Rimmington is a small, quiet town located south of Falador. Rimmington is home to a few civilians, who are very important people in questing and adventuring, mainly in Free-to-play content. It has many resourceful features, such as the mine, yet lacks a bank; hence why the town is quiet. It's most popular use for members would be the Player-owned-house portal, which can be used to train the Construction skill and host parties.

How To Get There

There are many ways in which you can travel to Rimmington. It is possible to walk there from Lumbridge, with some possible assistance from your map, however there are many quicker, and more efficient ways of getting there swiftly:

  • One of the fastest ways to get to Rimmington is to have your player-owned-house set at Rimmington, with your house teleport settings set at arrive outside of portal, and using a house teleport spell or tablet.
  • Another quick way of getting there is to teleport to the Port Sarim Lodestone, and running west.
  • A slower, but still a efficient way of getting there is to teleport via a Clan Vexillum, and run south.


There are many features at hand to you that Rimmington offers:

Rimmington Town Centre

General Store

Here you can buy the basic essentials to play the game, such as tools, maps etc.

Brian's Archery Supplies

Here you can buy range-related items; arrows,. These items are recommended for low-level players

Rommick's Crafty Supplies

Here you can buy crafting supplies such as moulds and tools.

Additional Features

Additionally, you will find the Quest start point for Song From the Depths, a well to gather water, as well as a range for all of your cooking needs. Just east of the town is a grain field, and just to the south are a few willow trees. A building of note is just to the west, the Chemist's house. Members can distill oil in this building to use on lanterns and the Chemist's house is also used in a few quests.

Rimmington Mine

The Rimmington mine is an excellent mine for Free to Play players who don't mind a bit of a walk to a bank. This mine contains 2 gold rocks, 6 iron rocks, 2 tin rocks, 2 clay rocks, and 5 copper rocks. Additionally, if you click on the spade sticking up from the ground in the mine's centre, you will put the spade in your inventory. The nearest banks are Draynor and Falador, so those who can teleport using either the Ring of Exploring or a Falador Teleport are advised to do so.

Melzar's Maze

Melzar's maze is one of the locations of a map piece for the quest Dragon Slayer. You are tasked with retrieving a key from the maze, and must go through killing several types of creatures before fighting Melzar the Mad. Directly East of the front entrance of the maze is a small farm with cabbages and onions.

White Knight Camp

The White Knight Camp is located outside of the Grotworm Lair, between Rimmington and Port Sarim. Several unnamed White Knights can be found in the camp, led by Sir Rebrum. There are very few Knights in the camp; the bodies of the rest can be found on the first level of the Grotworm Lair. There is a small Summoning obelisk for recharging Summoning points located in the camp, directly by the entrance to the Lair. You can teleport here once a day with Remora's necklace after the Song from the Depths quest.

Yew Trees

Rimmington is home to a fantastic Yew Tree spot, housing 4 yews! Because of its distance from a bank, the spot rarely has more than one person. It is advised to either burn or fletch the logs at the spot, as running to the bank and back could get tedious.

Notable NPC's

  • Lucille - In her home on the western side of Rimminington Town Center.
  • The Chemist - His home is used in several quests, such as Regicide.
  • The Custom's Sarjeant - Important to the quest Rocking Out acts as a teleport to the island.
  • Skippy - The start point for the Mogre Killer miniquest.

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