Big Chompy Bird Hunting
Rantz the Ogre needs to feed his demanding children, Fycie and Bugs, so he wants to go Big Chompy Bird hunting. Problem is, he's all fingers and thumbs when it comes to making ogre arrows.


Skill Requirements:
8 30 Cooking
5 30 Ranged
10 5 Fletching
Quest Requirements: None.Other Requirements:
Ability to defend against level 64 Wolves and level 70 Ogres.
Items Needed: Hatchet, 100x Feather, 6x Wolf bones, Knife, Chisel

Items Recommended: None.
Reward: Click to reveal

This guide is suitable for current RuneScape and Old School.


To start the quest, speak to Rantz, located in the far eastern part of the Feldip Hills. He will tell you that he is hungry and that he needs you to help him make arrows for his bow, so that he can hunt the Chompy Birds.

Making the Arrows

To Make the arrows for Rantz, you need to make arrow shafts out of Achey logs and they also need a tip and feathers. Archey trees can be found all around, but mainly to the south. Chop down a few of these trees so that you have a few Achey logs. Use a knife on these logs to produce some Orge arrow shafts. You will need to put 4 feathers on each of the arrows.

To make the tips for the arrows, you need to get some wolf bones. Kill a few of the level 64 wolves in the area near Rantz. You cannot use the bones that spawn on the ground. You must kill the wolves for the bones. You will need 5 or 6 bones. Use a chisel on the wolf bones to produce Wolfbone arrowtips. Use these on the flighted shafts to produce Orge arrows.

Gathering Swamp Toads

Return to Rantz and give him the arrows you made. He will then tell you about the swamp toads. You will need to ask him every question or else you wont be able to open a chest later in the quest.

Enter the cave entrance just to the north of Rantz. Speak to Fycie and Bugs. They will tell you that Rantz locked their orge bellows in a chest and that they can'r get the chest open. Click on the chest and attempt to open it. Every unsuccessful attempt will lower your strength by 1 point. Search the opened chest to retrieve the Orge bellows.

Head back to where the wolves are found and you will see a swamp nearby. Use the orge bellows on one of the swamp toads. It will tell you that the air is too thin. Use the orge bellows on the swamp bubbles that are found at the southern end of the swamp. You will get three shots with the gas filled bellows.

Use the bellows on the toad again to get a bloated toad. You will catch it and put it into your inventory. Only three toads may be in your inventory at a time.

Hunting the Chompy

Return to Rantz and speak with him. He will show you the places you need to put the toads to lure in the chimpy birds. Drop one of the bloated toads on the spots that the yellow flashing arrows mark. Once you have, speak with Rantz and tell him you have placed the bait. Stay far away from the bait but make sure you can still see it. After a while, the bait will disappear. Keep placing toads until you have none left. Once you place the last bait, a Chompy bird will appear. Rantz will shoot at it but miss. He will tell you that his arrows did not fly straight.

Speak to Rantz and offer to shoot the bird for him. He will give you the orge bow. Head down to the clearing and place another toad. When the bird appears, wield the bow and arrows and kill it. Once you have killed it, click on the dead bird to pluck it and bring the raw chompy back to Rantz.

Cooking the Chompy

Rantz will now ask you to cook the Chompy for him. Traven to the cave and ask both Fycie and Bugs what they want the Chompy to be seasoned with. What they say will be different from player to player. They will ask for three ingredients. The locations are below.

  • Onion: Located to the west of the swamp. They are planted near some ogres and you need to pick them from the ground.
  • Doogle leaf: Northwest of the Onions.
  • Equa Leaf: South East of Rantz.
  • Tomato: West of the swamp near the onions.
  • Cabbage: Picked from the ground to the south-east of Rantz.
  • Potato: Pick the potato from the plant to the south east of Rantz.

You now want to use the raw Chompy bird on the split-roast to the north of Rantz. After cooking it, give it to Rantz.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
Guide Made by: Simon
Corrections submitted by: Doctor Shemp, Simon, Dark, Dx1438, Power of Five