Long ago during the Third Age, battle was more common than it is now, it was also during this time that Misthalin feared the ever growing power of Lord Drakan in the dark lands of Morytania. Instead of waiting for Drakan to come to the city walls of the great city of Varrock they instead decided to take the battle to Morytania.

Amongst the many soldiers in the armies of Misthalin were six brothers, blessed by a stranger, these brothers became the heroes of the campaign into Morytania, seemingly unbeatable and bringing death to the evil creatures of Lord Drakan. Their blessing soon turned out to not be without a price though, and this price was heavier than anyone expected.
It started with the brothers slowly becoming weaker, easily distracted and seemingly less able to fight. It was not until after another victory that their true downfall came, their wounds swollen and infected, beyond curing of any doctor. That night the brothers all died at the same time, the once great armies of Misthalin could no longer continue and had to return back to their homeland.
Out of respect for the brothers six great burial hills were constructed, one for each brother. Later that night a stranger could be seen standing on the burial mounds, chanting strange words and casting ancient spells. Nowadays stories go around of strange shadows and sounds surrounding the Barrows, the brothers, once mighty warriors for Saradomin, returned from the dead. It is up to the player to defeat these ghostly warriors, and in return gain great riches in the form of enchanted ancient armour.


The Barrows can be found deep in the dark lands of Morytania, they are located to the east of Mort'ton. To get there the player can take various routes, which vary in difficult and length, some of these routes will require a quest to be completed.

  • The easiest way to get to the Barrows requires the completion of The Branches of Darkmeyer. During this quest the player will receive Drakan's Medaillon, which can be used to teleport directly to the Barrows.

  • The second way requires In Search of the Myreque to be completed. The player will have to go down the trapdoor behind the Hair of the Dog Inn in Canifis and walk through the tunnel, they will then reach the Hallows. From here go south across the log balance and walk towards the boat. Take the boat and the player will be at the east side of Mort'ton, cross the bridge towards the east to reach the Barrows.
  • The final way to reach the Barrows is long but has no requirements, the player will have to walk through Mort Myre Swamp and then across the winding path. They will reach Mort'ton, from here walk east across the bridge to reach the Barrows.


The general gameplay of Barrows consists of defeating the six Barrows brothers (7 if the player has Ritual of the Mahjarrat completed). The brothers can all be found in their own chamber, however one of the tombs will always lead towards a complex tunnel system. In the tunnel system the player will encounter various other monsters as well as the brother who the tomb belonged to.

The player does not necesarilly have to kill any brothers at all to be able to loot the rewards chest, however the more brothers they have killed the better reward they will receive.

To start off the player will have to dig into the tomb using the spades found on top of the tombs, they will find themselves in a small room with a sarcophagus, if they search the sarcophagus they will either disturb the sleeping brother or find a tunnel. If they disturb the brother he will immediately attack the player, the player can either defeat the brother or leave the tomb. If they defeat the brother his name will appear on the list of brothers they have defeated. However if they find a tunnel they can choose to enter the tunnel and gain access to the tunnel system below the Barrows, where they can find the rewards chest, or they can choose to first defeat all other brothers as well.

What the player will want to pay attention to in the tombs is the prayer drain effect the tombs all have. If the player is in a tomb every few seconds their prayer will get drained by 10 points, this effect can be slowed down by completing the Hard Morytania tasks.

If the player has entered the tunnels they will notice that they can't see their minimap or anything else then the room they are currently in. The goal of the tunnels is to reach the central room where the rewards chest is present. When the player enters the tunnels they will always find themselves in a corner room (noted 1 on the map below). There is only one door which will lead to the central room, the location of this door is completely random so the player will have to make their way through the maze of tunnels and rooms. Another thing the player will have to note is that not all doors can be opened, if the player reaches a dead end they will have to go back to where they came from and try a different route.

The Brothers

All brothers have their own special effect and thus require a slightly different strategy to be dealt with. Below the brothers will be described as well as the best way to deal with them. If the player uses the recommended gear or a higher tier they should not require any food or potions to stay for extensive times.

Dharok the Wretched

Dharok is a powerful melee using brother, his special effect is that he will hit higher when his lifepoints get lower. It is advised to use Impact ability as soon as possible to bind him, step away and finish him off using magic spells, this allows the player to gain next to no damage.

Verac the Defiled

Verac is another melee user, who can potentially be very dangerous. His special effect gives him a chance of fully negating the player's defence or prayer, which makes it possible for him to hit extremely high and often regardless of the player's preparations. Once again the recommended strategy is to bind him and kill him from a distance.

Ahrim the Blighted

Ahrim will cast powerfull spells to attack the player, due to his special effect he can be a nuisance for melee users as his attacks have a chance of draining the player's strength level by 5. He is also able to cast curse spells which can further decrease the players strength, attack and defence levels. The player can either range or magic to defeat Ahrim rather quickly.

Guthan the Infested

Guthan will use melee attacks to fight the player, he is one of the weakest brothers which is due to his special possibly healing him instead of dealing more damage to the player. The same strategy used for Verac and Dharok can also be used against Guthan to dispose of him quickly.

Karil the Tainted

Karil uses ranged attacks to deal damage, this means he is the only Barrows brother which can't be disposed off with magic attacks. His special attack consists of lowering the player's magic level, if the player uses a good melee weapon such as godswords or higher he should not pose too much of a problem as his special doesn't activate commonly.

Torag the Corrupted

Torag is another melee using brother, his special effect allows him to drain a small amount of adrenaline when it activates. Just like all other melee brothers simply keep him out of melee distance and defeat him with magic attacks.

Akrisae the Doomed

Once the player completes Ritual of the Mahjarrat they will unlock Akrisae, he will share his tomb with Verac. Akrisae is often considered one of the strongest brothers due to his special effect. His special effect consists of him using prayers against the player depending on which style they use, so the player will need to use 2 styles to defeat him. He will also drain the player's prayer points if he successfully hits.


With the right gear and weapons setup Barrows is rather easy and a good way for medium high levels to make some extra money without risking too much. It is advised to bring a staff to use magic and a good melee weapon such as a godsword or higher. For armour the player can bring either 2 different sets such as Subjugation robes and Bandos armour, or they can choose to go with hybrid gear. If the player brings Warpriest armour they will not need to switch armour at all and will rarely get hit, if the player does get hit the regenerate ability should prove enough to heal back to full lifepoints.


Once the player has finally reached the chest they will be able to loot it and gain plenty of rewards from it, the most valued of these are ofcourse the actual barrows armours.


The player can gain all the different types of armour the brothers wear from the chest, the chances of obtaining a piece of armour are increased by wearing a Ring of wealth. If the player obtains a piece of armour it will be in it's degraded form, it can be repaired by Bob in Lumbridge, or by the player using an armour stand in a Player Owned House.

Dharok's Set

Verac's Set

Ahrim's Set

Guthan's Set

Karil's Set

Torag's Set

Akrisae's Set

Other Rewards

Even if the player does not receive a piece of armour Barrows can still be profitable, other rewards are not influenced by the Ring of wealth, however if the player completed the Morytania Elite tasks they will receive double runes from the Barrows chest. The player will always receive a combination of rewards.

  • Coins: The player can gain a small amount of coins from the chest.
  • Runes: The player can gain various amounts of mind, chaos, death and blood runes from the chest.
  • Bolt Racks: These bolt racks are the ammunition used with Karil's equipment.
  • Various Potions: The player can gain potions which can be usefull for the Barrows activity from the chest, these are Super defence potions, Restore potions.
  • Sharks: The player can find sharks in the chest which may allow them to extend their trip.
  • Barrows Totems: These totems are needed to gain access to the Barrows Rise of the Six activity.
  • Rare Drop Table: The player will be able to gain drops from the rare drop table when searching the chest.

Barrows: Rise of the Six

For those players who are higher level and want an additional challenge there is Barrows: Rise of the Six. In this activity the player will have to fight the Barrows Brothers in the shadow realm, they are considerably stronger, the player can only fight these in a group of 4 people. The rewards from this include level 90 shields and malevolent energy, which is used to create level 90 power armour. Barrows: Rise of the Six can be accessed by bringing a Barrows totem and entering the well north-west of the entrance to regular Barrows, only one person per 4 man group will need to pay the totem.

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