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Constitution (previously known as Hitpoints) is the skill that controls how healthy and physically enduring your character is. The higher your Constitution level, the more damage your character can take either from combat, traps, or any other dangerous or harmful thing before succumbing to death.

Less of a skill on its own, Constitution could better be defined as an attribute, due to the inability to train it solely, instead relying on gaining experience at the same time as training various other, combat related, skills.

Life Points


Lifepoints are a measure of how much health your character has, and are represented by the red bar on your ability bar. Your maximum lifepoints will be equal to your Constitution level times 40 without any, unless lifepoint boosts are active. When damage is inflicted upon you by something, it will be deducted from your overall lifepoints.

If your lifepoints reach 0, you will die. If you are in a 'safe' location, you will respawn at the designated respawn point for that location, otherwise you will be sent to the nearest respawn point and lose all but your 3 most valuable items (4 if you have the Protect Item prayer/curse activated). If you are in the wilderness you will lose all items when you die without the use of the Protect Item prayer or curse.

There are some items that are always kept on death outside the wilderness, these include, but are not limited to:

  • Wicked Hood
  • Task Rewards
  • The Ectophial
  • Auras
  • Cape of Legends
  • Spin tickets


Whenever damage is taken, a number will appear on the character that has taken the damage. This number states how many life points that have been deducted from your amount in that particular hit. Hitsplats take different forms, depending on what kind of damage is being dealt.

Hit Splats Type Definition
EoC Legacy
Auto-attack Abilities Max hit Auto-attack Max-hit
Melee damage Any damage dealt, whether to you or you deal to an opponent will display these hitsplats where the number shows the amount of damage performed.
Ranged damage
Magic damage
Cannon damage Any damage dealt by a cannon will display these hitsplat where the number shows the amount of damage performed.
Blocked damage When you or your opponent is hit, but armour defends against the damage, this icon will display.
Deflected damage Any damage that is deflected whether it be through curses, prayers or items will display these hitsplats where the number is the amount of damage deflected.
Poison damage If you are poisoned then you will take periodic damage that will display these hitsplats. Additionally, your life points globe by the minimap will become green and a debuff icon will display where you have placed your Buffs/Debuffs interface to show that you are currently poisoned. The number indicates the damage caused by the poison's effect.
Healing When you or an opponent heals, this icon will display where the number is hw many life points have been restored.

Constitution Abilities

Constitution abilities specialise in healing yourself, however miscellanious skills that wouldn't fit anywhere else are also pulled into this category, like Incite and Single-Way Wilderness. Much like other abilities they are split into three types: Basic, threshold and ultimate.

  • Basic abilities can be used at any time in combat and generate adrenaline.
  • Threshold abilities can only be used when 50% of the adrenaline bar has been built up and costs a small amount of adrenaline to use.
  • Ultimate abilities can only be used when the adrenaline bar reaches 100% and costs 100% adrenaline.
Ability Constitution level Cooldown (Seconds) Effect Notes

10 0 Drains your ability bar in order to heal you, only works outside of combat. Basic ability, useful on long slayer tasks to heal.

10 5 You are stunned for 6 seconds. When the stun ends, you heal 250% of any damage taken during the stun, and become immune to stuns for 15 seconds. Ultimate ability used for massive healing. Unforuntately this renders the user vulnerable for a long time as the ability takes effect.

*Unlocked during World Event two*

*Rare Drop from the god wars dungeon*

10 30 Drains your ability bar in order to heal you, only works outside of combat. Basic ability, useful on long slayer tasks to heal.

Weapon Special attack
10 N/A Some of the most powerful weapons grant you unique special attacks. Special ability.

20 10 Siphon up to 10% adrenaline from your target if they have more adrenaline than you and protects you from further siphons for 6 seconds. Basic ability, only works in PvP.

24 0 Increases the likelihood to cause your target to attack you over other people. Lasts until you turn off the ability. Has no effect in PvP.

Guthix's Blessing
85 300 Summons a butterfly that heals 8% of your lifepoints every 2 seconds for 10 seconds. Ultimate ability, Very useful healing effect, can be used in combat, but the butterfly can also be killed by enemies.

*Unlocked after The World Wakes*

Ice Asylum
91 300 Summons a crystal with a total healing capacity equal to three times the caster's maximum life points. It will heal anyone standing it near it for 1-7% of their maximum life ponts every 4 seconds, based on their proximity to the crystal. The crystal disappears after 20 seconds or after reaching its healing capacity, whichever comes first. Ultimate ability. Can be used during combat and is especially useful during team PvM sessions. Can be obtained once you have Level 91 constitution and then reading the Codex Ultimatus, which can be obtained after completing The Dig Site quest.


Naturally some of your life points will be removed as you take damage, to gain some life points you must heal. There are many different ways of doing this.


Ultimately, over time you will slowly recover life points at a rate of 1% life points per minute. This is very slow but free to do; if you want to speed up this process there are a few methods of increasing the rate.


You can rest by right-clicking the run-energy orb next to the minimap. This can only be done out of combat and you cannot do anything whilst resting, however, it does recover life points at a rate of 10% per minute.

Safe Areas

Spending time in safe areas, primarily areas where you can bank, restore your lifepoints fully. This is a very effective a efficient method of healing quickly between trips of bossing, slayer or PVP where restocking is a regular occurence.


The primary source of healing comes from food, obtained using the cooking skill. There is a maximum amount that each piece of food heals but this may be lower as each piece of food has a cap that is relative to your Constitution level so some lower-level foods are more beneficial to players with lower constitution levels.

For a full list of foods, see the Cooking guide


Some NPCs (non-player characters) can heal you. These include Tafani and her surgeons at the Duel Arena, who will heal your lifepoints if you speak to them. The monks at Edgeville Monastery can also heal you if you talk to them.


As well as food, some potions heal you when drunk.

Potion Herblore level Heals Notes

Various Barbarian mixes
4-85 200 life points See the Herblore guide for more details on Barbarian mixes.

Saradomin brew
81 500 life points Also boosts Defence and drains Attack, Strength, Magic and Ranged.

Super saradomin brew
93 800 life points Also boosts Defence and drains Attack, Strength, Magic and Ranged.


Use of healing prayers are unlocked at certain Prayer levels. Using them drain your amount of prayer points.

Prayer Prayer level Heals

Rapid Heal
22 Increases your automatic healing rate to 2% per minute.

49 Heals you by 250% of your prayer level if you fall below 10% of your maximum lifepoints.

Rapid Renewal
(bought with Dungeoneering tokens)
Increases your automatic healing rate to 5% per minute.

Soul Split
92 Heals 10% of the first 2,000 damage you inflict, then 5% for every bit of damage after that.


Some abilities heal your character.

Ability Levels required Heals Notes

10 Drains your ability bar in order to heal you, only works outside of combat. Basic ability, useful on long slayer tasks to heal. Clicking the heart icon by the health bar activates Regenerate.

10 Deals an attack the ignores protection prayers and heals the player for 25% of the damage dealt (100% if the ability is the killing blow). Basic ability, useful as a finishing blow or as an adrenaline builder to gain some health back.

10 Stuns you for 6 seconds. Once the stun is over you will heal for 250% of the damage taken during the stun. Ultimate ability, very powerful healing effect when you are about to take a heavy, but non-fatal blow.

Guthix's Blessing
85 Restores 40% of your lifepoints over 10 seconds. Can be stopped if the butterfly is killed. Ultimate ability, very powerful healing effect that is useful for healing just after combat to recover more than Regenerate.

48 The next hit you receive will heal you instead of harm you. Basic ability, handy in combat when you want to heal a little as well as avoid some damage.

52 Requires a shield. Restores 40% of your lifepoints over 10 seconds. Ultimate ability, very powerful healing effect that is very useful in boss fights and the Tzhaar Fight Caves.


In the Ancient & Lunar Spellbooks, several spells allow you to heal yourself and others.

Spell Magic level Spellbook Effect Runes Required

79 Lunar Increases the rate at which lifepoints naturally recover to 5% per minute. No actions can be taken while dreaming. 2x

Heal Other
92 Lunar Only heals you if you are the one being cast on. If so, you are healed by up to 75% of the lifepoints of the caster. 3x

Heal Group
95 Lunar As with Heal Other, this spell only heals you if you are the one being cast on. If so, you and other players around you are healed by up to 75% of the lifepoints of the caster. 4x

Bloodfire Rush
56 Ancient Heals you by up to 5% of damage caused by the spell. 1x

Bloodfire Burst
68 Ancient Heals you by up to 5% of damage caused by the spell. 2x

Bloodfire Blitz
80 Ancient Heals you by up to 5% of damage caused by the spell. 1x

Bloodfire Barrage
92 Ancient Heals you by up to 5% of damage caused by the spell. 2x


Using the Summoning skill you can summon several familiars that have healing effects.

Pouch/scroll Summoning level Effect

Void Spinner
34 Heals 40 lifepoints per minute.

68 Heals 8% of your maximum lifepoints per minute.

Titan's constitution scroll
79 Boosts lifepoints by 200.

Healing aura scroll
88 Heals 10% of your lifepoints per scroll.


Certain items have a healing effect when worn.

Item Requirements Effect Notes

Regen Bracelet
None. Increases the rate you heal naturally to 3% per minute. Made by enchanting an Onyx Bracelet at level 87 magic.

45,000 loyalty points required to purchase. Doubles the rate that lifepoints recover naturally, this does stack prayers such as Rapid Heal. Available from the Loyalty Store as a tier 3 aura.

23,000 loyalty points required to purchase. Heals you by 5% of damage dealt whilst wielding the aura. Available from the Loyalty Store as a tier 2 aura.

Scrimshaw of vampyrism
None. 1-5% of the damage dealt with a melee attack will be used to heal the player for that amount. Made from player-owned ports using 10 ancient bones. Requires 92 Fletching to make.

Superior scrimshaw of vampyrism
92 to make. When dealing damage with melee the player will be healed 1 lifepoint for every 15 lifepoints damage they deal. Made from player-owned ports using 10 ancient bones. Requires 92 Fletching to make. Non-tradeble.

Guthan's Set
70 and 70 Sucessful auto-attacks have a chance of healing you a little, the amount depending on how much damage was dealt. The effect requires the whole set to be worn simultaneously.

Saradomin Godsword
75 Each attack has a 25% chance of restoring 3% of your lifepoints. Also has a 25% chance of restoring 3% of your prayer points.

Enhanced Excalibur
Completion of the Hard Seers' Village tasks. Each attack has a 25% chance of restoring 1% of your lifepoints, this is increased to 2% after completing the Elite Seers' Village tasks. This can be worn on its own, but it is also the off-hand equivalent to the Abyssal Whip.


There are a few ways of boosting your maximum amount of lifepoints, which is useful as you can sustain more damage.


This is the most common way of boosting your lifepoints, generally the higher the Defence level requirement to wear, the higher the lifepoint boost. This not only occurse with standard armour but also with shields and shieldbows.

Elidinis Statuette

After completing the Spirits of the Elid quest, you can pray at the Elidinis Statuette to receive a +70 lifepoint boost.

Thermal Oo'glog Spa pool

The Thermal pool in Oo'glog (after completing As A First Resort...) can boost your maximum life points by 15 to 20%, as well as curing any poison or disease at the same time.


Using the Firemaking skill to burn five logs in a row on a bonfire will boost your maximum lifepoints by up to 5% (depending on your Firemaking level). This lasts longer depending on the type of logs that you contributed; up to 66 minutes for elder logs. This boost stacks with other boosts like Rocktails and Saradomin brews.

Log Time boosted F2P/P2P

6 minutes

Achey tree logs
6 minutes

Oak logs
12 minutes

Willow logs
18 minutes

Teak logs
24 minutes

Arctic pine logs
30 minutes

Maple logs
36 minutes

Mahogany logs
42 minutes

Eucalyptus logs
48 minutes

Yew logs
54 minutes

Magic logs
60 minutes

Blisterwood logs
60 minutes

Elder logs
66 minutes
Firemaking level Lifepoint boost
1-9 1% of maximum lifepoints
10-19 1.3% of maximum lifepoints
20-29 1.5% of maximum lifepoints
30-39 2% of maximum lifepoints
40-49 2.5% of maximum lifepoints
50-59 2.7% of maximum lifepoints
60-69 3.6% of maximum lifepoints
70-79 4% of maximum lifepoints
80-89 4.2% of maximum lifepoints
90-99 5% of maximum lifepoints


There are a few items that can be eaten or drunk to boost your lifepoints over their maximum to help get that extra advantage.

Item Lifepoints boosted

10% of maximum lifepoints

Rocktail soup
15% of maximum lifepoints

Tiger Sharks
100 lifepoints

Saradomin brew
500 lifepoints

Super saradomin brew
800 lifepoints

Skill Mastery

Once you have finally reached level 99 in the skill, you can travel to the Hospital area in the Duel Arena and purchase the Constitution Skillcape from Surgeon General Tafani for 99,000 coins. This will enable you to use a boost that raises your Constitution level to 100 and also allows you to perform the Constitution Skillcape Emote. The cape itself is members only. However, free players can still perform the emote granted they are wearing the cape.

If Constitution is your first skill to reach level 99, you will be rewarded the Constitution cape. However, if you have other skills at level 99, you will be awarded the Constitution cape (t). If you have the untrimmed version of the cape and achieve level 99 in another skill, the cape will become trimmed automatically.

Constitution cape Constitution cape (t) Constitution master cape

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