Quiet Before The Swarm
The Void Knights fight tirelessly to contain the pest invasion and protect us all from a threat that could destroy all of RuneScape, but rumours of pest sightings on the mainland have reached the ears of the Temple Knights. Has a pest managed to slip past the Void Knights' defences?


Skill Requirements:
3 42 Strength
1 35 Attack
Quest Requirements:
Imp Catcher
Other Requirements:
Participate in one game of Pest Control.
Items Needed: None.

Items Recommended: None.
Reward: Click to reveal


Speak to Sir Tiffy Cashien in Falador Park about the Void Knights. He will ask you to investigate a possible pest escape from the island.

Travel to the Void Knight Outpost from the boat in Port Sarim, and confront Commodore Matthias with the prospect of there being pests on the mainland. He will not believe the concept, and will ask you to talk to Captain Tyr about it.

Captain Tyr will ask you to investigate by questioning the 9 people in that corner of the island. These 9 people are Knight Mikhal, Jessika, Mariah, Squire Sam, Knight Bernard, Knight Diana, Knight Ami, Terry Gord and Mrs Gord. Ask each of them every question you can, and you will learn some minor grudges about the various other people, and a few suspicions, but nothing major. Talk to Tyr again once done.

He will tell you to accuse someone of a crime, and try and judge their guilt by their reaction. Speak to Jessika, and accuse her of smuggling a pest off the island, which she will deny weakly. Talk to Tyr again and you will be taken inside the Commodore's office where Jes is accused of her crimes.

Jessika's Mind

In order to prove her guilty, you will need to enter her mind via a potion and find out the right information. You will be given a drink of the potion and taken into Jessika's mind. Here you will find a slide puzzle to unblock her memories.

The place each block goes is easily visible due to the border around the edges. If you're having trouble getting them in place, arrange the bottom row first, then reajust the top 2 rows so you can move them all around and into place. The middle one falls into place once you're done. The completed puzzle looks like this:

Once done, you'll return to the real world and alert the Void Knights that it was infact Jessika that released the pest. They will arrange for a group of knights to travel to the mainland in search of the pests, and you will be sent ahead to speak to Sir Tiffy Cashien.

Go to Falador and speak to Sir Tiffy. He will teleport you and himself to meet the Void Knights at the docks, only to find Korasi the only one there. After it becomes apparent she cannot remember anything, Tiffy will contact the Temple Knights and teleport her away.

You will be transported back to the park. Bank all your items and talk to Sir Tiffy once more, asking to be taken to the Temple Knights HQ. You will be teleported into a room with Sir Tiffy and Korasi.

Speak to Korasi to come to the conclusion that you should enter her mind with the potion to find out what happened. She will give you the remains of what was left from earlier, and you will be transported there. You will find yourself next to a tollgate and a bridge, with 3 void knights.

Korasi's Mind

The objective of this is to get yourself and all 3 knights across without collapsing the bridge. Each person weighs a different value, and 2 must cross at one time, with the heaviest value being deducted from the bridges strength of 15. The crossers must also wield the sword in order to pass. To send people across, simply talk to the toll booth. The only working pattern for this is:

  • Walk across with Bernard
  • Send Bernard back
  • Send Ami and Diana accross
  • Walk back yourself
  • Cross with yourself and Bernard

Once done, you will be transported to another area with an ethereal version of the ship they traveled on. You must work out where the 5 void knights were at the time Korasi loses her memory. Each person has a segment of information which can be used to work out what each person saw, was thinking, and where they were at the time. Talk to each person and assign the following:

Knight Location Thought Saw
Matthias Helm Jessika Clouds
Bernard Crows Nest Lunch Seaweed
Ami Rigging Sister Shark
Korasi Hold Promotion Pest
Diana Deck Fight Seagull

After completing this, you'll be placed in the mind and body of Korasi at the time. A torcher will appear and attack you. Kill it and move upstairs, where you will find a wave of pests attacking the boat.

As you kill the Shifter that attacks you, the others will kill the remainder of the crew. You will run upstairs to the helm of the ship, where the Commodore is under attack from a mysterious figure. Just as he is killed, he will teleport you away with his last energy.

Back in your own body, talk to Korasi and explain to Sir Tiffy what you found out. He will send you to go and talk to Captain (now Commodore) Tyr to inform him of what's occurred. Travel to the Void Outpost and explain what has happened, and despite a raging anger, he will thank you and provide you with a reward for helping.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
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