Gertrude's Cat
Gertrude's cat has been missing for some time now - for her piece of mind her prized pet must be rescued. Handling cats isn't an easy business. They get hungry and need plenty of attention but if you're the pet type, then this is the quest for you!


Skill Requirements: None.Quest Requirements: None.Other Requirements:
Level 5 Fishing is helpful to obtain a raw sardine
Items Needed: 100x Coins, Bucket of milk, Raw sardine, Doogle leaves

Items Recommended: None.
Reward: Click to reveal

This guide is suitable for current RuneScape and Old School.


Talk to Getrude, who is in her house Southwest of Varrock, on the route to Barbarian Village.

She will tell you that she has lost her cat, Fluffs and if you agree to help her find it, that the last people to have seen the cat were Shilop and Wilough, who can be found in the centre of Varrock.

Finding the Cat

Go around the back of the house and pick some of the doogle leaves and then head to the centre and talk to either Shilop or Wilough, who will then reveal that the cat followed them to their super secret hideout, however they won't tell you where it is unless you pay them a bribe. Pay them 100gp and they will tell you the hideout is located in the Varrock Lumberyard.

Head towards the Lumberyard and squeeze through the hole in the fence to the side.

Climb up the ladder in the middle to find Fluffs. Try to pick her up and she will hiss at you. Use a bucket of milk on her and then attempt to pick her up again. Use the doogle leaves on the sardine and then give that to Fluffs. Attempt to pick her up again, and she will hiss at you once more. You will then hear kittens meowing in the distance.

Finding the Kittens

Climb down the ladder and search the jiggling crates until you have found the three little kittens.

Take them back to Fluffs and use the kittens on her and she will then run home. Head back to Gertrude and she will reward you with your very own kitten.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
Guide Made by: DaDa
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