Rag and Bone Man
Everybody needs some body, and the Odd Old Man knows exactly which bits of those bodies he needs. Can you help him finish his extensive and extremely creepy collection?


Skill Requirements: None.Quest Requirements: None.Other Requirements:
Spiny Helm, Tinderbox, Light Source, Armour, Weapon, 8 Logs, 8 Pots, and 8 Coins.
Items Needed: Armour, Weapon, 8x Logs, Coins, 8x Pot, Tinderbox

Items Recommended: Light source, Spiny helm
Reward: Click to reveal

This guide is suitable for current RuneScape and Old School.


Talk to the Odd Old Man near the Limestone Quarry North-East of Varrock. He'll ask you to get several sets of bones to complete his collection.

The bones to collect

In the table are the items you will need and suggested locations of killing these monsters

Special Bone Suggested Creature Suggested Location
Bear Rib Black Bear South East of Varrock
Unicorn Bone Unicorn South of Varrock
Giant Rat Bone Giant Rat Varrock Sewers
Giant Bat Wing Giant Bat Keep Le Faye
Monkey Paw Monkey Musa Point
Big Frog Leg Big Frog Lumbridge Swamp Dungeon
Goblin Skill Goblin Lumbridge
Ram Skull Ram North West of Lumbridge

Cleaning the Bones

Once you have all the bones, head over to Draynor and talk to Fortunato. Ask him about Vinegar and buy 8 Jugs of them from him. Pour the Jugs of Vinegar into the Pots. Put each Bone into the Pot of Vinegar to get 8 Bones in Vinegar.

Go back to the Odd Old Man's Hut. Place a log under the Pot Boiler outside. Put a Bone of Vinegar in the Pot Boiler and light a fire under it. Once the bone is cooked, take the pot off the boiler to get a Polished Bone. Repeat the process until you have all 8 Bones of Vinegar. Talk to the Odd Old Man to complete the Quest.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
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