Catherby is a quiet little town on the western side of White Wolf Mountain and to the South-East of Seers Village. It is often referred to as the town of Fishing, due to the long coast with plenty of Fishing spots. There is also a farming allotment, fruit tree patch, herb patch and a flower patch. It is possible to teleport here upon completion of the Lunar Diplomacy Quest at level 87 Magic & with the Lunar Spellbook active, or by activating the Lodestone nearby.

Map of Catherby

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How to get here

  1. Teleport with Lunar magic
  2. Teleport to Camelot with the Standard spellbook and run South-East
  3. Run over the top of White Wolf Mountain from Taverley
  4. Run through the tunnel under White Wolf Mountain (requires Fishing Contest quest.)
  5. Use the charter ship service from a different port.
  6. Activate the Catherby Lodestone for unlimited teleports to Catherby.

Things to do

In Catherby, there are several skills that you can train and numerous things to do.


One can find several species of fish along the coast. There are shrimp, anchovies, mackerel, cod, tuna, lobster, bass, swordfish and shark fishing spots to keep anglers content. Fishing is very popular at Catherby due to the close bank and range.


One can cook their fish and various other raw food on the range, which is in a building adjacent to the bank.


This is a common stop for regular farmers, as it is easily accessible and near to a bank. Players casting the high alchemy magic spell often do so here, as they can keep an eye on their crops easily.


There is a small collection of willow trees for the low levelled lumberjack and Yew trees near them for more profitable logs.

Arhein's Boat

Arhein is a friendly man who operates a local general store single-handedly. He also offers to sell you 40 pineapples and 80 seaweed for 2gp each, each day. You can also use his boat to sail to Keep Le Faye. However, to do this you must hide in the crate behind the shop which sells candles.


There are a fair number of shops around Catherby.

Fishing Shop

A bloke by the name of Harry will buy your raw fish, and you can buy fishing supplies off him too.

7. Farming Shop

To the east of the farming patch, you can find a woman named Vanessa who will gladly sell you farming equipment.

Ranging Shop

A couple of buildings east of the bank, there will be a ranging shop. The owner of this shop is called Hickton, and also sells the Fletching cape of Accomplishment for the amount of 99,000gp to those who have 99 Fletching.

Arhein's General Store

Arhein is the owner of the general store, he will sell you general items as well as daily pineapples and seaweed.

Candle Shop

The owner of the candle shop will be happy to sell you black and white candles for a small number of gp.

Other things to do

There are also other things that you can find in Catherby.

Insect Repellent

In a house to the north of the bank, you can find some insect repellent which you can use on the beehives near the yew trees. This results in your character receiving honeycomb which is used to infuse Honey Badger pouches

Water Orb Charging

There's an island to the south of the shore of Catherby, here you can charge water orbs but to reach here you must travel deep into Taverly dungeon. You can use a mithril grapple and crossbow and grapple across the tree from the obelisk to the shore of Catherby.

Charter ships

As with many locations by an expanse of water, you can use the charter ship service to travel to other ports, for a fee.


Fishing Contest- The start and end point of this quest is to the north-east of Catherby


  • Camelot
  • Fishing
  • Ice Melody
  • Lightwalk

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