Blood Runs Deep
A stranger has washed up on the shores of Lunar Isle, broken and delirious, and Baba Yaga requests your aid in getting him back on his feet. Yet beware the horrors that lurk in his mind, for they could prove to be a very real threat for Fremennik everywhere...


Skill Requirements:
1 75 Attack
3 75 Strength
19 65 Slayer
Quest Requirements:
Dream Mentor
Glorious Memories
Horror From The Deep
Other Requirements:
Easy, Medium and Hard tasks in the Fremennik Achievement Diary.
Good Magic and Ranged levels will be helpful.
Have some good defensive armour, which doesn't limit ranged or magic attacks.
All four elemental spells will be helpful.
Be able to defeat a few Dagannoths (level 88 - 90), Two Dagannoth Sentinels (level 140), and a Dagannoth Mother (level 146).
Perhaps move your POH to Rellekka to make it easier to restock, or have easy access to an enchanted lyre.
Items Needed: Seal of passage, Rope, Food, ~x Prayer potion (4)

Items Recommended: None.
Reward: Click to reveal

Speak to Baba Yaga

Speak to Baba Yaga at her house in North Lunar Isle. Don't forget your Seal of Passage. After a brief conversation concerning the man in the bed, she will invite you to enter the Dream World. (Note: it would be wise to bring combat gear, food and one or two prayer potions for this part).

Upon entering the Dream World, you find yourself in a small circular room. Silas is sitting at a desk, writing. Eavesdrop on him, then search the northern bookcase; you will find a prophecy tablet.

Baba Yaga will then suggest you take a look upstairs. Head up, and you will find an army of Dagannoths, led by the Dagannoth Mother and her servant Silas.

Eavesdrop on the conversation and you will learn that the Dagannoth Mother plans to attack the 'Jah-Nay Islands' (Neitiznot and Jatiszo), and that her forces are already attacking Rellekka. As she has kidnapped their king, 'Misk Island' (Miscellania) will not help them.

You are now ready to leave, but Baba Yaga needs to find a lectern in order to leave the Dream World. Head through the tunnel that you did not enter through and you will see Silas lying on the floor, along with a lectern.

Attempt to talk to Silas then read the lectern; you will discover that it is broken. Baba Yaga will attempt to fix it, however, there are dagannoths on the way and you must hold them back while Baba Yaga works. Protect from Missiles/Melee is advisable for this battle: Baba Yaga will occasionally heal you and give you vengeance, but you will still need high-healing food (Monkfish or better).

Once Baba Yaga is done, she will inform you, and you may leave via the lectern. You will find yourself back in Baba Yaga's house: speak to her. If you are prepared to fight many more dagannoths then agree to try her 'trick', if not; you may go to the nearby bank and re-stock. When ready with combat gear, food, and a prayer potion or two, agree to use her 'trick'. She will confiscate your Seal of Passage and send you back to Rellekka to fight the dagannoth army.

Rellekka Dagannoths

Once at Rellekka, begin attacking the dagganoth army (using protection prayers when appropriate). The dagannoths are level 88 and 90, and attack with range and melee respectively. The dagannoths tend to favour attacking the Rellekka guards, so it would be wise to attack those already attacking a guard.

After killing a large number of dagannoths, Brundt the Chieftain will ask you to join him on his boat (a large yellow arrow will direct you).

Queen Sigrid

Once on the boat, speak to Queen Sigrid who will inform you of King Vargas' disappearance. She speaks of how they were to be married: she presents you with Balmung, a powerful axe, and asks that you save Vargas. Speak to Brundt to be dropped off at Waterbirth, or if you wish to stock up at the bank, Etceteria.

(Note: This next section of the quest will require a lot of food and combat gear; banking at Etceteria is highly recommended.) When you reach Waterbirth, head to the entrance to Waterbirth dungeon where you will find Bardur.

Speak to him and ask him if he has seen anything odd recently. He tells you of a hole that has appeared on south-west Waterbirth, and hands you a rop to investigate. Head to the hole near the snapegrass and hobgoblin and climb down with the rope.

Speaking with King Vargas

Once in the dungeon, speak to King Vargas. He will tell you he has been kidnapped by dagannoths and cannot escape (he will also ask for food, but this is not yet necessary). You cannot go through the south tunnel as it leads to the Dagannoth Mother, and dagannoths are approaching from the top; you must therefore use the only remaining path - through Waterbirth dungeon.

Warning: This step can be very dangerous due to the multi-combat nature of the dungeon, and its high level inhabitants. Food and prayer potions are necessary, as well as some form of weapon to fend off a dagannoth ambush. You must guide a very weak King Vargas through several levels of dungeon whilst Vargas walks at half walking-speed. The route is shown below:

An effective tactic is to walk slightly ahead of Vargas (though not too far, or you will have to go back for him) and take the blows of the monsters, using protection prayers. However, in the second room, you will be ambushed by dagannoths who are more interested in attacking King Vargas and you will not be able to climb the ladder whilst he is under attack. Ice Burst or Ice Barrage can be very useful here, as you will only have the one range dagannoth to worry about if the others cannot reach Vargas. Use food on Vargas to heal him if necessary, and continue through the dungeon. It is worth noting that he will not accept potions such as Saradomin brews.

When you reach the final ladder, Vargas will go up first, and in attempting to get you up he will let rocks fall down, killing you . You appear in the Fremennik Spiritual Realm with all your health and items intact.

Speak with Eir, then with Nial Swiftfling and Asleif Hamalsdotter: Eir will now be ready to speak with you again, and will send you back with the following message:


You will be sent back to the boat, where you will be greated by the party from the quest so far. Vargas and Sigrid will request you marry them: simply perform the ceremony as you see fit.

After the marriage, Prince Brand or Princess Astrid (depending on who you are engaged to) will suggest that you marry. This is entirely optional and will simply add some emotional depth to the storyline should you choose to go along with it. After the wedding(s), speak to Brundt, who will offer you a lift to Waterbirth, or to Etceteria to stock up.

(Note: It would be wise to complete this next stage in two parts, as you are able to bank and stock up after the first battle.) Once ready, head to Waterbirth and enter the dungeon where you found King Vargas. You will be accompanied by a large party, including the Prince and Princess of Miscellania. Head through the southern cave entrance and on into the next room. When you attempt to continue through the next cave entrance, a huge roar will signal the coming of the Dagannoth Kings; the party stays behind to hold them off whilst you go on.

Head through the cave entrance and two Dagannoth Sentinels (level 140) will be guarding the next exit. They must be killed before you can pass. They can both attack with all three combat styles and heal each other; the most effective way of killing them is to stand between them and alternate attacks between them every hit, thus preventing them healing each other. You should wear armour with a good mage defence (D'hide or Karil's) and use protect from missiles to negate the majority of the damage.

Once they are defeated, you will not have to kill them again, therefore this would be a good point to re-stock for the final battle with the Dagannoth Mother (level 146). When ready, continue on through the cave. Dagannoth Guardians patrol the next section of tunnels but they only use Ranged and Melee and are fairly inaccurate.

Fighting the mother

Take the first path to your east and continue until you see an obstacle to the south. Climb over it, then go west and take the first south path; then east again to reach a tunnel entrance. Go through, then run south to find another tunnel entrance leading to the Dagannoth Mother. Enter it to find yourself in a room with a pickaxe, plank and tinderbox - do not pick these up yet. You will see the Dagannoth mother patrolling the next cave.

Tips for fighting the Mother: You should bring all types of elemental wave spell (100+ casts), Balmung and a Rune crossbow with broad bolts (around 50 should suffice). Your armour should consist of a mixture of Mage and Ranged bonuses to maximise your defence and damage. Prayer potions and high healing food are also a necessity, and a familiar to carry further supplies could be useful. The Mother behaves much in the same way as the Dagannoth Mother from Horror from the Deep, insofar as the stripe on her back changes colour depending on her weakness:

  • Orange - weak to Melee
  • Green - weak to Ranged
  • White - weak to wind spells
  • Blue - weak to water spells
  • Brown - weak to earth spells
  • Red - weak to fire spells

The Mother will also change her attack style between all three combat styles, her melee hitting into the 1000s being the strongest. However, she will not attempt to melee you if you are out of meleeing distance, so standing back is advised: you will then only have her Ranged and Mage attacks to worry about. Her Maged attack looks like water wave, whilst here Ranged attack shoots spines out of her back - you should attempt to switch prayers according to her attack style.

You must begin the fight by talking to her, and when she attacks, you must hit her with Balmung to cause her stripe to change colour; protect from melee is advised here. Afterwards, run back and continue to switch prayers and attack styles accordingly (the Mother's colour is indicated in the chat box if you cannot see it clearly). Once the Mother's health bar reaches zero, she will collapse and be at your mercy.

Leave the chamber and pick up the pickaxe, plank and tinderbox from the floor. Attempt to collapse the cave entrance to the Mother and you will cause the cave to fall in, killing you. You will again find yourself in the Fremennik Spiritual Realm. Eir will send you back to the party, saying that you will not see her again until you come to the realm for good.

You return to the cave to find the Prince and Princess of Miscellania dead; slain by the Dagannoth Kings. If you married, you have the opportunity here to shout at Baba Yaga to the point you attack her, but she simply teleports away. When you attempt to climb the rope and leave the cave, Brundt shouts down that everyone must retreat to his boat to escape the dagannoths above.

When you arrive back at Miscellania and Etceteria, you will see a brief cutscene in which you give the Prince and Princess a traditional send off.

You and Brundt then leave for Rellekka, where you complete the quest. Speak to Brundt for your reward.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
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