Tourist Trap, The
South of Al-Kharid a new desert pass has opened up, leading to the dangers of the Kharid desert.

Don your desert garb and make sure your waterskin is full before heading off into the trackless dunes in search of desert adventure.


Skill Requirements:
10 10 Fletching
14 20 Smithing
Quest Requirements: None.Other Requirements:
Items Needed: Bronze bar, 10x Feather, Desert Gear (Robes, shirt and boots), 100x Coins, Knife & Hammer (Toolbelt Items can be used)

Items Recommended: Extra bronze bar and feathers in case of failure, Combat gear, Protection from desert heat (tiara, tome of frost, waterskins etc)
Reward: Click to reveal

This guide is suitable for current RuneScape and Old School.


Talk to Irena who can be found just outside of the Shanty Pass.

Irena will tell that her daughter is missing and you will offer to help find her. Make your way south following the footprints in the sand and you will arrive at the mining camp. Watch the Mercenary Captain and then speak to him. Ask the Captain if you can help such a strong man as he, and he will ask you to kill Al Zaba Bhasim. Refuse to help, and take a turning point in your conversation and call the captain a coward. This will result the captain in attacking you and you will have to kill him.

Upon killing him he will drop a key which you will automatically pick up. Make sure you are not wielding any any weapons or armour and then proceed to enter the mining camp. If you happen to be wielding any weapon or armour, the guards will place you in jail. To get out, bend the windows, climb the rocks and then climb the cliff and down the other side and you will find yourself at the entrance of the mining camp.

Mining Camp

Talk to one of the Male Slaves until you find one which will speak to you.

The Male Slave will tell you of his intention in escaping, and will ask you to picklock his chains. You will offer to do it in return for his clothes. Attempt to picklock his chains (it may take several attempts) but beware that if you fail you may be placed into jail by the guards. When you have picked his locks and you are wearing the slave robes, open the mine entrance doors and follow the cave until you reach some guards next to another cave entrance. Speak to one of the guards and tell them that you would like to change mining spots. The guard will agree to make a deal with you if you bring him a pineapple.

Go back through the mine and head to the surface. Enter the building to the north with the prison in upstairs and search Captain Siad's desk to receive a jail key. Use this on the prison door, and then bend the cell windows and climb up the rocks and cliffs to get out of the camp.(RS3's mining camp no longer has the rock climb to leave the camp, instead players can simply remove their slave robes and use the main gate to leave.) Head west until you reach the Bedabin camp, and speak to Al Shabim in the big tent. Al Shabim will offer you a pineapple if you will help steal some plans from Captain Siad's room. Agree and Al will give you a Bedabin key.

Stealing the Plans

Make your way back to the mining camp and go into the building to the north with the prison and climb upstairs to reach Captain Siad. Search the bookcases in his room until you discover several about sailing. Now, attempt to open the chest near his desk and the Captain will ask you what you are doing here. Tell him you are here for a chat, you see that he is interested in sailing, and that you can tell by his jib. The captain will be so distracted by this conversation that it will allow you enough time to open the chest and retrieve the plans. Exit through the prison escape route once more, and return to Al Shabim in the Bedabin camp. Al will tell you that the plans detail making a new weapon, and will ask you to make it. He will tell you to show the plans to the guard and he will allow you entry to the anvil, so head slightly north and show the plans to the guard. Use the bronze bar with the experimental anvil and follow the plans. Note that you may fail so it may take several attempts.

Now use a feather with the spiky metal following the plans, and you will create a prototype dart. Return this to Al Shabim and he will teach you the ability to create darts and will also give you six bronze darts and the pineapple. Make your way back to the mining camp and enter the mine. Give the pineapple to the guard and he will let you through the entrance. Search the barrels until you find an empty one, and then search the mining cart to ride on it. Go northwest in this area and you will find Ana. Speak with her, and then use the barrel on her. Use the barrel with Ana on the mining cart.

Freeing Ana

Now search the mining cart to ride on it again, and then search the barrels until you find Ana. Next use the barrel with Ana on the winch nearby, and allow the guard to help you, telling him he's gregarious when he asks what the noise was. Return to the surface and operate the winch.

Search the barrels to find Ana once more, and then use it with the cart. Speak to the Cart Driver and joke with him until he asks you to stop. When he asks you what it's really about, tell him well it's like this, and then bribe him to not ask any questions. He will ask for 100gp, and then tell you to get on the cart. Search the cart to jump on and the driver will then take you outside of the camp. Head back to the Shanty Pass entrance and reunite Irene with Ana.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
Guide Made by: Frost Byte38
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