Between a Rock...
Hidden away from the fearsome trolls and the roaming Fremennik, the dwarves delve deep beneath the mountains in search for the ore they need to support their home of Keldagrim. One dwarf in particular, however, has for years been trying to crack open a rock that seems to be impervious to any material that he's tried on it. Convinced that solving the riddle of the rock will lead him to unimaginable wealth, he has spent the later part of his life on just this lump of stone. Help him out, but take care you don't end up in a tight spot!


Skill Requirements:
2 30 Defence
15 40 Mining
14 50 Smithing
Quest Requirements:
Fishing Contest
Dwarf Cannon
Other Requirements:
Ability to defeat a level 75-125 enemy (dependent on your level)
Items Needed: 4x Gold bar, Pickaxe, Hammer, Ammo Mould, 4x Coins

Items Recommended: 3-4x Camelot teleport, 3-4x Falador teleport, Armour, Weapon, Food, Enchanted lyre
Reward: Click to reveal

This guide is suitable for current RuneScape and Old School.


North-east of Rellekka is an entrance to a cave. Enter it and then go through another cave entrance and you will see a Dwarven Ferryman. Ask him if you can cross the river and he will charge you 2gp. Follow the path round, going across the bridge and you will come to Dondakan the Dwarf.

Ask him why he is firing his cannon at the wall and he will ask for your help in finding out what is behind the rock and if he can break it. Return to the Dwarven Ferryman, and then find the Dwarven Boatman and ask him to take you to Keldagrim.

Once in Keldagrim, cross the bridge to the western side and speak to the librarian who is in near the building by the bridge about impenetrable rocks. The librarian will direct you to the Dwarf Engineer at Wemund's Wrench Warehouse, who can be found in the building with the anvil sign to the south.

Ask the engineer about the impenetrable rock and he will tell you about a scholar named Rolad who is currently residing with the Black Guard at Ice Mountain.

Ice Mountain

Head to the Dwarven Mines entrance on Ice Mountain and enter the building to the east. Rolad will kindly inform you that he picked up a book but has lost the pages with useful information somewhere in the mines and will ask you to find them. Page one can be found by killing scorpions. Search the various mine carts for page two and mine the rocks until you find page three. Once you have found the three pages, take them back to Rolad who will put the book back together and ask of you to return it (the choice of wether you do or choose the option to lie doesn't have an effect). Make sure to keep this book, as you will need it later on.

Return back to Dondakan and ask him what he has tried so far. He will tell you that he has tried several different types of cannonballs but to no effect. If you have a gold bar with you, use it with him and he will ask you to smith it into a cannonball. If not, there is a mineral vein to the south where you can mine a gold ore and use it on him for the same instruction.

The Gold Cannonball

Head to any furnace (the nearest is Rellekka but requires completion of The Fremennik Trials) and smelt the golden cannonball and take it back to Dondaken. He will fire it and it will be absorbed by the rock. He will then suggest firing you into the wall. He will need to to modify the cannon and you will receive some schematics which are incomplete and will set you the task of finding the others, and also informs you that you will need a gold helmet. Return to Keldagrim to the Wemund's Wrench Warehouse and talk to the Dwarven Engineer to get the second schematic and the whereabouts of the third, which is in the possession of Khorvak under White Wolf Mountain.

Make your way to the tunnel underneath White Wolf Mountain and in the pub you will find Khorvak. Ask him for the schematic and he will request a drink although it is optional wether you do or not. After getting the third schematic, read the book to find the the base schematic in the back.

Find the nearest anvil, and then attempt to assemble the schematics. A window will pop up and you will have to rotate the schematics until they make sense. The method to is by only viewing and selecting one schematic at a time. Below is a close match for the each schematic.

After roughly matching the schematics to the pictures above, it should fit together and will tell you it makes sense. If you were a dwarf, that is.

The Gold Mine

With three gold bars in your possession, use one on the anvil to make a gold helmet. Gather any equipment you may require for the fight ahead (level 75-125). Return to Dondakan and give him the assembled schematic. Equip the gold helmet and tell him you are ready to be fired into the wall.

You will find yourself in the middle of a gold mine and realise you are actually inside the rock. 6 gold ores will be required to fight the demonic spirit, however more gold ores will lower the level of the spirit. At least 6 are required to begin the fight and 15 ores will result in the spirit only being level Take note that you only have 8 minutes to mine and kill the spirit. After mining the gold ores, jump through the wall of flames and then head into the centre and talk to another wall of flames. The spirit will then appear in the form of the Arzinian Avatar of Magic. The Avatar's attack will be dependant on what is weakest to you in regards to the combat triangle. For example if you were meleeing, the avatar will mage. If you run out of time or you want to leave, you will either be teleported out or you can just take off the helmet. To try again, simply speak to Dondaken when you are ready and he will fire you back into the rock.

Once the Avatar has been defeated you will be teleported outside of the rock. Speak to Dondakan to finish the quest.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
Guide Made by: DaDa
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