Mining, one of the first skills introduced at Runescape's inception in 2001, is the skill which allows your player to extract ores, rune essence, gems and other helpful resources from rocks located in mines throughout Runescape, most of which will be marked with a pickaxe icon on your map. Extracted ores can be smelted into bars and then using the Smithing skill, can be used to create weapons, armor and other helpful items.

A player gains Mining experience by extracting these ores from their rocks, and as a player's Mining level increases, this allows them to wield better pickaxes, and mine increasingly difficult ores (such as adamantite and runite) that sell for large amounts of coins on the Grand Exchange. This makes Mining a great money-making skill for those who have the patience and persistence to reach those higher levels!


The Mining skill is an extremely easy skill to pick up, and very little is needed to get started. The basics to the Mining skill will be covered in the following sections below:


A pickaxe is critical for Mining because without it you can't mine! Depending on the player's Mining level, this affects the type of pickaxe they can mine with, with the higher leveled pickaxes being more effective at mining as well as a weapon in their own right. Pickaxes can be bought at Mining shops that are indicated with a golden pickaxe, bought at the Grand Exchange or built through the Smithing skill, which requires the Perils of Ice Mountain quest to be completed.

In addition, all pickaxes (excluding the Dwarven Army Axe and Inferno Adze) up to Dragon can be placed onto the toolbelt, saving you another inventory space when mining. Do note though, that once a pickaxe is on your toolbelt, there is no way to get it back.

Pickaxe Mining Level Required Attack Level Required
(To Wield)

Dwarven Army Axe
1 1

Bronze Pickaxe
1 1

Iron Pickaxe
1 10

Steel Pickaxe
6 20

Mithril Pickaxe
21 30

Adamant Pickaxe
31 40

Sacred Clay Pickaxe
50 1

Rune Pickaxe
41 50

Inferno Adze**
41 1

Dragon Pickaxe
61 60

Crystal Pickaxe***
71 70

Imcando Pickaxe****
81 60

* The Sacred Clay pickaxe doubles the Mining xp you receive from ores, and is only obtainable as a reward from the minigame Stealing Creation.

** Lighting all 14 beacons from the All Fired Up miniquest, 92 Firemaking, 61 Woodcutting and 41 Mining are requirements to wield the Inferno Adze.

*** With a Dragon Pickaxe in your toolbelt or inventory along with 4,000 Harmony dust, talk to Lady Ithell to obtain.

**** You must have complete Birthright of the Dwarves to collect all four pieces of the pickaxe (Shaft, Head, Base & Ornament) and combine them with a Gilded dragon pickaxe. Take these items to Thurgo with 1 million GP and a Redberry pie for him to complete the pickaxe.

How to Mine

Once players have a pickaxe, its time to mine! Head over to the mining site of your choosing, taking into consideration the ores that are available as well as the mining site's distance from a bank. Once you find the ore/s that you have the required level to mine, all a player needs to do is simply left-click on the rock and your player will begin an animation in an attempt to extract the ore from the rock. Once the ore is extracted, the vein in the rock will disappear, and the ore will respawn again after a set respawn time. By hovering your cursor over the rock itself or by simply checking the rock's vein colour, you will be able to identify which ore is present in the rock.

The obtained ores can then be used in a variety of skills, or sold for a profit on the Grand Exchange.

Rocks containing adamantite ore, easily identified by hovering your cursor over the rock itself.

List of Ores + Other Mineable Items

There are many different types of extractable ores throughout Gielinor, with each one requiring a specific Mining level in order to mine it. Experience is given by successfully extracting an ore from its rock, with the higher leveled ores giving higher experience per ore extracted. The speed at which you mine ores is determined by your Mining level as well as the pickaxe you are using.

Ore Mining Level Required XP Gained Extra Notes F2P/P2P

1 5 Used in Crafting, can be made into soft clay using a water source.

Rune essence
1 5 Used in Runecrafting, Rune Mysteries quest must be completed.

1 17.5 Used to make bronze bars for Smithing.

1 17.5 Used to make bronze bars for Smithing.

10 26.5 Used in the Construction skill, involved in several quests.

10 17.5 Used in The Knight's Sword quest, needed to create blurite bars.

15 35 Used make iron or steel bars for Smithing.

20 0 Can be made into elemental equipment, can be mined during and after the Elemental Workshop I quest.

20 17.5 Can only be mined from the Meiyerditch mines in order to get out of it.

20 40 Used in the Crafting skill.

Pure essence
30 5 Used in Runecrafting to make runes.

30 50 Used in the Smithing skill, utilised in making bars from steel to rune.

35 30, 40, 50 or 60 Appears as a 1,2,5 or 10kg block in your inventory. Can be mined at the Quarry south of the Bandit Camp.

Gem Rock
40 65 Gives a gem ranging from opal to diamond.

40 65 Used in the Crafting skill.

"Perfect" gold ore
40 - Used in the Family Crest quest.

45 50, 60 or 75 Can be mined at the Quarry south of the Bandit Camp in the desert, a great ore for "power mining".

46 17.5 Can be mined inside the Witchaven dungeon, used in the Kennith's Concerns quest.

55 80 Used in the Smithing skill to make Mithril bars.

70 95 Used in the Smithing skill to make Adamant bars.

Living minerals
73 25 Can be mined in the Living Rock Caverns, used as bait to fish for Rocktail.

Bane ore
77 90 Can only be mined after the Ritual of the Mahjarrat quest. Used to create bane bolts/bane arrow heads.

Concentrated coal rocks
77 50 Can be mined in the Living Rock Caverns. Concentrated coal rocks give multiple ores per rock, making them good experience.

Harmonised coal
77 50 Harmonised coal rocks will spawn in the Trahaearn section of the elf city whilst it's under the influence of the Voice of Seren, these rocks act in a similair matter to Living Rock Cavern mining rocks.

Concentrated gold rocks
80 65 Can be mined in the Living Rock Caverns. Give multiple ores per rock, making them good experience

Red sandstone
81 70 Used as an ingredient to make potion flasks, a maximum of 50 red sandstone can be mined per day.

Harmonised mithril
84 80 Harmonised mithril rocks will spawn in the Trahaearn section of the elf city whilst it's under the influence of the Voice of Seren, these rocks act in a similair matter to Living Rock Cavern mining rocks.

Seren stones
89 150 or 180 Can be mined in the Prifddinas, mining the stones will sometimes yield the player stackable corrupted ore

Harmonised adamantite
89 95 Harmonised adamantite rocks will spawn in the Trahaearn section of the elf city whilst it's under the influence of the Voice of Seren, these rocks act in a similair matter to Living Rock Cavern mining rocks.

Harmonised runite
95 125 Harmonised runite rocks will spawn in the Trahaearn section of the elf city whilst it's under the influence of the Voice of Seren, these rocks act in a similair matter to Living Rock Cavern mining rocks.

Useful Mining Sites (F2P)

There are plenty of mines located throughout Runescape, with certain ones being preferred over others due to certain factors, such as the ores available and the mine's distance from a bank. For F2P players, here are a few you can take advantage of:

Site Location Ores Available
Lumbridge Swamp, south-east of the Lumbridge Castle 5 Copper, 5 Tin
South-east of Varrock 9 Copper, 6 Tin, 4 Iron/td>
South-west of Varrock 3 Iron, 3 Silver, 8 Tin, 3 Clay
Barbarian Village 4 Coal, 5 Tin
North-west of the Duel Arena 3 Coal, 5 Silver, 2 Mithril, 9 Iron, 2 Adamantite, 3 Copper, 2 Gold, 1 Tin
South-west corner of the Lumbridge swamp. 2 Adamantite, 5 Mithril, 7 Coal
North-east of Rimmington. 37 Coal, 5 Mithril
Enter through the ladders in East Falador or through the gate in the Dwarven Mine. (With 60 Mining). 2 Gold, 6 Iron, 2 Tin, 2 Clay, 5 Copper
Underneath Falador and Ice Mountain. 5 Clay rocks, 11 Copper rocks, 10 Tin rocks, 9 Iron rocks, 11 Coal rocks, 2 Gold rocks, 2 Mithril rocks, 3 Adamantite rocks
Level 47 Wilderness, north of the Lava Maze. 2 Runite

Useful Mining Sites (P2P)

For members, the table below highlights a few notable mining sites you can take advantage of.

Site Location Ores Available
West of Falador 6 Tin, 2 Copper, 3 Iron, 2 Coal
South-west of the Legends Guild. 13 Coal, 11 Iron
Port Khazard, near the Fight Arena. 9 Iron, 2 Mithril, 4 Clay, 2 Copper, 7 Tin, 1 Coal
Kandarin Monastery, south of the Ardougne Zoo. 4 Coal, 12 Iron
South of the Shantay Pass, must have completed the Tourist Trap quest to enter. 4 Copper, 4 Tin, 4 Coal, 3 Iron
Underneath the Heroes Guild, must have completed the Heroes Quest to enter. 2 Mithril, 2 Adamantite, 11 Coal, 2 Runite
South of the Bandit Camp in the desert. 28 Granite, 32 Sandstone, 4 Clay, 2 Coal
Shilo Village. 7 Gem Rocks (gives gems from opal to diamond).
Underneath the Grand Tree, must have completed the Grand Tree quest to enter. 9 Clay, 8 Iron, 4 Silver, 11 Coal, 4 Gold, 4 Mithril, 3 Adamantite.
Look for the dungeon entrance at the far east side of Keldagrim. Must have completed the King of the Dwarves quest Consists of lava channels that can be mined for varying xp rates.
Living Rock Caverns, climb down the rope next to the crevice in the Dwarven Mines. 4 concentrated gold deposits and 8 concentrated coal deposits.

The Rune Essence Mine

The Rune Essence Mine is the only place where rune essence, a magical rock used to make runes through the Runecrafting skill, can be mined. The only way to access the mine is by speaking to any one of the NPC's listed below, with each one being able to teleport you to the mine directly. Once you arrive, simply head to one of the rune essence rocks which are located in four corners of the mine and use your pickaxe on it. To leave, simply use one of the magical portals that are located near each rune essence rock.

  • Wizard Sedridor - In the Wizard's Tower, south of Draynor Village.
  • Aubury - Varrock Rune Shop
  • Members: Wizard Cromperty - North-east of Ardougne's marketplace
  • Members: Wizard Distentor - Yanille Magic Guild (66 Magic required)
  • Members: Brimstail - Gnome Stronghold, in his cave on the west side

There is also a Pure Essence Mine found in a cave east of Livid Farm on Lunar Isle. The entrance is guarded by Suqah's, however, so being a higher level is strongly advised.

Mining in Daemonheim

While raiding the dungeons of Daemonheim, you are also able to mine your own ores and hence smelt them into bars for Smithing. However, a maximum of 5 ores can be obtained from each rock provided that you don't "crush" the ore, making the ore unusable. The ores found in Daemonheim as well as the experience rates are found in the table below. For further information related to Dungeoneering, check RuneZone's Dungeoneering skill guide here.

Ore Mining Level Required XP Gained F2P/P2P

Novite ore
1 15

Bathus ore
10 27

Marmaros ore
20 41

Kratonite ore
30 56.5

Fractite ore
40 71

Zephyrium ore
50 85

Argonite ore
60 100.5

Katagon ore
70 117

Gorgonite ore
80 131.5

Promethium ore
90 148

Shooting Stars (Distraction & Diversion)

Shooting Stars are one of the many Distractions and Diversions available to Runescape members, and can be found by using a telescope that can be made within a Player Owned House. Shooting Stars comes in different sizes, ranging from Size 1 which requires a Mining level of 10 up to Size 9 which requires a Mining level of 90. They fall from the sky and crash into Gielinor's surface approximately around every 2 hours, with a number of locations they can land at. They can be mined for Mining experience and stardust, which is exchanged with a Star Sprite for a reward.

For more information on Shooting Stars, you can visit RuneZone's Shooting Star guide here.

Extra Features

As your Mining level continues to increase, your player can utilise and unlock some extra features in the Mining skill, such as items that boost your experience gain, mining efficiency and even access exclusive areas such as the Mining Guild. Details are listed below.

The Mining Guild

The Mining Guild, available to both free players and members, is a mine located underneath Falador that requires a Mining level of 60 to enter, 59 with a Dwarven Stout or 58 with a Mature Dwarven Stout. The mine itself contains a whopping 37 coal rocks and 5 mithril rocks, and along with its close proximity to the bank and furnace in Falador, makes it a popular mining site for players wanting to bank their ores or make bars respectively. Members can also use a skills necklace for a direct teleport to the Mining Guild.

In addition, the Mining Guild also contains the entrance to a Dungeoneering resource dungeon available to both free players and members. This requires a Dungeoneering level of 45 to enter and grants 4400 Dungeoneering experience when entered for the first time. The dungeon itself contains 4 adamantite rocks, 8 mithril rocks and 3 runite rocks, making it one of the very few places free players can mine runite ore.

The Mining Guild, with the entrance to the resource dungeon in the background.

Mining Urns

If you're looking for a little extra boost to your experience gains, Mining urns are a good way to go. When you mine ores with one of these urns in your inventory, it will progressively fill up. Once the urn is completely filled, it can be teleported away giving you a set amount of experience as shown in the table below. Mining urns can be made through the Crafting skill, but in order for them to be used, an Earth Rune must be attached to the urn to activate as well as use the urn itself.

Urn Crafting Level Mining XP gained
(When teleported)
F2P/P2P Charged From

Cracked mining urn
1 87.5 Any oress level 1

Fragile mining urn
17 200 Any ores level 20 and under

Mining urn
32 325 Any ores level 40 and under

Strong mining urn
48 400 Any ores level 55 and under

Decorated mining urn
59 625 Any ores level 85 and under

Temporary Boosts

There are a few items that players can utilise to "boost" their Mining levels visibly for a short amount of time. Though the boosted levels will gradually disappear, the boosts provided can give players opportunities such as mining ores just out of their present level range or to even meet a quest requirement. Items that can "boost" a player's Mining level are shown below.

Item Mining Boost Notes

Dwarven Stout
+1 Increases Mining + Smithing levels by 1, but lowers Attack, Strength and Defence levels by 2-7 for a small period of time.

Mature Dwarven Stout
+2 Increases Mining and Smithing levels by 2, however lowers Attack, Strength and Defence by 7 levels.

"Braindeath" Rum
+1 Increases Mining level by 1 and increases Strength by 3, however lowers other stats also.

Spicy stew
Ranges from -6 to +6 Created by mixing Brown spice into a Stew. The boost given is completely random.

Helpful Mining Items

In addition to the "boosting" items listed above, there are several other items associated with Mining that can assist you as well, from effects such as bonus experience per ore to extra gems while Mining. Refer to the table below.

Item Effects

Dwarven army axe
When mining Copper or Tin ores, an additional 3XP will be given per ore mined.

Amulet of glory
Increases the likelihood of receiving gems when mining.

Ring of wealth
Doubles the amount of gems you receive when you mine.

Coal bag
Holds 27 extra pieces of coal. Bought from the Dungeoneering rewards trader for 4000 Dungeoneering tokens.

Sacred clay pickaxe
Obtained through the minigame Stealing Creation, this pickaxe doubles the amount of xp you receive per ore, but degrades after too many uses.

Gem bag
Holds up to 100 gems. (Sapphires, Emeralds, Rubies and Diamonds.)

Quarrymaster aura
Increases the chance of you receiving ore/s from a rock.

Resourceful aura
When mining or woodcutting a resource, you have a 10% chance that it is not depleted.

Golden Mining suit
Obtained from the Liquid Gold Nymph, each piece of this set boosts mining experience by 1%, with all 5 pieces giving a 5% boost to mining experience.

Penance horn/Master horn
The Penance Horn multiplies experience gain by 2 like the Sacred clay pickaxe, however the horn must be charged through the Barbarian Assault minigame.

Varrock armour
The Varrock armour gives a small chance at doubling the ore you receive from a rock.

Gem-finding scrimshaw
The Gem-finding scrimshaw gives you a small chance at receiving high value gems such as diamonds, dragonstones as well as onyx while you mine.

Rock-crushing scrimshaw
The rock-crushing scrimshaw gives a small chance at "crushing" an ore when you mine it, which gives you bonus mining experience.

Imcando pickaxe
When mining ores, there is a 1 in 4 chance that one ore will be incinerated to give you the relevant experience if you were to smelt that ore as an additional experience gain on top of the mining experience.

Summoning Familiars

Through the Summoning skill, you can summon familiars that can give an "invisible" boost to your Mining level. Refer to the table below.

Familiar Summoning Level Mining Boost

Desert Wyrm
18 +1

Void Ravager
34 +1 and a +1 invisible boost

Obsidian Golem
73 +7

Lava Titan
83 +10

Skill Mastery

When you have reached level 99 in the Mining skill, you can purchase the Mining skillcape and hood for 99,000 coins from the dwarf outside the Mining Guild entrance in Falador. The skillcape has a "boost" option that will push your Mining level to 100 for a short time and allow you to perform the Mining skillcape emote. Only members can purchase the cape itself, but free players can still perform the emote if they are wearing the cape.

If Mining was your first skill to reach 99, you will be given an untrimmed Mining cape, but if any of your other skills are at 99, you will be given a Mining cape (t). If you have the untrimmed version of the cape and achieve level 99 in another skill, the cape will become trimmed automatically. The only way to keep an untrimmed cape is to used a Keepsake Box from Solomons General Store.

Mining cape Mining cape (t) Mining master cape

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