game has started, you should see your cat run out and start attacking rats. Now to win, you're cat is required to catch a set amount of critters. Each game lasts two minutes. These amounts depend on your level cat, as follows.

Type of Cat Amount of Rats
Kitten 5
Cat 7
Overgrown 9
Wily 11

Also, if you're wearing an Amulet of Catspeak, you can give your cat a strategy:

  • "Just take care of yourself" - this is a very cautious approach, if you choose this your cat may run away from the fight!
  • "Stay in for as long as you can" - This is a cautious approach, again, if you choose this your cat may run away from the fight.
  • "No guts, no glory" - This is an offensive approach, if you choose this your cat may die during the game.
  • "Go berserk!" - This is a very offensive approach, again, your cat may die when using this tactic.


The only reward you will receive from winning a challenge is the money you staked with your opponent.

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