One of the oldest skills known to man, Fishing is the ability to catch a variety of fish with the tools you have available to you. It not only provides food that is vital for combat, but can also aid in the training of other skills such as Cooking and to help keep your health up while Thieving.

All over Gielinor a variety of "fishing spots" can be found, scattered across the oceans, rivers and lakes that dot the landscape. As your skill level continually advances and the rate at which you catch fish increases, you will be able to use more methods to catch even bigger fish, ranging from shrimp and trout all the way up to sharks and manta rays!


Fish are not found in every area of water around Gielinor. They are only found in localised fishing spots (shown as on the minimap), where they tend to cluster in schools. Each fishing spot will only have certain types of fish in them, so you must find the appropriate spot before you will be able to fish. Note also that the fish can easily swim away and you may often notice that your fishing spot has moved to another location along the shoreline.

Fishing Equipment

Before you can catch any fish at all, you will need to make sure you have purchased the correct fishing equipment, specific to the type of fishing spot you wish to use. All fishing equipment can be purchased from Fishing shops (shown as on the minimap).

Tool Level Needed Other Notes F2P/P2P

Crayfish cage
1 None

Small fishing net
1 Small cast net variation available

Fishing rod
5 Requires Fishing bait to use

Big fishing net
16 Big cast net variation available
May occasionally find caskets

Fly fishing rod
20 Requires Feathers to use

35 None

Barb-tail harpoon
35 Is wieldable

Lobster pot
40 None

Volatile clay harpoon~
40 Obtained at random from the Volatile tool from Stealing Creation

Sacred clay harpoon*
40 A reward from Stealing Creation

Barbarian rod
48 Obtained from Otto Godblessed

Oily fishing rod
53 Quest item

Karambwan vessel
65 Quest item

* Using the Sacred clay harpoon doubles the amount of XP gained for each fish.
~ Using the Volatile clay harpoon will provide 2.2x the amount of XP gained for each fish.

When you find a fishing spot, right-click it to pop up a menu with a list of various Fishing options. Click on the option you want and, assuming you have the correct equipment with you (either in inventory or on your toolbelt), you will begin attempting to catch fish.

Species of Fish

Gielinor is home to a massive variety of native species of fish, each with its own skill requirement to catch. To be able to catch these fish, you will need the appropriate tool from the Fishing Equipment section above, and you must be at a fishing spot with such fish in it. The higher the Fishing level requirement to catch a fish, the more the fish will heal you once cooked and thus the better the fish. The table below details the various fish you may encounter while training.

Fish Level XP Gained Equipment Required F2P/P2P

1 10 Small Net

1 10 Crayfish Cage

5 5 Small Net

5 20 Fishing Rod

10 30 Fishing Rod

15 40 Small Net

16 20 Big Net

16 10 Big Net

20 50 Fly Fishing Rod

23 45 Big Net

25 60 Fishing Rod

Slimy eel
28 65 Fishing Rod

30 70 Fly Fishing Rod

Frog spawn
33 75 Small Net

35 80 Harpoon

Cave eel
38 80 Fishing Rod

Rainbow fish
38 80 Fly Fishing Rod

40 90 Lobster Cage

46 100 Big Net

50 100 Harpoon

Lava eel
53 60 Oily Fishing Rod

62 120 Small Net

65 105 Karambwan Vessel

76 110 Harpoon

Baron shark*
76 110 Harpoon

Sea turtle
79 38 Trawler Boat

Manta ray
81 46 Trawler Boat

85 300 Fishing Rod

90 380 Fishing Rod; Living Minerals

Tiger shark
95 80 None

* These fish may randomly be caught as "large fish" which can be mounted.

Prime Fishing Locations

While you may find fishing spots along nearly every coastline scattered throughour Gielinor, certain locations are considered "prime fishing locations" and are usually frequented by players. This is due to a high concentration of fishing spots in the area and also its proximity to a bank. It is recommended you utilize these locations while training.

Location Fishing Style F2P/P2P
Barbarian Village
Fly Fishing
Bait Fishing
Bait Fishing
Big Net Fishing
Small Net Fishing
Fishing Guild
Musa Point
Lumbridge Swamp
Small Net Fishing
Otto's Grotto
Barbarian Fishing
Shilo Village
Fly Fishing
Living Rock Cavern
Bait Fishing

Barbarian Fishing

Aside from the more traditional method of Fishing, there is the way of the Barbarians. To be able to learn their ways of Fishing, you must have at least level 48 Fishing in addition to level 15 Strength & Agility. To begin Barbarian Training, speak to Otto Godblessed who can be located at his Grotto just south of Barbarian Assault near the upper level of the Baxtorian Falls.

Heavy Rod Fishing

One of the first tasks Otto will assign you is to use the rod he keeps under his bed to catch one of the fish in the lake east of his hut. These fish are slightly more difficult to catch. Because of their nature, you will find that you will need to use your Strength and Agility to your advantage.

Should you ever lose the heavy rod, you can easily claim another by searching Otto's bed.

Fish Level Requirements Experience Gained
Fishing Strength & Agility Fishing Strength & Agility

Leaping trout
48 15   & 50 5

Leaping salmon
58 30 & 70 6

Leaping sturgeon
70 45 & 80 7

Once caught, you can use a knife on the fish to cut out roe or caviar and to get fish parts. Fish parts can be used as bait and is stackable, allowing you to remain in the area without fear of running low on bait. You will be awarded 10 Cooking XP for gutting a fish. Roe and Caviar can be used to enhance potions, which Otto will later teach you about.

Bare-hand Fishing

This technique involves using your own arm as bait for larger fish and then wrestling them out of the water. Fishing while using this method will earn you a bit of Strength experience.

Fish Level Requirements Experience Gained
Fishing Strength Fishing Strength

Raw tuna
55 35 80 8

Raw swordfish
70 50 100 10

Raw shark
96 76 110 11

If you have the stats, are a member and have the required items in your toolbelt, your character will use the hand fishing method automatically instead of the equipment in your toolbelt.

Fishing in Daemonheim

While raiding the dungeons of Daemonheim, you are also able to fish for your own food. The fish found within Daemonheim are slightly different than those you would find on the surface of Gielinor. Raw fish caught within Daemonheim will stack in your inventory. The various fish you can find here are found in the table below. For further information related to Dungeoneering, please visit it's Skill Guide.

Fish Level Experience F2P/P2P

Heim crab
1 9

10 27

Dusk eel
20 45

Giant flatfish
30 63

Short-finned eel
40 81

Web snipper
50 99

60 117

Salve eel
70 135

Blue crab
80 153

Cave moray
90 171

Extra Features

In addition to the traditional methods of raising the skill mentioned above, there are a few additional features that you will be able to earn and unlock as you level up. There are also items and other skills that will even aid you as you attempt to level up! These are detailed below.

Fishing Guild

The Fishing Guild is a members-only location only accessable to those with a Fishing level of 68 or above. Alternatively, you can drink a Fishing potion to be able to gain entry from level 65 Fishing. There is a range to cook on located near the entrance to the guild. You can also find a spawn point for Lobster pots, Harpoons and Big fishing nets.

The guild contains a bank located in the north-west section and a few docks containing various fishing spots for you to choose from just east. There is also a shop located here run by Roachey, who will buy and sell your raw and cooked fish. You can also stock up on other supplies here.

After completing the Deadliest Catch quest, Jones will freely give you Small and Big cast nets. These are wieldable versions of the Small and Big fishing nets respectively, so they will not consume inventory space. You are also able to talk to Jones about hunting Thalassus.

Fishing Urns

While you are fishing and have one of these Fishing urns in your inventory, it will collect fish scraps. Once filled, it can be teleported away for free experience. Higher level fish will fill the urns faster than lower level fish, but the experience awarded when teleporting the urn away will be the same regardless of what fish you were fishing.

An urn will need to first be activated by using a Water rune on it, which requires the same Crafting level as was required to make the urn originally.

Urn Crafting Level Fishing XP Charged From F2P/P2P

Cracked fishing urn
2 150 Any fish level 10 and under

Fragile fishing urn
15 350 Any fish level 30 and under

Fishing urn
41 500 Any fish level 50 and under

Strong fishing urn
53 600 Any fish level 70 and under

Decorated fishing urn
76 1,900 Any fish level 96 and under

Fishing Trawler

The Fishing Trawler is a members-only Activity, best suited to a group. Murphy's boat which is docked at Port Khazard is badly damaged. If you wish to help him, you can board his vessel and help keep his boat afloat by patching holes in the hull, dumping excess water and keeping the fishing nets on deck repaired.

If you are successful at keeping the ship from sinking, Murphy will make it well worth your while by allowing you to have a portion of the fish caught. To take part in this activity, you must have at least level 15 Fishing.

You may find Shark's teeth by playing. These are used to create a Shark's tooth necklace which provides a 5% XP boost to Fishing while fishing Shark. In addition, the necklace can also allow Sharks to perform greater than usual healing when eaten.

Fish Flingers

Fish Flingers is a members-only Distraction & Diversion, playable once every 20 minutes for as long as you have entry tickets remaining. The experience gained here relative to time spent elsewhere is some of the best available.

The tacklebox reward is a great incentive to play this D&D as it can store equipment, bait and raw fish for you. Also there is an experince boosting Fishing outfit to gain offering up to 5% bonus experience for the full set. The Fishing outfit can also be stored inside the tacklebox.

Fishing Gloves

The Fist of Guthix activity offers a way to help boost your fishing experience by trading in the tokens you earn by taking part in the activity for two different types of fishing gloves. Each type of glove will award you with 100 additional experience each time you catch a fish of the same type as your gloves and they will disintegrate once 1,000 of this type of fish have been caught.

Gloves Level Requirement

Swordfish gloves

Shark gloves

Summoning Familiars

Using the Summoning skill, you will find some perks to aid you in Fishing. The Granite Crab, Ibis and Granite Lobster will grant an invisible boost to your fishing level and will also gather fish while you do.

Familiar Summoning Level Fishing Boost

Granite Crab
16 +1

56 +3

Granite Lobster
74 +4

Other Fishing Boosts

There are a few options for helping you to boost your Fishing level visibly for a set amount of time, including an assortment of pies and a Fishing potion. These will slowly drain back to your normal level gradually.

Item Fishing Boost Information

Fishing potion
+3 Created by mixing Avantoe and Snape grass

Fish pie
+3 Made from Cod, Trout and a Raw potato

Admiral pie
+5 Made from Salmon, Tuna and a Raw potato

Spicy stew*
-6 to +6
Created by mixing Brown spice in a Stew

Juju fishing potion
None Provides a one in three chance of catching a Baron shark while shark fishing. Each dose lasts 5 minutes.

* The Spicy stew is only available to be made after completing the Recipe for Disaster Evil Dave subquest.

Fish Mounting

While fishing for Bass, Swordfish and Shark, there is a slight chance that you will receive a "large" version of that particular fish. Take this fish to the Taxidermist in Canifis to get it stuffed, thus allowing you to mount your prize fish in the Skill Hall of your Player-owned House.

Fish Fishing Level
(To Catch)
Construction Level
(To Mount)

Mounted bass
46 36

Mounted swordfish
50 56

Mounted shark
76 76

Agility Bonuses

Once you have a high enough Agility and Fishing level, you have a chance of receiving bonus tuna, swordfish and shark. This chance increases as your Agility level increases, although there is an upper limit at which your chances will no longer increase. You will not receive any additional experience for any bonus fish caught. Refer to the table below.

Fish Fishing Level Agility Level Upper Limit

35 35 70

50 50 80

76 76 99

Skill Mastery

Once you have finally reached level 99 in the skill, you can travel to the Fishing Guild and purchase the Fishing Skillcape from the guild master for 99,000 coins. This will enable you to use a boost that raises your Fishing level to 100 and also allows you to perform the Fishing Skillcape Emote. The cape itself is members only. However, free players can still perform the emote granted they are wearing the cape.

If Fishing is your first skill to reach level 99, you will be rewarded the Fishing cape. However, if you have other skills at level 99, you will be awarded the Fishing cape (t). If you have the untrimmed version of the cape and achieve level 99 in another skill, the cape will become trimmed automatically.

Fishing cape Fishing cape (t) Fishing master cape

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