Golem, The
Deep in the desert sand, the ruins of the once great city of Uzer, a lone survivor - an ancient clay golem - forever paces back and forth. It is badly damaged, and its mind cannot rest until it has completed the task for which it was created. It is up to you to uncover the secret of the lost city, and add the final chapter to a story begun in the violence of the Third Age.


Skill Requirements:
18 25 Thieving
13 20 Crafting
Quest Requirements: None.Other Requirements:
Items Needed: Chisel, Hammer, Desert boots, Desert Robe Top, Desert Robe Bottoms, 3-5x Waterskin (4), Pestle and mortar, Papyrus, Empty Vial, 4-6x Soft Clay , Phoenix feather

Items Recommended: Varrock Teleport, Ring of duelling (8), Knife
Reward: Click to reveal

This guide is suitable for current RuneScape and Old School.


Talk to the Broken Clay Golem, he will tell you his mission is incomplete. Ask him if you should repair him, and he will reply positively. Then use your four soft clays on him. Once you put the final piece on him he will thank you and his name will change to Clay Golem. Then he will tell you he must destroy the elder-demon whom the Golem Army fought many of them died, he will ask you to open the portal so he can deal the final blow to the demon to complete his task.

Then go down the stairs, located inside the ruins where you talked to the Broken Clay Golem. Once you are down there go to the south east corner of the room and then pick up the Black Mushroom, then go to the south west part of the room and pick up the strange implement. Then use the pestle and mortar with the Black Mushroom, you must have a vial in your inventory otherwise it will not work, you recieve black mushroom ink.

Search the area near the Clay Golem and find a letter then go to the Digsite, located east of Varrock, then go to the North East End of the Digsite and talk to Elissa about the Letter you found. She will tell you to go and get the Notes on the Bookcase in the Exam Centre.

Go south until you get to the building inside digsite. Once inside go to the southern eastern part of the room where the book cases are, search the bookcases until you find Varen's Note's then read them.

Retrieving the Statuette

Go to the Varrock Museum and talk to Curator Haig Helen and say you are looking for a statuette recoverd from the city Uzer, he will say it is upstairs, then you say you need to take it away with you, he will say what do you need it for. Then say I need it to open a portal to a elder-demon, he will forbid you to go and do such a dangerous thing.

Then go and Pickpocket Curator Haig Helen so you recieve a display cabinet key. Then go upstairs and use the key with the cabinet which has the statue inside (the cabinet with the statuette inside is the one which looks like it has a smaller version of the Clay Golem).

If you lose the statue repeat this process of talking to Curator Haig Helen and Pickpocketing him, he will say the statuette that was stolen has been found and returned.

Finishing up

Then head back to the shanty pass and walk east towards the river. You should come across a cliff face, at the bottom you will find the phoenix roaming, once there grab a feather from the Desert Phoenix. Then use the Phoenix Feather with the Black Mushroom Ink, to make a Phoenix Quill Pen.

Go down the stairs by the Clay Golem again, then go to the centre room then place the statuette in the Empty Alcove. Then turn all the statuettes round so they are facing the North Door, once they are all facing the right way a door will grind open.

Go through the doors that just opened, then examine the skeleton on the east to find it is the demon which the Clay Golem wants to kill.

You may want to use a hammer and chisle on the Demon Throne located on the north side of the chambre because you receive 2 Sapphires, 2 Emeralds, and 2 Rubies.

Go and talk to the Clay Golem and tell him the demon is dead, he will not accept it, so use the Phoenix Quil on the Papyrus to write him a new task. Then use the strange impliment with the Clay Golem the quickly insert the new task, he will accept it and give you a reward.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
Guide Made by: Simon
Corrections submitted by: Simon, Jei, Dan, Kaborn, Power of Five, Amor