Void Stares Back, The
Where are the remaining pest-goo-filled puzzle boxes from the Black Knights' plot to weaken Falador? Who was the mysterious figure responsible for the death of Commodore Matthias? Is the Valluta real or just an old Voids' tale? Infiltrating yet another Black Knight stronghold will set you on the path to answers, but the truth isn't as black and white as you might think. And remember: if you stare into the Void too long, the Void stares back...


Skill Requirements:
7 80 Magic
1 78 Attack
3 78 Strength
12 71 Firemaking
13 70 Crafting
23 70 Construction
14 70 Smithing
24 55 Summoning
2 25 Defence
Quest Requirements:
Void Dance, A
Other Requirements:
Completed the Conquest tutorial. A combat level of 100+ is recommended.
Items Needed: Hammer, Tinderbox, Hard Leather, Limestone Brick, Logs

Items Recommended: Armour, Food, Potions
Reward: Click to reveal

Helping Korasi

Captain Korasi needs your help. Speak to her at Falador Park, where she will give you some Black Knight armour. You will need to go to the Black Knight's Fortress and infiltrate there.

Put the armour on and make your way to the Black Knights Fortress.

Once you have entered the Black Knight's Fortress Commander Colby will have a short word with you. He thinks you are a new recruit. The team is waiting and you will be teleported to the storage entrance.


Talk to Captain Gilroy. You will go through a door and a black knight tries to open the security door but someone has ruined the system and the knight dies. Nobody else dares to continue, so they say you have to do it. The labels on the crates in the room are wrong. Take the key blocks from the crates and give them to Captain Gilroy (two at once) so he can determine which block is heavier than the other. Try to remember or write down the order from lightest to heavy. When you have done this you use the key blocks on the crates, using the lightest block on crate 1 and the heaviest on crate 5.

Answer: The block labeled 2 weighs 4, label 3 weighs 2, label 4 weighs 6, Label 5 weighs 3, and the block labeled 6 weighs 5.

The next thing you will need to do is balance the blocks on the scales. As the knight who passed away said "Fifteen in each".

The solution for this puzzle is that you put the blocks in this order:

3     5     3     4
2     2     5     6

The security door should now be opened.

Behind the security door a few pests will appear. You need to kill them as they will drop new key blocks. You should start by killing the spinner, because it heals the other pests.

In the end you will have 3 key blocks and 1 broken key block. Ask Captain Gilroy what to do and he will tell you that there is a forge, but it is broken. You must repair the forge so you can repair the key block and have 4 key blocks.

The Forge & Control Panel

The forge can be found in the northwest back at the room of the Black Knights Fortress. To repair the forge you will need a brick of limestone, a hammer and a piece of hard leather. You will also need logs and a tinderbox to light the forge. All of the items can be found in crates nearby. The limestone brick is in the crate near the forge, the piece of hard leather is near the jail, the hammer and tinderbox are in the room south of the kitchen and the logs can be found in the kitchen. Repair and light the forge and use your key block on it.

Go back to Gilroy and use the 4 blocks on the wall so the door unlocks.

In the next room, you will find a Control Panel. When you want to open it, search for magical traps first. You can now open the panel. To complete this puzzle you must create a horizontal line over the three control panels. You can find the solution here.

In the next room Lord Daquarius gets involved. He wants to know who you are as you have already proven yourself a brave knight. When you decide to reveal your face he wants to arrest you, but he cannot because the temple and the void knights will help you. You explain everything to Daquarius and he will understand the danger.


Go through the portal, after getting Korasi's Sword and after a short scene you must play a game of Conquest (like the activity) against some pest. The spinners have many life points but only deal 100 damage. The torchers and defilers act like rangers and mages, shifters are compareable with scouts. Ravagers are like soldiers and the splatters will deal 100 damage when they are 100 square near a unit.

An advantage is that you can use special moves and they can't, so this should not be a big problem. Don't feel disheartened if you don't win the first few games - it usually takes a few games to get the hang of their moves and the damage they can create. If help needed refer to the Conquest activity guide on site!

When you have completed this game, go back to a bank and prepare for battle with the boss of this quest. To return to the quest you just need to go to Taverly dungeon & make your way to the Black Knights Fortress at the South.

Korasi and Jessika are already through the portal and are in danger so you will have to rescue them. Unfortunately, you can only save one of them. When you saved one of the two, a Pest Queen will appear. You should obtain Korasi's Sword by talking to the one you have rescued.

The Pest Queen

It is recommended you bring something that protects you well against melee and magic. Always take stat increasing potion and remember to ALWAYS wield the Korasi sword or no damage will be dealt. Use your stun abilities often. This may all depend on your stats of course. A familiar will work as well, preferably a Beast of Burden or a healing familiar (or both). You can go back to the portal with the same route used if banking before fight.

An efficient way to kill the Queen is to kill the defilers that will appear, so more of your allies can help you and kill the healers.

When the Queen is dead you are asked to decide what to do with the Wizard. It doesn't really matter what you do, because from here the quest is completed.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
Guide Made by: Simon
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