Seers' Village


Seers' is a nice, quiet village and is excellent for new players to stay at. It is located west of Camelot Castle and east of Hemenster. It's often referred to as the Village of Wood, because of the huge variety of trees (maple, yew, willow, normal, oak, magic). Players can choose to 'compound' skills here because it is easily possible to train Magic, Crafting, Woodcutting and Fletching without leaving the village. Seers' Village also used to be extremely busy because it was the marketplace of bows, logs and treasure trail items. However, the arrival of the Grand Exchange greatly reduced trading.

How To Get There

  • Teleport to Camelot and run west.
  • Teleport to Catherby and run west.
  • Teleport to Ardougne and run north-east.

Useful Features

Although small, there is a huge bundle of things to do in Seers' Village.


Players can woodcut basic and oak trees to the south and north of the bank. They can also cut yews and magic trees to the very south. The magic trees are located by the Sorcerer's Tower and Ranging Guild, whereas the yew trees are located south of the flax field. Also, there are maples to the north, south and north-west of the bank. Seers' Village was once the only place where maples could be found, however, this changed with the release of Resource Dungeons. Finally, there is a group of willow trees to the north-west of the bank.


Since there's a bank, fletching can be easily done and players can always cut trees for more supplies, with a flaxfield and spinning wield to the south for bowstrings.


Players can pick flax from the flax field to the south and spin it on the first floor of a house, or indeed use supplies in their bank and spin them on the wheel.


If players have nature or law runes in their bank and have a minimum of 45 magic, they can train Magic at the village. They can high-alchemise bows that they fletch, or can cast the teleport to Camelot spell multiple times for fast experience.


Players can train Smithing in the building adjacent to the bank. This building is also an important site as the Elemental Workshop trilogy takes place underneath it.


Players, especially low-levelled players, can pick flax from the flax field and/or spin it into bowstrings and deposit it into their bank.

Places of Interest


This is a bank, just like any other bank, players can deposit and withdraw their items. They can also check their Grand Exchange Offer boxes as well as their lent item box.


This courthouse previously used to be where the Party Room was, and is used in the King's Ransom Quest. The courtroom is also the venue of a recent Distraction & Diversion - Court Cases.

Crystal Tree

South of the Courthouse there is a small hill with a glittering crystal tree upon tree. This tree is one of the most advanced form tree in the whole of Gielinor and require level 94 Woodcutting to chop down. This magical tree does not give logs when cut, instead there is a random chance of finding a crystal geode which may contain gems, triskellion pieces and crystal seeds (after completion of the Roving Elves quest).

Spinning Wheel

There is a house with a spinning wheel on the first floor of the house which is used to spin wool and flax and various other crafting items.

Saradomin Altar

Not only does this altar restore your Prayer points, but it also boosts your Prayer points for 2 above the maximum. With a Seers Headband 3, this boost becomes +3. There are also four yew trees in the graveyard available for cutting.

McGrubor's Wood

McGrubor's Wood is found west of the Village and can be accessed via fairy ring code ALS or through the broken railing at the northeast. the Red Vine worms can be found here which is needed for the Fishing Contest Quest and sometimes in the Wanted! Quest. There is also a crate that players may need to search on a treasure trail.

Camelot Castle

Camelot Castle is a few clicks to the east of Seers' Village and is a fairly important location since it is involved with three quests; Merlin's Crystal; King's Ransom; Holy Grail.


Galahad was an achiever of the Holy Grail, and was a Knight of the Round Table. However, he has now retired and resides in a small house to the west of McGrubor's Wood. He offers a free cup of tea to passers by. He plays an important role during the Holy Grail Quest because he gives the player a Holy table napkin.

Ignatious Vulcan

This NPC is the master of the Firemaking skill and sells a Firemaking Cape of Accomplishment to those with 99 Firemaking for 99,000 gp. He also sells various Firemaking equipment.

The Forester's Arms

This is the local pub and is found to the west of the bank. It's also one of the target bars for the Barcrawl. Level 2 Men and Women are abundant here.

Coal Trucks

To the west of Galahad's home, players can find the Coal Trucks mine. This mine is considered one of the most efficient ways to mine and bank coal. Up to 120 coal can be stored in the carts, but when the Seers' headbands are worn, the capacity of the Coal Trucks increases. With no headband they hold 120 coal; with Seers' headband 1 they hold 140 coal; with Seers' headband 2 they hold 168 coal; and finally with Seers' headband 3 they hold a whopping 196 coal. Players can also find Captain Lawgof and Stankers here. Stankers gives out 30 samples of Poison Chalice for free and also runs a Pickaxe Store. Captain Lawgof is the start point of the Dwarf Cannon Quest and shouts orders at the dwarves.

Estate Agent

Seers' Village is one of four locations of which the estate agent can be found. He will sell a Construction Cape of Accomplishment to those who have 99 Construction for 99,000 gp.


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