Void Dance, A
Commodore Tyr believes that a smaller scouting party will be able to track down the escaped pest without drawing too much attention to itself. Perhaps, this way, there will not be a repeat of what befell the first landing party, but that doesn't necessarily mean there won't be trouble along the way...


Skill Requirements:
22 46 Hunter
23 47 Construction
15 47 Mining
24 48 Summoning
16 49 Herblore
9 52 Woodcutting
18 54 Thieving
Quest Requirements:
Druidic Ritual
Wolf Whistle
Quiet Before The Swarm
Other Requirements:
Must be able to defeat a level 110 Knight without prayer.
Items Needed: 5x Coins, any pickaxe, Spade, Onion, Sextant, Watch, Chart

Items Recommended: 60x Coins, Armour, food and equipment for combat
Reward: Click to reveal

A Missing Pest

Talk to Commadore Tyr in his office at the Void Knight Outpost. You will be asked to aid Captain Korasi and Jessika in an attempt to track down the missing pest that escaped from the island with Jessika's assistance. After accepting, go to the docks and travel to Port Sarim.

Walk over to the main section of the dock, and talk to Korasi and Jessika. After a conversation, they suggest asking around the dock to find out if anybody in the vicinity knows anything about the pest or its whereabouts. Walk north, and talk to one of the three Karamjan sailors, and ask about the pest.

After commenting that they felt ill after their latest voyage, they will direct you to the fishmongers, saying they claimed they saw a strange creature damage their barrels. Go into the fishing shop and talk to the owner inside, and ask him if he's seen any odd animals.

Tracking the Pest

He will take you outside, and show you a large trail of gooey slime that has been left on the ground along the path that the void pest took. You must now trace and follow the path using the same method that you would use to track kebbits in the Hunter skill. Follow the path, and search the surrounding shrubbery and enviroment to locate further sections of the slime trail. The map below shows the trail's path, with the objects you must search marked in red.

Once you have reached the end of the path, you will find the large burrow mound that the pest created for itself, round the back of the Rusty Anchor pub on the northern edge of Port Sarim.

Go back and talk to Korasi, who will suggest talking to the Bartender. Head over to the pub and speak with the owner, who you will find is very tired and drowsy, in a manner oddly similar to that of the Karamjan sailors. He will agree to let you down into his cellar, if you can find the key, which he has lost. Search the heaps of junk lying around the floor until you find the key.

Into the Cellar

Climb down into the cellar, and you will be joined by Korasi and Jessika. She will comment on how a certain section of wall looks decidedly odd. Use a pickaxe to break away at it, and a stream of goo will start to pour from it and across the floor.

Jessika will suggest obtaining an empty barrel from the storage room next door in order to store the flow of goo for analysis. Open the door, and Korasi will give you a whistle, which you can blow to either undo a move in the upcoming puzzle, or get them to help reset it.

The goal of the puzzle is to get the empty barrel in the opposite corner of the room, over and through the beer hatch near the entrance. You can only push one barrel one square at a time, and must be opposite where you want it to go. The way to solve this, is to move all the barrels as you go through the room into such a position that the spaces marked in red on the image below are all clear, so that you may walk and push the barrel along the dark path, while walking behind, moving onto the white path where needed, in order to get the barrel through the hatch.

Once you have it through, run back to the door (or if you blocked it up, reset the puzzle and the empty barrel will remain outside, but you will be left back by the door). Walk back into the main cellar, and the barrel will have been completely filled with the purple goo, and the flow from the wall will have stopped.

Further Pest Tracking

Go upstairs and explain to the bartender what has happened. You can either tell him the truth, or a lie; this is one of many small options in the quest that serve only to differ dialogue and cutscenes, but do not affect gameplay. Once done, return to Korasi and Jessika on the Port Sarim docks. They will suggest tracing where the pest went next, and come to the conclusion that it likely stowed away onboard the ship to Karamja, explaining the sickness of those sailors. Travel to Karamja, and talk to Korasi and Jessika next to the docks.

They will suggest asking around the area to see if anybody has seen or heard of any unusual occurances. Go to the pub, and speak to Zambo, asking if he's seen anything odd. He recommends talking to Kofi the shopkeeper in the General Store. Walk over and speak to him, and he complains he is too ill to do much, but will help if you help by fixing his wall.

Take a plank, log, chisel and hammer from the table in the corner of the room. Use the chisel on the plank, then the log, then use the jointed plank and log together to create a joist. Use this to repair the hole in the wall.

Go back inside, and speak to Kofi. He will hold up to his end of the deal by showing you another slime trail outside the store, just to the North. Use the same method as before to track this trail around Musa Point. Once more, the path is marked in blue below, and the objects you must search marked in red.

When you get to the end, you will be joined by Korasi and Jessika as you find yet another burrow, but this one showing signs of a struggle and resistance.

Analyzing the Goo

Search the hole to find some wood shards, which Jessika will recognise as waxwood, and will suggest you go to the crafting store in Rimmington. Travel there, and speak to the store owner. He will mention that he recently fulfilled a massive order of waterproof waxwood boxes sent somewhere in the region of Falador. Go West into the Chemist's building, and speak to Korasi and Jessika about what you learned. Then, talk to the Chemist to begin analysing the goo sample (you will need 16 free inventory spaces. You can dispose of the hammer and chisel obtained on Karamja, and food is not needed until later).

In order to analyse the sample, you will need to help maintain the equipment in a delicate balance. The temperature and power must be kept at appropriate levels, and you must add the right samples to the system to create a reaction. Upon entering, an interface as shown below will appear. Press 'Start Reaction' when ready to begin.

  • Heat: If "Too low", stoke the furnace to raise it until it is "Ok". If "Too high", vent the furnace to decrease the temperature.
  • Power: If "Too low", turn the flywheel to increase the energy until it reaches "Ok." If it becomes "Too high", apply the flywheel brake to lower the power output.
  • Stability: Using the chart at the side, you must convert your current compound to the one needed when it changes. For example: If you have the brown-red item displayed as current, and you need the blue compound, add the green vial to restore it to normal. If you mix two items together that end in an explosion, you will fail automatically.

The second that the heat or power changes, you must restore it to how it should be, increasing or decreasing it until it is "Ok". You must also attempt to mix the right reaction whenever possible. If you leave something out of balance for too long, the stability will decrease until the whole machine explodes. If this happens, you must start again.

This whole puzzle may take several attempts. Once you have reached 100%, you will be informed that the goo magically drains the energy out of nearby people, and stores it in itself. Shocked at this discovery, it is decided to inform Sir Tiffy what has been discovered. Jessika will teleport you all to Falador (though you have the option to go there your own way if you wish). Once there, speak to Sir Tiffy.

Mysterious Salesman

He will inform you that there is a Kharidian salesman in town selling boxes which nobody can open, which coincides with the mass order of waterproof waxwood boxes. Walk south of the Falador bank, next to the Mining Guild and main path through falador, where you will find Ali Tist. Talk to him, and buy a box.

Attempt to open it, only to find that you can't. Return to the others in Falador Park, and they will all attempt to open it, with no success. Jessika and you will start planning a complex series of mechanisms to open the box - you can choose any options you wish. Korasi will get tired of your scheming, and smash the box open with the pommel of her sword, to reveal more of the goo inside, and that the box was actually a waxwood box covered in oak.

Go back to Ali, but he will refuse to tell you where he got the boxes. Tiffy will send you to Sir Amik Varze to obtain a search warrant. He can be found near the roof of the White Knight's Castle.

Follow the Clues

Go back to Ali, and tell him he can either tell you where he got the boxes or you will search and confiscate his goods. He will choose the former, handing you a clue scroll that he was given, which led to the boxes location. Return to Falador Park, and you will be given a CommOrb to communicate with while searching for the boxes. Read the clue scroll to show a map.

Head to the area West of Falador, just north of the Dark Wizards' Tower, and dig one square east of the hollow tree on the cliffside, as shown below.

Read the next scroll, then head south to the crossroad junction east of the Crafting guild. If you don't have an onion, you can get one from the farming patch outside Melzar's Maze, just south of where you are. Use the onion on the Man, and choose the 'Wave' option to recieve the next scroll.

Read the new scroll, then travel East to the South Falador farm. Search the crate inside the farmhouse on the southern wall, coloured slightly differently to the rest, to recieve the next clue scroll.

After reading the scroll, head North to the Monastery. Stand on the red flower just north of the most north-eastern fountain, and dig with your spade to get the final clue.

You must have a chart, sextant and watch in your inventory for the next stage. These can be obtained from the Observatory if you don't already have them. Run around (either through the wilderness or back south and north along the cliff face) the back of the Black Knights' Fortress, to find a large trapdoor dug into the ground. You will use the CommOrb to call Korasi and Jessika to help you open it.


Now is a good time to stock up on food. Climb down, and you will find yourself in a storage room, full of the waxwood boxes. Korasi will kill the guard standing next to the entrance, and you must find a way through. Send Korasi to attempt to open the door, but she will fail, not knowing the password.

Jessika will summon a void drone, which you must take and place on the pile of boxes next to the doorway, without being seen by the workers (wait for them to pass the middle before running). After doing so, hide behind the boxes while the drone listens to the password, then collect it and run back to Jessika. She will attempt to open the door, but will not succeed due to lacking an identification insignia. Wait for a worker to walk past carrying boxes, and run up behind and pickpocket, then go and knock on the door. Once through, you have the option to kill or knock out the guard - choose whichever you wish.

Go into the next room, and you will find the door at the end locked. Take a tool from the north-western bench, and use it to pry a strip of metal off the south-western bench. Get another tool, and use it to take a hook off the south-eastern bench. Use the metal strip on the hook to make a gaff, which you can use to fish the key off the shelf next to the door.

Black Knight Battle

Before continuing, make sure your prayer is totally drained, and you have a sufficient amount of food. If needed, turn on as many fast draining prayers as possible (rapid renewal, protection prayers/curses, piety, turmoil) and wait for it to run out. If you do not, the boss in the next stage will drain your own prayer to heal himself.

Go through the door, and you will find yourself in a room with the void pest, and two Black Knight Guardians (level 110). Korasi will take care of one, leaving you to fight the other. Despite being level 110, they are a lot more powerful than other things of that level, hitting very hard and accurately. If you didn't drain your prayer before the fight, make the most of what you have left as they will drain it from you regardless of whether you are using it or not.

Once they are defeated, speak to the pest, who you will be able to understand due to your summoning level. You can listen to what he has to say, or skip straight to the option of setting him free on the condition he stays far away from humans, or killing him there. Both options will please either Jessika or Korasi respectively. Once done, Jessika will offer to teleport you back to the Void Knight outpost. Go to the command office, and speak to Commadore Tyr to conclude your findings and finish the quest.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
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