Eadgar's Ruse
Sanfew requires a rare herb for the next part of the purifying ritual. Travel back to the Troll Stronghold to find this herb that the trolls use as an ingredient for their favourite dish.


Skill Requirements:
16 31 Herblore
Quest Requirements:
Troll Stronghold
Druidic Ritual
Other Requirements:
Must have freed Mad Eadger from the troll prison.
Items Needed: 10x Wheat, Knife, Climbing boots, Tinderbox, 2x Logs, Pestle and mortar, Vodka, Pineapple, 5x Raw chicken, Ranarr potion (unf)

Items Recommended: None.
Reward: Click to reveal

This guide is suitable for current RuneScape and Old School.


Talk to Sanfew who is located within the Herblore store on the first floor. Ask him if he has any more work that needs to be done to help reclaim the circle. He will tell you that he requires a special type of weed that Trolls use when cooking called Goutweed in which you will have to visit the Trolls to acquire it.

Finding Edgar

Head towards Burthorpe and continue around to reach Tenzing's house. Climb over the stile and then follow the path north-west until you find to some rocks you can climb. Now head north-east and you will reach the arena where you fought Dad. Enter the cave entrance and run through a second cave. Follow the path north-west and you will see Thrower Trolls. It is advised to use the protect from range prayer whilst running past them as they hit hard. Once you've made it past them, climb to the top of Trollheim (the spiralling mountain with various agility shortcuts). At the very top you there will be another cave entrance. Enter it to talk to Mad Eadgar.

Speak to Eadger and tell him you need some Goutweed. Eadgar will suggest speaking to one of the troll chefs. Leave the cave and make your way down to the bottom of the mountain, and head up the north path leading to the Troll Stronghold. Once inside, head south down the staircase and speak to the chef called Burntmeat.

Tell Burntmeat that you are looking for Goutweed and he will tell you where to find it if you do something for him first. He asks you to bring a human for a stew. Leave the stronghold and return to Eadgar. He will have a plan and tells you to bring him a parrot. He suggests looking in Ardougne Zoo.

Creating a human for the stew

Travel to Ardougne and make sure you have the pineapple, vodka and a knife in your inventory. Enter the Zoo and talk to Parroty Pete. Speak through all the options with him and then end the conversation. Use your knife with the pineapple to dice the pineapple, and then use the vodka with the chunks to make Alco-Chunks. Use those chunks with the aviary to attract a parrot. Pete will attempt to stop you but you will tell him a cover story that you are taking the parrot to the vets. You will now have a drunk parrot in your inventory.

Return to Eadgar and present him with the drunk parrot. He will now fill you in on the rest of his plan; to make a scarecrow which looks, sounds, smells and tastes like a human.

  • To make it look human you will need to stuff ten grains of wheat in the scarecrow.
  • To make it sound human you will need to place the parrot in the prison.
  • To make it smell human you will need to dress it in dirty clothes which Sanfew can provide.
  • To make it taste human you will need to place five raw chickens in the scarecrow.

Climb down Trollheim and enter the Troll Stronghold. Head north and then climb down the stairs, go through the prison door and then down another staircase to find the prison. Use the drunk parrot with the torture rack to hide it underneath.

Now travel to Taverley and speak to Sanfew inside the Herblore shop. Explain to him you are in need of some dirty robes and Sanfew will advise talking to Tegid who is doing his washing outside. Speak to Tegid who will be rather reluctant to give you some dirty robes. Tell him that Sanfew won't be happy and he will oblige and give you a dirty robe. Return to Eadgar once more and he will take the wheat, chickens and logs off of you. He will then also tell you that you need a Troll Truth potion which will require a Troll Thistle that luckily grows outside his cave. The thistle can be found by the grassy patches, however they can be quite difficult to spot.

Use the Ranarr weed with the vial of water to make an unfinished potion, and then light a fire and use the Troll Thistle to dry it out. Grind the dried thistle with your pestle and mortar and then add it to the unfinished potion to make the Troll Truth potion. Give this to Eadgar who will take it off your hands. Return to the Troll Stronghold prison and retrieve the parrot from underneath the rack and then take it back to Eadgar. He will then give you a fake man.

Retreiving the goutweed

Enter the Troll Stronghold again and head back down to Burntmeat. Speak to him and ask where you can find Goutweed and he will tell you its in the storeroom which requires a key. The location of the key can be found in the kitchen drawer.

Climb down the stairs in the north-east and follow it around to reach the storeroom door. Unlock it with the key and you will see a room with lots of crates and trolls walking around in a loop. The goal of this puzzle is to reach the crate of Goutweed without being caught by the trolls walking around. If you've ever played Sorceress's Garden it is very similar to that.

This is very much a trial and error method. There are safespots in which you can hide from the trolls that are crates in the shape of a U. The following picture shows the recommended route and the safespots in blue.

When you reach the Goutweed, search the crate and the sleeping guard will wake up and knock you out. It's suggested to get another Goutweed now if you plan doing Dream Mentor in the near future. Return to Sanfew who will reward you and also tell you that if you bring more Goutweed to him he will trade it for a random herb.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
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