Evil Trees


Every so often, an Evil Tree will appear which taints the area with their presence. In the beginning, the Evil Tree is like any other so leprechauns are eager to help it mature. But once it is fully grown, it begins to endanger the nearby area. The only way to preserve the nearby area is for players to come to the Evil Tree and attempt to chop it down. Please note that you can only cut down two Evil Trees per day (the time of Reset is Midnight GMT).


Evil Trees come in a variety of different types and levels of difficulty. The Woodcutting and Firemaking levels required correspond to the levels needed for normal tree types and logs. It is possible to start Evil Tree hunting at level 1 Woodcutting, Firemaking and Farming, but the higher your level in those skills mean you can access more difficult trees - which in turn mean greater rewards. Also remember that if you find yourself at an Evil Tree and notice you are without your hatchet or tinderbox, the leprechaun near the Evil Tree will provide you with a bronze hatchet and tinderbox. Also note that completing the Tree Gnome Village Quest will help you greatly in finding Evil Trees as then the spirit trees can teleport you to active Evil Trees. In any case, there exist several clans dedicated to finding Evil Trees, whose details are available in the "Distractions & Diversions" section of the RuneScape Official Forums; they may be of great assistance to those who are less experienced.

Type of Tree Farming Level Required Woodcutting Level Required Firemaking Level Required
Regular 1 1 1
Oak 7 15 15
Willow 15 30 30
Maple 22 45 45
Yew 30 60 60
Magic 37 75 75
Elder 42 90 90

The Evil Tree

While the tree is still a sapling, you can nurture it to aid its growth, also getting Farming experience while doing so. You do not need any tools to nurture the sapling, only the Farming level required. Once the Evil Tree has fully grown, roots encase it which prevent you from getting to the tree. Players therefore need to use a hatchet or machete to cut down the roots in order to get access to the tree. Cutting these roots will also give kindling, which can be used on the tree to deal damage to it while giving Firemaking experience. With the roots gone, players can now deal damage by chopping the bark on the tree; this will also give Woodcutting experience. But the roots wont be gone for long as the tree will summon more roots which can knock back or daze players. Players can also inspect the tree to see how much health it has left, and what percentage of the reward will be given.

Type of Tree Farming Experience
Woodcutting Experience
(Cutting Roots)
Woodcutting Experience
(Cutting Tree)
Firemaking Experience
(Lighting kindling)
Regular 20 3 15 200
Oak 45 6.5 32.5 300
Willow 66 9 47.6 450
Maple 121 11 56 675
Yew 172.5 12.5 64 1012.5
Magic 311 14 71 1517.5
Elder 687 17.5 88.5 2000


There are 26 different Evil Tree locations in RuneScape, and luckily, most of them are fairly close to civilisation. The quickest and easiest way to find out about an Evil Tree is to ask a Spirit Tree, but this requires the completion of the Tree Gnome Village Quest. If there is an active tree on your world when you speak to a Spirit Tree, it will give you a option to teleport you straight to it, but if there is an sapling on your world, the Spirit Tree will give you a hint to its whereabouts. Also, the Spirit Tree will tell you when the next Evil Tree is due if there is no active one at that particular time. When you are near an Evil Tree, roots will shoot out of the ground which indicate one is nearby.

Hint Given Possible Locations
By a collection of yew trees Seers Village - South of Flax field
Lumbridge - North of Swamp
Close to a dungeon entrance within a tropical jungle Ape Atoll - South Ape Atoll, near dungeon
Brimhaven - By gold mine
Close to a large collection of willow trees Draynor - Near willow trees
Falador - West of Falador, near mine
Seers Village - Near Bank
Legends Guild - South of Guild
Gnome Stronghold - East of Terrorbird pen.
Close to a place called "Draynor" Draynor Bank - Near willow trees
Draynor Manor - Southwest of Manor
Close to a runecrafting altar Shilo Village - North, outside Village
Monastry - South of Monastry, near body altar
Close to a Village you call "Seer's" Seers Village - Near bank
Seers Village - South of flax field
McGrubor's Woods - Inside grounds
Close to the home of "Legends" Legends Guild - North of Guild, near Sorcerer's Tower
Legends Guild - South of Guild, next to mine
Close to the town you call "Yanille" Yanille - Near east entrance
Yanille - West, outside of town
Due west of a town you call "Lumbridge" Lumbridge - North of Lumbridge swamp
Draynor - Near willow trees
Draynor - Southwest of Draynor Manor
In a location with rare trees and ogres nearby Oo'glog - West of Oo'glog
South of Castlewars - Fairy ring code BKP
In a mine on the outskirts of a city Falador - West of Falador, near mine
Legends Guild - South of Guild, next to mine
In the lands inhabited by elves Isafdar - Northeast of Tyras camp
Lletya - Southwest Lletya, by quest start
North as the crow flies from the market of Ardougne Ranging Guild - Southwest of Guild
McGrubor's Woods - Inside Grounds
North as the crow flies from Seers' Village Seers Village - South of flax fields
Seers Village - Near bank
Rellekka - East of house portal
On the island known as Karamja Shilo Village - Outside of Village to the north
Brimhaven - Next to gold mine
Khazari jungle - South coast
Ape Atoll - South of Ape Atoll, near dungeon entrance
On the southern coast of a tropical island Ape Atoll - Near dungeon entrance
Khazari jungle - South coast
Brimhaven - Next to gold mine
Outside the city you call "Varrock" Varrock - South of sawmill, Soul's Bane Rift
Varrock - North of palace, near wilderness ditch
To the South of a Gnome Settlement Yanille - West, outside of town
Gnome Stronghold - Southwest inside Stronghold, North of dungeon entrance
Gnome Stronghold - Next to Making History quest start


Once the player has defeated an Evil Tree, they can claim a reward. The higher percentage of your available rewards, the better reward. The rewards contain noted logs of the type of tree slain, tree seeds, bird nests, coins and items like key halves and gems. Evil trees can also give the player extra spins of the Squeal of Fortune. An additional reward is that the leprechaun will automatically bank logs cut from trees for a certain period of time. The maximum amount of time this magic is available to the player on 100% reward goes like this:

  • Regular - 6 minutes
  • Oak - 10 minutes
  • Willow - 14 minutes
  • Maple - 18 minutes
  • Yew - 22 minutes
  • Magic - 26 minutes
  • Elder - 30 minutes

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