Curse of Arrav, The
The icy waste to the north of the troll country is as mysterious as any land in RuneScape, no less because of the interest the Mahjarrat take in it. Ali the Wise thinks that he might have found a way for you to discover more about this strange area to the north. Uncover more of the mysteries of the Mahjarrat and learn about the dark magic that was used to enslave Arrav for these last few millennia.


Skill Requirements:
19 37 Slayer
24 41 Summoning
17 61 Agility
5 64 Ranged
3 64 Strength
15 64 Mining
18 66 Thieving
Quest Requirements:
Shades of Mort'ton (Quest)
Tale of the Muspah, The
Missing My Mummy
Defender of Varrock
Troll Romance
Other Requirements:
Familiar with remote view ability.
Ability to FIGHT Arrav (level 180).
Items Needed: Rune pickaxe, Ring of Life, 3x Dwellberries, Sacred oil (1), Mithril crossbow, Mith grapple, Insulated boots

Items Recommended: Dramen Staff or Lunar Staff, Climbing boots, Desert survival gear, Food and armour, Coin, Games necklace (8), Ring of slaying
Reward: Click to reveal

1. Begin the quest by speaking to Ali the Wise, located in north-west Nardah. The quickest way of reaching Nardah is to use the Fairy Ring code D-L-Q. Otherwise, you can take a magic carpet from Shantay Pass to Pollnivneach, then from Pollivneach to Nardah costing 200 coins per trip.

2. Ask Ali if he has any quests for you, and he will reply yes. You hear of a tunnel located on Trollweis Mountain, and you are asked to investigate.

3. Make your way to Trollheim, either by teleporting (recommended) or by walking (which will require climbing boots). Bring with you your pickaxe, food, armour and be sure to leave 7 free inventory slots.

4. Once there, follow the path round the mountain until you reach a path branching off northwards; follow this path until you reach a cave entrance, as shown on the map below:

5. Once inside the cave, follow the passageway (Watch out for the level 122 Ice Trolls inside the passageway and use protect from melee if necessary) until you come to an exit in the north-west. Exit through the crevice and you should find yourself on top of Trollweiss Mountain. Head east in a straight line and you will come across another cave entrance, which you should enter.

6. Once safely inside, begin to head towards the room in the east. Along the way, there are 4 stone tablets to be picked up, and the rubble will need to be cleared. Some pieces of rubble can be cleared in one blow, but some must be mined from more than one side.

7. Once you have created a clear path for yourself, enter the eastern room. Search the eastern bookcase to find Zemouregal's notes (A-J).

8. Head up the stairs and you will find yourself in a castle. Arrav is located in a room nearby. When you speak to him, he loses control of his mind and attacks you.

9. Arrav is level 180 but only attacks with melee; Following the Evolution of Combat update, the Protect From Melee prayer will only reduce 50% of the damage caused by Arrav's attacks. After you bring Arrav down to 50% of his health, he will regain enough control to speak to you. He tells you to search the flame tapestry in the southern room. He is then called, and teleports away.

10. Enter the room south of you, and search the tapestry on the western wall to recieve a Base key and Base security plans. You are now free to teleport out of the castle and return to Ali the Wise.

The flame tapestry

11. When you show Ali the base security plans, you will see a cutscene of the traps you will face inside the base. You will need a method of transporting Arrav's heart once you have reached it, so you must visit the Pharoah Queen in the temple south of the Ruins of Uzer.

12. You can reach the Pharaoh Queen using the same method as you did during Missing My Mummy. Bring with you a ring of life, three bunches of dwellberries and sacred oil.

13.When you speak to her, the Pharoah Queen will give you a Empty canopic jar which will need to be filled with sacred oil, 3 bunches of dwellberries and a ring of life. The items must be added in that order. Once that is done, return to Ali the Wise with your Full canopic jar.

14. Ali will now recommend a method for entering the base. Be sure to have insulated boots equipped, a mithril grapple, a mithril crossbow or better, a familiar with remote view capabilities, the full canopic jar and the base key.

15. Next you must head to the Castle within Varrock. From here head to the northwest tower. Go to the top of the tower and speak with the Wilderness tracker. The Wilderness Tracker will then take you to Zemourgal's Base within the trap door at the Chaos Altar. NOTE: If Hartwin is not following you when you try enter the trap door, an error message will appear, not allowing you to enter.

16. Once there, enter the trapdoor behind the altar. The passageway inside is full of Armoured Zombies, so be careful; run until you reach the third door which will require the Base key to unlock it. Go through and head east, stopping when you reach a small room with a range inside.

17. Enter the room and crawl through the pipe on the southern wall (make sure you have your insulated boots equipped, as the sewers are charged with electricity and you will take damage without protection).

18. Walk to the end of the sewers and you will reach another pipe, this time next to a Killerwatt in a cage. Attempt to enter this pipe and you will see a message suggesting you let your remote view familiar through first to check the coast is clear.

19. Summon your familiar and interact with it; you will see a cutscene where the Armoured Zombies leave the other side of the pipe. Crawl through and head to the south room. Search the tables and pick the lock on the chest to receive decoder strips, Notes (K-Z) and the code key respectively.

20. Read your pass key and note down the four letter code. Head back north and interact with the keypad next to the big door. You will bring up this interface:

21. Select the first strip by clicking on it, then use the arrow keys in the top right to move it over the first letter in your four letter code. Notice the number showing through the hole in the strip and enter that number using the arrows in the middle of the screen. Click the right arrow in the middle of the screen to move onto the next strip. Repeat this for all the strips and the door will open. Go through it.

22. Use your crossbow to grapple the metal pipe above the traps and cross to the other side. Remove Arrav's heart using your Full canopic jar and teleport out. Return to Ali the Wise for a final time to complete the quest.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
Guide Made by: Jamie
Corrections submitted by: Doctor Shemp, DaDa, Jamie, Dark, Sytze, Celerdon