Within the Light
A new disturbance has been noted in the Temple of Light by Thorgel, the dwarf who unwittingly mined his way to the Death Altar. Luckily, the disturbance is far less threatening than what was faced in Mourning's Ends Part II, but it is still highly curious. Guide Arianwyn to the temple's depths and locate the source of this energy, and you might find an unusual way of harnessing it...


Skill Requirements:
17 69 Agility
10 70 Fletching
5 75 Ranged
9 75 Woodcutting
Quest Requirements:
Mourning's End Pt 2
Other Requirements:
Items Needed: Mourner clothing, Crystal trinket, Chaos rune, New key, Tarnished key, Hatchet

Items Recommended: Good food, Prayer potions
Reward: Click to reveal

Starting Your Journey

Begin the quest by speaking to Arianwyn located in Lletya. He is stood in the building with a quest icon on the minimap. Agree to the help he asks for; he will need a set of Mourner gear, a diversion and you will need to enchant an Elf crystal to teleport you both to the Temple of Light.

If you do not already own a full set of Mourner gear, you must repeat the steps you took to obtain one used in Mourning's End Part II. If you do already own a set, head to Mourner HQ in West Ardougne, taking with you one set of Mourner gear, the Elf crystal obtained from Arianwyn, a weapon and your new and tarnished keys, if you still have them.

Preparing for the Task

Once inside the HQ, head down the trapdoor in the west room. Now is a good time to obtain the second set of Mourner gear; you can lure a level 122 Mourner into a side room and fight it one-on-one:

Pick up the Mourner clothes and head towards the Gnome in the south-east room. If you do not have the new and/or tarnished keys, search the Head Mourner's desk in the north-east room to find them. Speak to the Gnome about Within the Light:

Agree to free him in return for him creating a diversion for you (freeing him is an optional step later on in the quest). Head through the south door and make your way past the Dark Beasts to the Temple of Light. Stop before you reach the entrance, and position yourself out of reach of the Shadows, but close to the Temple, as shown below:

Chant to your crystal (note: your gasmask must be removed to do this), and if you are successful, a cutcsene will occur.

Once the crystal is enchanted, you can return to Arianwyin in Lletya. He will wear your second set of Mourner gear and take the enchanted crystal from you. He will ask if you are ready to leave. You must bring with you: the crystal trinket (ask Arianwyn for another if you have lost yours), your Mourner gear, and preferably some good food and a prayer potion.

The Death Altar

You will arrive at the Temple of Light teleport point with Arianwyn. Run west into the temple and head up the stairs directly ahead (Arianwyn will kill the Shadows in one hit as he follows you, but protect from melee is still advisable due to the amount of Shadows). Run south and take the first stairs to the west. Run north and take the first set of stairs directly ahead, then take the stairs down to the west leading to the light door.

Pass through the door and rotate the mirror so that the light beam is facing towards the entrance to the mysterious ruins (opposite to the direction shown below):

Run west and enter the mysterious ruins, where Thorgal will be waiting for you.

Speak to Thorgal, who tells you to speak with Arianwyn. Do so, then pass back through the door and investigate the energised pillar just outside. Go back through the door and you will tell Arianwyn it reminded you of the crystal trinket. You then pass back outside again and use the crystal trinket on the pillar; there is a bang and a flash of light, but the trinket is not large enough to contain the energy. Go back through the door once again and report to Arianwyn. He tells you that you should be sufficiently large enough to absorb the energy.

Enter the Death altar (Arianwyn will supply you with a Death talisman if you ask) and speak to Thorgal. He will help you up onto the Death altar to be charged.

You will only be charged for a limited amount of time (you will know when you are charged as a circle of light revolves around you), so be quick for this step. Head back out of the altar and out of the ruins. Run to the mirror and rotate it so that the eastern light door is open; run up the north stairs, then all the way east, and then south to the crystal. Touch the crystal and run back down the stairs - if you have time, rotate the mirror to open the western light door. Run and touch the energised pillar; if you were fast enough, you will be teleported to another location, if not, you must try again.

Light & Platform Puzzles

You will see a short cutscene, and find yourself in a room full of what appear to be tree stumps. Search the dead slave to find a colour wheel, a bronze hatchet and a knife and some notes. This step differs from player to player. There will be a beam of blue light being emitted from east wall, which can be reflected around the room using the pillars. Some pillars will need to be repaired using the hatchet and knife.

The object of this puzzle is to use the coloured light beams to activate other light emitters. Other light emitters are coloured corresponding to the colour of beam they emit. You must direct a certain colour of light beam into a certain emitter to activate it: an emitter must be activated by the light beam coloured the same way as the colour opposite to the emitter's colour on your colour wheel. E.g. the yellow emitter is activated by the blue beam. Light beams can be combined to make other colours:

  • Blue and red combine to make make magenta
  • Green and blue combine to make cyan

Once all three beams are activated, they must be combined into a white beam and directed into the black emitter. This will cause a ladder to drop down on the south wall. Climb up it to find yourself in a maze.

There is only one path through the maze, and it is indicated on the minimap. You cannot jump across where there are roots blocking the way. Watch out for the spikes that pop up on the platforms; these will hit you for 10 damage every second you stand on them - time your jumps carefully. Once you reach the end of the maze, there will be a crystal ballista in front of you:

Wait until the moving object on the wall in front of the ballista is in line with you, then fire the ballista. It may be easier to wait until the object is one move to one side of the ballista, to account for the delay when you fire (there are no consequences for missing). When you hit the object, the ground will momentarily shake.

Make your way back through the maze and jump to the ladder leading back to the light beams. Head towards the large entrance that has opened in the west wall. At the end of the corridor, search the dead Elf messenger.

Read the notes you find, then make your way back to the Death altar via the portal. Speak to Thorgal, who tells you that Arianwyn has returned to Lletya.

Finishing the Quest

Return to Lletya to speak with Arianwyn (note: it may be wise to rotate the mirror back so that you can return through the Temple of Light. This is also your final chance to free the Gnome, should you choose to as this is optional, and you can do so by speaking to the Head Mourner back at Mourner HQ about the Gnome).

As you speak to Arianwyn, he realises Prifddinas has reverted to crystal form.

Finish the conversation, where Arianwyn tells you he will send Dwarves to clear the passage to Prifddinas, and quest complete!

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
Guide Made by: Jamie
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