Swept Away
Maggie the traveling witch is cooking up something spectacular in her cauldron, but she needs a little help finishing it off. If you can help her out, and solve a puzzle or two along the way, she just might share some of the final product with you.


Skill Requirements: None.Quest Requirements: None.Other Requirements:
Items Needed: None.

Items Recommended: None.
Reward: Click to reveal


Getting to Maggie

To get to Maggie, either walk from the Draynor village, teleport, or use the Lumbridge home teleport and walk. Maggie can be found south of Draynor Village by her caravan. Speak to her and find out that she needs more witches to make her Goulash perfect. She tells you of three witches that have helped her in the past (luckily these witches are not far apart). They are Aggie, Betty, and Hetty.

Aggie is located in Draynor Village. Speak with her and she will be happy to help and will teleport you away. When you arrive you will notice a small pattern on the ground. Talk to Aggie and she will say you have to make four triangles while only erasing four of the sixteen lines. Erase the yellow lines in the picture and it should be enchanted. Teleport away and make your way to Betty.

Finding Betty

Betty is located at the rune shop in Port Sarim. Speak with her and she will say she will help but there is a small complication. She will have you speak with Lottie down the ladder. Lottie will explain that Betty's wand is locked away in the chest and the only way to open it is to place the correct animal in the right menagerie. The thing is one animal cannot stand the other and be in the same room, so you have to move them around a bit until you get it right. Do the following steps:

  1. Place the Blackbird in the holding pen to the north.
  2. Take the Rat out of the spider pen and move it north into the raven pen.
  3. Remove the Spider from the reptile pen and move it west into its normal environment, the spider pen.
  4. Take the Lizard from the rat pen and move it south into it's proper habitat, the reptile pen.
  5. Remove the Rat from the blackbird pen and move it east into its home, the rat pen.
  6. Take the blackbird back out of the holding pen and return it south, back to the raven pen.

Open the chest, take the wand, and go up the ladder and have Betty enchant it for you.

Locating Hetty

Hetty is located in Rimmington. Speak with her and she will be glad to help like the others. She will need a Newt for some Broom ointment. Then she will tell you to go fetch one from the new shipment in the basement (down the ladder outside her house). Go down the ladder and talk to Gus. He will say that he mixed the crates up with labels and will ask if you could help put them back. Agree to help him and you are only allowed once to pull something out of the crates. This may seem like a hard task but it is really easy.

Simply go over to the crate labelled "Newts and toads" and pull out an animal. Whatever one it was, label the crate with that creature. You are now left with two crates, the "toads / newt" and either a toad or a newt. And you should have a label that is the same with the last two crates. And since they are mixed up, put that label on the other crate and put the "toad / newt" on the other. After you finish that, go to the crate with the newt and pull one out. Go back to Hetty and she will give you the ointment to rub on it.

Now that you have all the enchantments, go back to Maggie and tell her you got them. She will ask you to stir the cauldron with the broom. After that speak with Maggie.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
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