Blood Pact, The
Dire deeds are afoot in Lumbridge Graveyard. A tomb lies defiled and rumours of baleful cults and profane rituals are whispered throughout the town.

The veteran adventurer Xenia has come in search of talented heroes to accompany her into the depths of Lumbridge Catacombs. Together, you will uncover a plot to awaken a slumbering evil. Can you save the citizens of Lumbridge from a fate worse than death?


Skill Requirements: None.Quest Requirements: None.Other Requirements:
Items Needed: None.

Items Recommended: Armour, weapons and food recommended if low level
Reward: Click to reveal


The Rescue

Talk to Xenia in the Lumbridge graveyard. She needs your help rescuing a girl kidnapped by three Zamorak worshippers.

Enter the Catacombs next to Xenia. A cut-scene will follow with the Zamorak followers leading Ilona into the catacombs. Head into the northern chamber and another cut scene will play. Kayle injures Xenia and you return to the previous room.

Xenia will tell you to attack the cultist in the northern room. If you are injured at any time during the remainder of the quest, talk to Xenia and she will heal you.


Defeat Kayle in combat. Xenia recommends you use melee, but you are able to use any form you wish. Talk to him once defeated to either kill him or let him leave with his life. You will gain Kayle's shortbow and some bronze arrows for defeating him.


Head into the next room to the west to face Caitlin. Caitlin uses magic, so it is suggested that you use Kayle's shortbow, but you can attack her with mage if you wish.

Operate the winch in the south-eastern part of the room to lower the gates. Talk to Caitlin to receive Caitlin's staff and some runes. Head down the stairs to the floor below. You can receive information from Xenia if you wish, but it is unnecessary.


Open the Tomb door to the south of the lower floor and fight Reese. Reese uses melee, so it is recommended to use magic, but again, any form of combat can be used. You will receive Reese's sword for defeating him.

Untie Ilona to be led out of the catacombs. Talk with Ilona and Xenia to complete the quest.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
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