Fremennik Trials, The
The council would like to inform our citizens that our recent restoration work on the footpath leading to the Barbarian town of Rellekka, North-west of Sinclair Mansion, has now been completed. Those traders and adventurers who have been seeking access to this (slightly backwards) region of RuneScape may now do so using the provided footbridge. The council would also like to make its citizens aware that this large barbarian town has its own laws and customs, and those seeking fortune in these strange lands may be required to first prove their worth in The Fremennik Trials.


Skill Requirements:
9 40 Woodcutting
13 40 Crafting
10 25 Fletching
Quest Requirements: None.Other Requirements:
Combat level high enough to defeat a level 69 melee-based monster and a multi-form monster, without any armour or weapons.
Items Needed: Rune hatchet, Knife, Tinderbox, Raw shark, 5250x Coins

Items Recommended: None.
Reward: Click to reveal


Head to Rellekka (north-west of Camelot) with these items and talk to Brundt the Chieftain.

Ask him for a quest and he will ask you to complete some tasks so you can become a Fremennik. You will need to get votes from 7 of the 12 council members in order to become a Fremennik. You will find the council members around Rellekka.

Thorvald the Warrior

In the house north of the long hall (Where Brundt is located) you will find Thorvald the Warrior. Thorvald says he will vote for you if you can prove yourself by fighting Koschei the Deathless without any armour of weapons.

You can either kill all 4 of Koschei's forms and receive a Fremennik Sword, or Kill 3 of Koshei's forms then lose to his last form. If you lose to the 3rd form you will be teleported to the top floor of the hut where Thorvald is located, but Thorvald will still vote for you. Note that you keep all of your items you die with but Koschei also drains prayer while you fight him so beware. After you have defeated Koschei (Or fallen to his 3rd form) talk to Thorvald and he will tell you have his vote.

The next vote is arguably the easiest to get. Talk to Swensen the Navigator who is located South of the market inside a hut. Swensen says he will test your navigation skills and if you pass, you can have his vote.

Go downstairs and you will see four portals. Simply go through the portals in this order: south, west, east, north, south, east, north. The first letter of each spells out SWENSEN. Talk to Swensen and he will tell you that he will vote for you.

Peer the Seer

Now go talk to Peer the Seer who is located outside the house southwest of the market. He says he will test your wisdom and if you pass you can have his council vote.

Try to enter the door and it will ask for a combination. This combination varies from person to person so try all of these as answers:Wind, Fire, Mind, Mage, Tree, Life, or Time. After your have entered the door, go upstairs. You will see a chest with a balance on it. You will need to get a bucket with 4/5 water in it and put it on the balance to open the chest.

To get a bucket with 4/5 water:

Take one jug and fill it with water from the tap. Take a bucket from the cupboard and empty the jug in the bucket. Fill up the jug with the tap again and empty it in the bucket. Empty the bucket in the drain. Empty the jug in the bucket. The bucket now contains 1/5 water. Fill up the jug and empty it in the bucket. The bucket will now contain 4/5 water. Use the bucket on the chest with the balance on it. You will receive a vase. Shake the vase and you will figure out something is inside. Its a key to the door so you can exit.

How to get the key

Study the unicorn's and bull's heads on the wall to receive two disks. Now search the bookcase in the room to get a red herring. Use the red herring on the range and you should receive some sticky red goop. Use the red goop on the wooden disk that isn't red. Go downstairs and use both red disks on the abstract mural. You will receive a vase lid. Now go back upstairs use the vase with the tap and then put the vase lid on the vase. Put the sealed vase on the frozen table in the corner of the room. The water will expand and break the vase. You will receive a frozen key. Use the frozen key on the range to thaw it, then go downstairs and use the key on the door. Talk to Peer the Seer and he will tell you that he will give you his vote.

Manni the Reveller

Now go to the long hall and talk to Manni the Reveller. He will tell you that he will give you his vote if you can beat him in a drinking contest.

Now go to the table and pick up a keg. Talk to Manni and you will challenge him. You drink from the keg and become extremely drunk. You unfortunately lose to Manni. You can't and won't be able to beat Manni fairly so you'll have to trick him.

So pick up a beer (not a keg) off the table and head to Seers village. Once in Seers Village grab 5250 coins, a hatchet (black won't work), a knife, a tinderbox and a raw shark. Then go to the pub in Seers Village and talk to the poison salesman. He will offer to sell you a low alcohol keg for 250 coins, buy it. Now head back towards Rellekka.

On your way to Rellekka you will see a Council Workman. Talk with him and then use your beer on him. The workman will give you a strange object. Now go head to the long hall, but this time go outside on the east side of the long hall. You should see a pipe. Light the strange object with your tinderbox and put it in the pipe. Now go into the long hall, grab a keg and use it with your low alcohol keg. Talk to Manni and challenge him again. This time you win. The drunken Manni says that he will vote for you.

Olaf the Bard

Time to talk to Olaf the Bard. Olaf is outside, northeast of the long hall. Olaf says that he will give you his vote if you perform for the crowd in the long hall.

Head south out of the village and follow the mud path east. Eventually you should see a troll named Lalli, speak with him. Lalli will just continue to call you stupid, so head north a bit and you should see a swaying tree. Cut a branch off the tree then use your knife on it to make an unstrung lyre. Head back to the long hall and talk with Askeladden right outside the long hall doors. Askeladden will give you Lalli's pet, a rock. Now go pick a cabbage, potato and onion from the small field east of the long hall.

Go back to the troll Lalli and offer him the pet rock. Lalli will say that he doesn't want it anymore. Talk with Lalli again then put the stone, cabbage, potato and onion in Lalli's stew. Lalli is pleased with the stew and gives you some golden fleece. Now head back to Seers Village where you can find a spinning wheel upstairs in the building southwest of the Seers bank. After the fleece has been spun, use it on the unstrung lyre. You will now have a normal lyre. Now make sure you have a raw shark and head back towards Rellekka, but rather than going into Rellekka, follow the dark mud path right after you cross the bridge that the council workman made. While on the path you should see a strange alter (It looks like a tree stub with a bowl on it) put your raw shark on the alter and Fossegrimen will give you the ability to play the lyre.

Now simply go back to where Olaf it and enter the stage door, go on the stage and player your lyre. Olaf will now give you his vote.

Sigmund the Merchant

Sigmund the Merchant is West of the long hall. He wants a rare flower that someone in the town has picked up.

Talk to the following people in the this exact order:

  • The Sailor (north-west of the market) will tell you that he has the flower and he will only trade it with you for a romantic ballad.
  • Olaf the Bard (east of the long hall) will ask you for some sturdy boots.
  • Yrsa (west of the market) wants some taxes lowered for the business people in Rellekka.
  • Brundt (long hall) wants to know Sigli\'s hunting ground secret.
  • Sigli (south of the long hall) wants a new bow string for his bow.
  • Skulgrimen (north of the long hall) wants one of the fish that the fisherman has caught recently.
  • The Fisherman (North of the Market) wants a map of the best fishing spots from Swensen.
  • Swensen the Navigator (south of the market) wants a weather forecast from Seer.
  • Peer the Seer (in front of the house to the west) wants a bodyguard for protection.
  • Thorvald (East of Market) wants a chair at the champions table in the long hall.
  • Manni (long hall) wants the barkeep\'s legendary cocktail.
  • Thora (long hall) wants to get rid of Askeladden, the kid right outside the hall.
  • Askeladden (outside the doors to the long hall) wants 5000gp, he will now give you a promissory note.
  • Now do the exact same thing, but backwards. So go back to Thora and give her the note from Askeladden, then go to Manni and give him the Legendary cocktail from Thora. Continue until you get the rare flower from the sailor and talk to Sigmund. You now have Sigmunds vote.

    Sigli the Huntsman

    Finally! The last vote you need. Go back to seers and grab everything you think you will need to defeat a level 69 melee based monster (armour, food, weapon, etc.) Head back to Rellekka and talk to Sigli the Huntsman. He tells you that he will vote for you if you can hunt down the Draugen.

    Sigli will then give you a Hunters Talisman. If you click the Talisman you'll be able to see which direction the Draugen is in. Follow the directions the talisman gives you then when you think you're in the right area click the talisman and continue to walk around the area until the Draugen pops up.

    Kill the Draugen and his essence will be obsorbed into the hunters talisman. Go back and talk to Sigli. Sigli says you have convinced him to vote for you. Now go back to the long hall and talk to Brundt. You are now a Fremennik.

    Congratulations! Quest Complete!
    Guide Made by: Simon
    Corrections submitted by: DaDa, Simon, Power of Five