Continuing the Plague City series, the Regicide Quest takes you beyond the 'Well of Voyage' to a new realm.

King Lathas will employ you once again, this time for the grim task of deposing his brother.

Once you have traveled to the realm you will find yourself surrounded by new and strange plants, animals and even a new race.

Once there, you will see that everything is not as serene as it first appears.


Skill Requirements:
17 56 Agility
Quest Requirements:
Underground Pass
Other Requirements:
Items Needed: Pestle and mortar, Gloves, 4 Balls of wool, Limestone block, Tinderbox, Bow and arrows, 2x Rope, Pot

Items Recommended: Hatchet, Food, 7000x Coins, 2 Anti poison potions
Reward: Click to reveal

This guide is suitable for current RuneScape and Old School.


After the completion of Underground Pass, a messenger will approach you at a random time, and give you the King's Message, starting you on the Regicide quest.

Go and speak to King Lathas in Ardougne Castle. Make sure you do this first, or you may have to repeat the entire Underground pass. He will instruct you to go through the underground pass and find the mages he has sent to fix the Well of Voyage.

Bring the necessary equipment to get through the pass (multiple ropes, spade, bow, arrows, food) and enter via the cave in West Ardougne.

  1. Run accross the swamp (don't click "cross swamp"). Talk to Koftik to get some rags, and use them on your arrows. Use the arrows with the fire to get flame arrows. Stand in the area to the North, and shoot the rope on the bridge.
  2. Once over the bridge, grab a plank from the room to the north, and continue along the passage. Use a rope with the rock to walk accross. If you fail you will lose your rope and must climb up and repeat it.
  3. Climb over the 2 rockslides, and attempt to run across it. This requires trial and error, as the path is random, but specific for each person. If you wrote it down from Underground Pass, use that path. Open the portcullis with the lever.
  4. DO NOT RUN STRAIGHT DOWN THE CORRIDOR, there are traps on the wall. If you have a high enough Thieving, you can try to disable them, if not, run through them.
  5. Restore prayer at the altar if you've been using it for Rapid Heal/Renewal, then climb down the well.
  6. Enter the cell and dig the mud with your spade. Walk down the corridor and across the small path. If you have 50 thieving, picklock the door, else run across the paths. The door is recommended.
  7. Keep moving down the corridor, and crawl through the pipe. Open the door, then run down the tunnel until you pass some Paladins. When you come accross two flat rocks either side of a pillar, use your plank on them to cross safely.
  8. Go through the door into the main chamber. The path with the least jumps is on the Western side, and is about a quarter of the way down. Jump across the paths to the temple at the centre, and enter. If you fall, climb up the doors to the south and north-west.

Once inside, speak to Koftic who will give you spare food which comes in helpful after crossing the pass. Climb down the well of voyage.

Walk along the tunnel and exit the pass, out into the elflands.

Entering Isafar

You will promptly be approached by Idris, an elf, but he will be shot down by two others before he can talk to you. The two other elves will tell you to report to Lord Iorwerth, before disappearing back into the forest.

Take the south-west path from your current position (marked with the dungeon/summoning symbol on the map above). Keep moving south-west. When you come to traps, click on them to attempt to avoid.

Once you've passed the stick trap under the word 'Isafdar' on the map above, start heading north. Cross the leaf trap, then go across the log to the Elf Camp, and speak to Lord Iorwerth.

Helping Iowerth

Tell Iowerth that you were sent by King Lathas, and he will send you to find his tracker in southern Tirannwn. Walk back along the path you came, but keep going south instead of across the leaf trap. You should come to an abandoned camp, with the elf tracker standing near.

The elf tracker will refuse to believe you come from Iorwerth, so you must go back to him to provide proof. Iorwerth will give you a crystal pendant. Put it on, and go back to the tracker.

The tracker asks for your help in searching for the Tyras camp. Check the footprints to the west, and attempt to cross through the dense forest, which you can't see a way of doing. Talk to the Elf tracker to learn how, and cross through (you can now go through dense forest everywhere).

Upon exiting on the other side, you will be attacked by a level 110 Tyras guard who has high defence and hitpoints. Kill him however you please.

Continue on to the Tyras camp, and speak to General Hining. When done, take a barrel. It's best to use Port Tyras to go to a bank and replenish your food/antipoisons and bank redundant supplies, and to unlock the charter system to that location for future use. From now on during the quest, you can get back to Isafdar quickly by emptying an ectophial (obtained from Ghosts Ahoy), stocking up in Port Phasmatys bank if needed and then chartering a boat to Tyras Camp, only 800gp with an activated ring of charos.

Blowing up Tyras Camp

Return to Iorwerth. On the way, fill the barrel with tar from the Poison Waste south of the tracker, and break off a lump of sulphur (make sure you are wearing gloves when you do this to avoid damage). Now is also a good time to kill and cook a rabbit for later in the quest. Iowerth will give you a book on explosives, and tell you to blow up King Tyras' tent. Grab a pot from the tent next to him, and teleport or travel to a bank.

Take your 4 balls of wool to the Loom in Falador, and spin them into a strip of cloth. Withdraw 10 coal from your bank, and take them, along with the barrel of coal-tar, the chunk of sulphur and the book on explosived to the chemist's house in Rimmington.

Talk to the chemist about making explosives, and he advises the use of the fractionalizing still. Go outside, and operate the still. A menu will pop up. Follow the below instructions to fractionalise the coal-tar.

  1. Turn the Tar Regulator right (click on the right-hand-side) twice, so the tar is flowing at maximum.
  2. When the pressure dial reaches green, turn the Pressure valve left once, to lock the pressure in place.
  3. Now, piece by piece, add coal to raise the heat. If the heat is in the green region, leave it. When it drops below, add another coal.
  4. When the green bar reaches full, you have finished. Close the window to get the barrel of naptha.

Go to a furnace (Falador is nearest) and use a block (not brick) of limestone on it to get a pot of quicklime. Make sure you're wearing gloves, else you'll be dealt damage. Grind the quicklime with a pestle and mortar while you have a pot in your inventory to get a pot of quicklime.

Add the pot of quicklime to the barrel of naptha, and then add ground sulphur (use the chunk of sulphur with a pestle and mortar) to get a barrel bomb. Use the strip of cloth with it to add a fuse.

Return to Tyras Camp (charter boat is useful here), making sure you bring a tinderbox. Go to the area with the catapult, and use the cooked rabbit on the catapult guard to occupy him. Now, use the barrel bomb on the catapult to load it up and fire it.

The bomb explodes, destroying the tent, leaving the charred corpse of (presumably) King Tyras. Return to Lord Iorwerth, who will give you a letter to take to King Lathas, and give you access to the Arandar Overpass. Take the overpass, or teleport to Ardougne, and head to the castle.

Returning to Lathas

As you arrive at the castle, you will be stopped by Arianwyn, the leader of the rebel elves, who will explain that you've been tricked into helping the wrong side the whole time, and that Lathas is evil. Reading the letter confirms this.

You are told to go to King Lathas for your reward anyway, to see what he has to say. Walk upstairs, and talk to him.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
Guide Made by: Deathslayer
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