Love Story
The Wise Old Man of Draynor Village has retired from his long career as an adventurer, following the events of Swan Song. However, the peace of his retirement is about to be shattered when an extremely unpleasant figure emerges from his past to wreak havoc on him (and you). Prepare to join forces with the Wise Old Man to fight, not just for your lives, but for the reputation of adventurers everywhere.


Skill Requirements:
13 67 Crafting
14 68 Smithing
23 68 Construction
7 77 Magic
Quest Requirements:
Swan Song
Recipe For Disaster: Freeing Sir Amik Varze
Other Requirements:
Ability to defeat multiple pit dungeon creatures up to level 204.
Ability to defeat Zenevivia, a level 136 mage.
Items Needed: Chisel, Steel bar, Mithril bar, 2x Oak plank

Items Recommended: Dragonbreath protection, Food, Armour, Weapons
Reward: Click to reveal


Speak to Mabel in the barn West of the Lumbridge/Draynor Windmill. She will ask you to go upstairs to retrieve her ring for her.

Climb up the ladder into a room full of hay bales. You need to move the hay in order to reach the ring on the opposing side of the room. Follow the instructions to reach it:

  • Take one step North, and push the bale of hay to your West, 2 steps West.
  • Push the bales of hay South of you, 2 steps South.
  • Take 1 step East, then move the bales South of you South by 1.
  • Move the hay West of you West by 1.
  • Push the bales to your South 2 steps South.

As you take the ring, you hear explosions from downstairs. Go downstairs to find that a woman called Zenevivia scared Mabel into a sack. After talking to her, you will discover she dislikes adventurers and questers. She will take the ring you retrieved off you, and challenge you and the Wise Old Man to a fight to the death, before teleporting away.

The Wise Old Man

Go to Draynor Village, and talk to the Wise Old Man. He will reveal that Zenevivia was his lover many years ago, but they fell out with each other due to disliking the subjects each excelled in, and ended up having a battle to the death.

After explaining what you were told, to the Wise Old Man, he will tell you that she broke into and stole his Player Owned House, and that is likely where she will be. He will pick up his staff and start following you, so run with him to Rimmington House Portal.

The Wise Old Man will attempt to enter his house to find that she has removed it from the portal network, so you will have to find a way to enter manually. He will give you 100 house teleport tablets and tell you to retrieve a chisel, whether you have one or not. Go into the house with the Range and talk to him.

Chipped Teleport Tablets

He will tell you to chisel open a teleport tablet and edit the spell inside it manually. Use the chisel on the tablet, and open it to bring up a puzzle interface. Place the blocks in the positions shown below, then view the other section and place the blocks in the right places there.

Make sure you have the 2 oak planks, steel bar and mithril bar with you. When ready, break the tablet while standing next to the Wise Old Man, to teleport you to his old house, which has been 'customised' by Zenevivia. Note: If you die in this house, you WILL lose your items as if you died anywhere else, and your gravestone will appear outside.

The House

WARNING: The following part of the quest contains visual effects that may affect players with epilepsy or vertigo. Should you feel uncomfortable during this part of the quest, it is highly recommended that you take a few breaks for your own health.

Tell the Wise Old Man to go into the dungeon first, and he will stumble into a trap before leaving. He will tell you to go into the workshop next to the broken house portal. Make some clockwork with the steel bar, then sit at the clockworkers bench where the Wise Old Man will instruct you to make a magical dummy that can be used to trigger and break the traps.

Use the dummy on the dungeon entrance and you will start controlling it with the Wise Old Man's magic. By walking around the dungeon you can trigger the traps on the floor. The traps are placed as shown below:

When done, exit the stairs at the other end and have the Wise Old Man teleport the dummy to you. Now is a good time to leave and stock up on food and gear. It is advised to bring 1-2 prayer potions, and fill the rest of your inventory with food (monkfish or better), and a one-click teleport. Make sure you bring an antifire shield, a dragonfire shield, or a super antifire potion, else you will sustain heavy damage and likely die while fighting an Iron Dragon in the dungeon. Bringing a normal antifire potion helps if you wish to save your food for the boss fight.

The Fight

Armour with high magic defence is advised, such as dragonhide. Make sure that you have equipment to range Zenevivia, as she teleports to places you cannot reach her with melee. To re-enter the house, simply use a chisel on another teleport tablet and smash it while next to the Wise Old Man. You don't have to do the puzzle again.

When back in the house, go through the dungeon with the Wise Old Man killing each of the creatures as you go - a level 52 Guard Dog, a level 62 Ogre, a level 120 Living Rock Protector, a level 150 Scarabite, a level 172 Black Demon, and finally a level 204 Iron Dragon. Protecting from range while killing the Scarabite and from melee while killing the Black Demon and Iron Dragon is advised to save food.

If you are short on supplies, leave and restock now, as the boss fight will use the vast majority of your food. Talk to Zenevivia, and after a short conversation she will attack you.

Place Protect from Magic/Deflect Magic on, and attack her. When she has lost some life points, she will teleport to a statue pedestal, and place a protection prayer on. If you attempt to melee, she will throw you backwards across the room. She will also place flames underneath you wherever you stand, dealing 30-40 damage in rapid bursts. Make sure you heal constantly, as your health drops rapidly.

When on a statue pedestal, take your range equipment and attack her. Her protection spell will change, leaving her vunerable to attack by the Wise Old Man's magic. Once damaged, she will teleport to the floor, and continue attacking. Further damage will put her on another pedestal, and so on until she is on the floor for the last time, and you can take her lifepoints down.

Once she is defeated, the Wise Old Man will talk to her, and they will make up for their past grudges, to the extent that your character turns his back in embarassment.


The Wise Old Man invites Zenevivia to invade the Wizard's Tower with him to replenish their stock of runes, wasted during combat with each other. Talk to them, and go upstairs to watch the attack through the telescope.

After the attack is thwarted by Traiborn's late arrival with a giant "Thingummywat" to stop the pair, speak to them downstairs and after reassuring you they won't try anything like that again, they will reward you for your help.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
Guide Made by: Deathslayer
Corrections submitted by: Doctor Shemp, Max, Power of Five, Flyte