Temple of Ikov
Feel the power of Armadyl first-hand as you decide your own fate.


Skill Requirements:
5 40 Ranged
18 42 Thieving
Quest Requirements: None.Other Requirements:
Items Needed: Tinderbox, Yew bow or better, Knife (or slashing weapon), 20 Limpwurt roots, Lightsource

Items Recommended: Armour, Food
Reward: Click to reveal

This guide is suitable for current RuneScape and Old School.


Speak to Lucien who is found in his house north of Ardougne Castle.

Continue through the conversation with him - and he will give you a Pendant of Lucien.

Now, you must go the temple. It is found Southeast of the Range Guild, and East of the Fishing Guild.

For this trip, make sure you have...

  • The Pendant of Lucien (Never take it off!)
  • Your light source
  • Tinderbox
  • Weight reducing items/not to much items. You can max weigh 7.5 KG when you leave the bank.

Climb down the Ladder and follow the path west to a set of stairs. Go down those stairs and you will be in a room. In the far corner, slash the web with your weapon and take the Boots of Lightness. Put these on.

Head back up the stairs and go through the north gate that you passed by before. Cross the bridge to the northwest and make sure your weight is less than 0 KG. If it is not, then you will fall and take 20 Damage.

When you cross the bridge, enter the room and grab the lever. Cross the bridge again and go through the gate again. In the first room on the southeast wall, you will see a Lever Bracket. Use the lever on it, and pull it.

The Fire Warrior

Now, you want to bank. Bring some armor, food, and 20 limpwurt roots. Your weight does not matter at this point. Continue to wear your Pendant of Lucien and proceed back to the Temple.

After you have everything you need, head back to the temple and follow the tunnel west. Go past the south gate and follow the path until it gets snowy. Once here, you will find several smaller inlets that have chests in them. Search each one for Ice Arrows. You will need to world hop to get all the arrows you need. It is suggested that you get around 10. Around the chests there are level 60 Ice Spiders. Be careful!

Head back through the path, through the gate and then back through the gate to the north. Now head northeast until you find a lever on the wall. Inspect it for Traps, then pull it down. Now head west and open the door at the end. You'll find another door inside of this room, but when you try and open it you'll find the Fire Warrior of Leskarus. His level will be according to your combat level.

Once you defeat him using the Ice Arrows, go north. Talk to Winelda and give her the 20 Limpwurt Roots. She will teleport you across the river.

After that, follow the path all the way to the end and pick up the Shiny Key.

Head back along the path and push the wall leading into the large room that you passed before. You'll be in a room with many level 43 Guardians, and now you need to decide as to which side you'll join.

Siding with Lucien

Go into the northwest room. You should see the Staff of Armadyl on the table.

Try to take it and kill all the Armadyl Guardians who attack you. Once you have the staff, take it to Lucien who can be found in a house west of the Grand Exchange. The easiest way to get there is from Edgeville.

Siding with the Guardians

Guardians' side: Remove your pendant and speak to a Guardian. Tell him that you're looking for the Staff of Armadyl, and that you'll get a grand reward for it. Tell him that it's time for your yearly bath and that you'll help. He will give you an Armadyl Pendant, that you should wear. After this, go to Lucien's house (from the route above). Attack the level 14 Lucien while wearing the Armadyl Pendant.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
Guide Made by: Frost Byte38
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