Perils of Ice Mountain
The dwarves of the Dwarven Mine have built the latest marvel of dwarven engineering: a machine to automatically make pickaxes for the many miners. In order to supply energy for this machine, they have commissioned a new power station on the slopes of Ice Mountain. Projects of this scale are never without their problems, though. A hapless dwarf delivering resources to the power station has lost part of his delivery and any adventurer who helps him is bound to find more problems to solve.


Skill Requirements:
23 10 Construction
20 10 Farming
22 10 Hunter
18 11 Thieving
Quest Requirements: None.Other Requirements:
Items Needed: Nails x2, Hammer, Saw, Compost, Watering can, 2x Plank

Items Recommended: None.
Reward: Click to reveal


To start the quest talk to Lakki the delivery dwarf. Who is next to a broken cart north-east of Falador and south of the Dwarven Mine. He will tell you he is missing a crate from his cart, offer to look for it.

Search the bushes west of the cart near the steps to find the crate.

Once you have the crate head to the power station next to the Dwarven Mine and talk to Drorkar. Hand him the crate to watch a cut scene which dragons hatching.

Drorkar will give you a letter and ask you to take it to the Monastary. Head north-east of the power station to the Monastary and talk to Brother Bordiss.

The Monastery

Speak to Brother Althric about his roses and he will ask you to get some compost and and a watering can to bring them back to life. Use the compost and then the watering can on the roses to make them grow.

While in a cut scene Professor Arblenap will parachute in and ask were the ice mountain is and then run off. Head to top of ice mountain and talk to him.

Ice Mountain

Professer Arblenap will ask you to catch 4 baby Icefiends for him and he will give you a net. You can find baby Icefiends on ice mountain and catch them by equipping the net and clicking on them.

Once you have 4 baby Icefiends go back to Professer Arblenap. While talking to him there will be an avalanche. After the cut scene is over head to the north half of the mountain to the Oracle.

Speak to the Oracle and offer to fix the tent for her. The tent fell to the bottom of Ice Mountain so you will need to go down there and retrieve it.

Pick up the wrecked tent and it will say that you need a Saw, Hammer, 2 Nails and 2 Planks so head to the bank and get them if you do not already have them with you. Then head back up to the Oracle.

Use the tent on the ruins to repair it. The Oracle will will have a vision of the world being destroyed due to the power station.

Convincing Nurmof

Go talk to Nurmof who is located in the Dwarven Mines north of the cart to Keldagrim and next to Numof the pickaxe seller. Ask him to shut down the plant, he will refuse but ask you to back to Brother Bordiss and get the alternate plans for power from him.

Brother Bordiss will tell you he lost them after a night of drinking with Drorkar.

Go back to the power station and pickpocket Drorkar to obtain the key to Brother Bordiss' chest.

Head east to the pickaxe shop in the Dwarven Mines, Use the key on the chest to open it and you will get the plans for the new power station.

Go back to Nurmof and give him the plans.

Now all that is left is to watch the cutscene.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
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